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Pieces and Parts of the Last Week of Camp

There is more to life than camp…but we have prayed to impact the lives of all the campers that set their precious feet on these grounds….

Praying we did so.

The slide show at the bottom are snaps of the last week of camp–with just a few from the previous week before I left for She Speaks.

There have been so many things that God has shown me in the “day-to-day” of life.  Some things I have discovered about myself–some things I saw in others.  All things are to be done “as unto Him”.  Too often I have failed in that area.  But He lovingly reminds me–there is a new day.  Thank You Jesus!

I love to see the kids come through the line “excited” about what God is doing in their lives–there were some that came through the line that seemed almost “asleep” standing….  I believe, that if you are excited for Jesus–it draws others to want to know about Him.  (Sometimes, when we have our eyes too much on “us”–we can get a little aggravated at the excitement of others.)  While my personal preference in music varies from many others, I love the fact that I am  FREE in Christ to love all things about HIM!

I have always tried to use my blog–this place where I express my heart, my love for Christ, as a place of encouragement and a witnessing tool–never to hop on a soap box–although I could jump up on one from time to time…I try and keep that away–it doesn’t edify the body of Christ.  So, if you see a picture or two that you don’t quite “get”–or even “like”, just show a little grace.  Remembering that this age is growing up in an era that you nor I experienced.  We were not exposed to the things that they are today–and know that they love Jesus too.  Maybe their style is different than ours, maybe they are louder than what we experience in our churches today–but they love Jesus.  Many are just now getting to know HIS love and mercy in a way they never dreamed possible.  Wow.  To be able to “hear” from their hearts what they experienced from this camp—what a story!

A note to the young people who have friended me on facebook:  Let me hear from you from time to time.  Let me hear what God is doing in your life.  How HE is radically changing the way you think about life–and the things that you once loved…Most of all–let me hear that you carried with you from this camp–a burning desire for MORE of GOD than you ever dreamed possible! 

And let me tell you this:  You’ve only just begun.  As you open your heart and mind to HIM daily–He will blow you away with all the things HE will tell you….and not everyone around you will understand.  But listen, JUST TRUST HIM.  If you say something that you believe–and someone else shares an opposite opinion–it’s not necessary to hash it out right there–BUT TAKE IT TO GOD.  Let HIM direct your path–and your heart and mind.

YOU made an impact on ME.  Just know that.  I love you all! 

Here’s the pictures!

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It is finally HERE….

The last week of camp. It’s with bittersweetness that it ends…except my feet doesn’t agree….my feet are kind of glad. And so is my back…

A DIET is in order too! If Donece was not such a GREAT menu planner and recipe finder…and just all around awesome head cook–I would NOT need a diet after camp. But it is what it is….

You may find YOUR pastor with a totally NEW hair color…

I may not get very many postings done this week—due to suffering from fatigue from the traveling–and then hopping right back into the kitchen to cook for 250 plus kids. BUT it has been an awesome summer. Lives change…bodies and souls fed. New pastors, missionaries and evangelists are in the making…as well as all those who accepted the call to carry Christ to the world right where they live and work–and attend school! (That’s what we are ALL called to do.)

I am sure you are waiting for news of the She Speaks Conference –well, let me just say I was told to put my notebook to the side and process. As God unfolds all I learned and experienced in those 4 days in my heart and soul, I WILL share with you what happened–and the pictures…and the SURPRISE God gave me. OH MY GOODNESS!

Until then, just keep popping back here for a few pictures of the remnants of Youth Camp 2011.

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Packed and READY

I’m packed.

It’s sitting by the door. Both bags. (The next “Common Grounds” will be about this VERY thing!)

Today was an amazing day as we worked in the kitchen–cooking–cleaning–preparing for those who are “preparing”.  You may not understand what I mean.  Let me break it down:

There are kids at this camp who are setting out to “prepare the way for others” to Know HIM.

There are kids here at this camp–THIS very week–being called into the ministry.  Be it music ministry, evangelism, missions, pastoring –“sheparding the flock”, Sunda School Teachers, the future deacons and lay ministers–are HERE this week!  AND We have had the honor of serving them FOOD!

I am honored, humbled, and just pure “thankful” that God in His awesomeness has allowed me to play a part in THEIR ministry!  They have blessed me….in amazing ways.  Those that “smiled” in the mornings–when others may have thought it was way to early to smile–gave us a glimpse of heaven. 

I don’t know if others realize what we’ve had walking around here this week–but it’s the future of the Church.  The very Body of Christ!  I hope, with all my heart, that we treated this “Body” with kindness.  I’ve really thought much about that today–while we listened to music, and our hearts kind of danced inside.

Today, two very special friends, “sisters” I call them, came by and prayed over me.  Oh, my.  The Presence of the MOST HIGH GOD was in my house.  I have felt Him throughout this week.  Nudging me.  “Get up earlier, Angie.  I have some things to tell you.  It’s in My Word.  Get in it and soak.”  I did.  The difference in my heart felt it.  I still got tired…and had an aching back and swollen feet, but honestly–I felt the change on the inside.

A special note to Donece.  The awesome friend and co-worker and Chief Chef–thank you.  For all you do  in making a difference in the “future of these King’s Kids”.  I love you and Jerry both.  Well, Jeff and I both do.  (I can’t leave my sweet man out!)

Thanks in advance for praying for an EXPERIENCE like non other in this conference.  God is going to be ALL over the place!

I will “facebook” from the conference–but probably not blog.  More time to “experience”….and I’ll tell you all about it when I return!

Oh, one more thing:  Karen, from Hallelujah Anyhow is a dear friend and laid up with a broken arm….Karen, I’m praying.  Long distance doesn’t matter with God. 

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Traveling from Youth Camp to She Speaks!

I apologize for not being able to post a blog every single night for you to see all the happenings of Youth Camp.  We are cooking for bigger eaters…bigger kids…means more food, more work–more tired when the day is done…which is after the last pot is washed and put away and floor mopped and the door lock clicks closed.  Securing the next day….

And there are MORE blessings.

God is present–in the services–in the activities–in the eating–in the praying–in the fellowshipping–in every thing –everywhere–HE IS invited to be our ALL.
The slide show is down below–but I just wanted to ask for a favor….

I leave Thursday for “She Speaks”…a “God weekend”.  Pray.  Would you mind?  For all the 600 or something  ladies that will be in attendance, the hotel employees, the other travelers that will be staying in the same hotel, those going to and from by plane or car.  We all need prayer.  God is going to do an amazing work in my life–more so than I know at this point…I just feel it in my bones.

I have woke up at the oddest hours in the morning the past several weeks–and have felt compelled to pray.  Sometimes I read and contemplate what He is saying through the Word…and how it works in what I’m going through right now.

Many things have been happening…not always understood by us or by others.  I cannot question God in any of the changes that have taken place–nor those that will take place in the future.  I am just glad HE invited me to participate!  What about you?  What’s He up to in your life this summer?

Some things I’ve learned at camp this summer:

  • Be patient.  They are “younger”…I am almost 50 (yikes!)
  • Be patient.  They are “older”…nearer 80 than me
  • Be patient.  Stand still and listen.  Beyond the noise of the multitude of voices.  Look beyond the eyes filled with multiple colors of make-up and funky hair-dos.  Look at what HE sees.
  • Be patient.  It takes time for dreams to come true…and it takes time for the bread to brown.
  • Be patient.  This is the way they have fun. 
  • Be patient.  God is using this week to radically change their lives…and it won’t look like it did when He radically changed mine.  That is a promise.
  • Be patient.  He is speaking…and He wants us listening.

I won’t be posting from here…but will post a few things via telephone to facebook. Join me there–and then we’ll catch up when I get back home…

Don’t forget to PRAY! 🙂

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A NEW DAY of …

all sorts of stuff…We are just glad to see a NEW DAY!

We are getting RAIN everyday…which is GREAT for us and our dying grass and flowers…not so much for the campers who want to have some “outside” fun and games…they were able to get some in today though!

Take a peek!

Today was Ron and Nancy’s last day with us! We are SO sad to see them leave, but they are needing to get back home to Ohio–and hey, if they have cooler weather, I just might tie myself to the back of their RV and head NORTH! 🙂

Seriously, Nancy and Ron have been the BIGGEST blessing this camp has ever had! Nancy worked non-stop in the office during C.E. Conference and then stepped right in to help out for District Council! THEN she stepped right into volunteering in the kitchen!



Ron has been Jeff’s right hand all year long! Today, he was Jeff’s right hand, left hand, right leg and left leg (Jeff was VERY SICK). Ron has made countless improvements everywhere he worked this year. Jeff and I have just fallen in love with this couple and claim them as our own.

This is my first year of having the privilege of working with Nancy (actually, with any of the RV Volunteers that help out each year) and I loved her instantly! Thank you both for the impact you have made on our lives and the lives of each and every person that attended or counseled and stepped on these grounds this year! God bless you on your travels!

We love you!  By the way Ron, if I haven’t mentioned it at least a 6 or 7 times, I LOVE the fact that we NOW have a few drawers in the cafeteria!!! (Yes, we had NONE before!!)

(To our local folks and regular readers that KNOW the camp–if you weren’t aware, there are some needs in the cafeteria.  We are making a list (Donece and I).

  • A new counter top in the kitchen to replace the one that is cracked and buckled and 100 years old;
  • A few new pots and stainless steel mixing bowls (the JUMBO size) since we ONLY HAVE 2;
  • A drink dispensing machine; (THIS would be awesome during camp, conferences, retreats and save money during camp costing pennies to use comparatively);
  • A walk-in cooler (it would need to be a small building just outside the cafeteria–since we are limited on the space we have);
  • A new kitchen would be awesome, but we will just be thankful and grateful for anything that the churches or individuals or groups would like to donate!

If you would like to see a REALLY AWESOME camp cafeteria and kitchen

-take a look at the slide show below.  I took these while Jeff and I were at a Camp Director’s Conference this year…yes, I drooled.

(Donece you will fall over at the sight of this slide show–but enjoy!)

Okay, just for kicks, let’s compare:

And yes, they are a bigger camp…and yes, they use their kitchen year round, but if ours was actually “up to speed” (EVEN UP TO CODE) then we could/would too!

I know I sound like I am whinning….actually, I’m pretty tired. Headed to bed–

I just thought you should know HOW you or your church or group could HELP if you wanted to.

As we say in the kitchen,

I’m jes sayin’….

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Last week of Kid’s Camp

 With a 30 minute break from 6 o’clock this morning until after 7….I don’t have to explain any misspelledddled words. Right?

Actually, this morning, around 1:49 (how’s that for looking at the clock) I went to the living room.  Wide awake…maybe in preparation for the day…or maybe something else.  I read and prayed until 3:33.  I know.  I looked at the clock when I went back to the bedroom, shortly after that Jeff got up and took over the prayer line.  Something is stirring in my soul….we will discuss that on another blog.  This week…is YOUTH CAMP!

Be looking for YOUR KIDS!  I have some awesome photographers again and they have really made some great shots!  They captured your kids at their BEST and …a few standing around with their arms folded…. 🙂

Camp is off to a flying start!  The kitchen was VERY busy and hot today! Lasagna was on the menu for tonight…and it was a big hit.  Donece is an incredible Camp Chief Cook!

Jerry, Grill Master that he is…and let me say he EARNED the right to be grill master!  Grilling in the RAIN for these kids…they WANT this camp experience to be the BEST it can be for each and everyone of these kids–anyway, Jerry announced that he had names for all of us.  They are as follows:

  • Jerry:  Grill Master (We gave Jerry his title last week)
  • Donece:  Head Cheese
  • Angie:  Mrs. Potatoe Head
  • Ulonda:  Cookie Monster
  • Nancy:  Mrs. Blessing
  • Mrs. Everlee:  Sweet Tea
  • April:  Ape  (her name has been long standing to her friends, but it’s Weezie to her mom and dad)

I don’t have to tell you we work well together.  We have FUN.  We pray first thing and then get the ball rolling!  (Or the oranges or apples)  I won’t kid you and tell you that we are perfect–we are not.  Especially the author of this blog….but we do our best.  When it gets hot…and our feet are swollen from standing all day–and our backs hurt–sometimes it takes all we can do to smile (maybe that’s just me)…but we forge ahead…KNOWING that a difference is being made in the lives of these youth right across the parking lot in the Sanctuary.

Our baby daughter, April has joined the ranks in the kitchen this week—part time kitchen help and part time counselor to the Marianna First girls.  She loves them–as do Jeff and I. 

Without further ado, here are the photos of the day!  Look for your precious ones!!

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What’s It All For?

If you have been tuning in for the latest on the camp life of this summer, you may have caught wind of the the fact that there are a few needs here around the camp grounds.  Well, in talking with other camp directors in March of this year at the Camp Directors Conference, we found that each camp has issues of it’s own.  Some similar.

The needs are great–the focus of the lens of our heart view needs adjusting.

Since it’s been such a long time since I actually “worked” in camp during camp–many things have changed.  I wanted to talk to you about all the tremendous needs here–new or renovated kitchen, updated landscaping, nature walk/hiking trail, field activities sprucing up, new swimming pool, maybe even a “running/walking track” with a water feature in the center with a few benches placed strategically to tie a loose shoe string along the way,…. BUT I feel more inclined to share something else.

The kids that run and play, sweat, sing and pray on these grounds NEED attention.  They need prayer.  They need their names called by someone when they leave here…that’s what these counselors do.  They learn quickly to love these little kids and their hearts are prompted to call their names in prayer- long after they have parted ways.  These kids need prayer warriors.  Helping them to become tomorrow’s prayer warriors.

When I look at these kids as they come through the food line, I can’t help but wonder where they come from.  What will they return to? 

Will it be to loving arms that will hug and kiss them and ask them to share ALL about their camp experience? 

Will it be to knees that will bend in prayer for them each night helping to instill the prayer practices they have learned while at camp?

Or will it be to long days of loneliness and “leave me alone, I’m too tired to listen” snatches of conversation?

I read a book last weekend, “Heaven is For REAL” by Todd Burpo, and in the pages of that little book, I was reminded JUST how much Jesus loves children.  Of all ages. 

In Matthew 18:1-6 Jesus tells us clearly just how IMPORTANT–and how much HE values the children.

Let me ask you this:  Are you investing in to the lives of children in your church?  In your community?  What about those in your very own home?  Do you listen when they talk?

Let me share something I learned…they are going to talk…and if you won’t listen to them, I promise you the enemy of their souls is already lining up someone to “listen” and pretend to care about them.  I believe with all my heart we will be held accountable as parents for what we instill in our children and how we “care” for their heart needs as well as their body/health needs. AND for the seeds we sow or don’t sow.

What’s it all for?  Why have summer camp year after year?  Why put forth all the effort?

To make a difference in the lives of children.  So they can know Christ–so they can be set free from sin–yes, even at the early age of 7 they already know right from wrong.  They know the truth from a lie.  They are a field ready for the planting of seeds of faith–so that in turn a great harvest will grow!  They need to know now how much God loves them–HE loved them enough to send His only Son to die a cruel death to pay the penalty for their sins.  So that we could walk in freedom.

Kids learn disappointment at an early age.  They learn that just because someone says they will do something–doesn’t mean they will actually do it.  They need to learn that when God says something–it is TRUTH.  They will need EVERY bit of God’s word that can be poured into them for the coming days/weeks/months and years until Christ Jesus comes again.  They need to learn how to pray–how to do battle NOW.  Not wait until they are 18 years old and in the fight of their lives!  They need it now! 

After spending time with our own grandsons, and hearing some disappointments that they have felt about certain issues in their lives, I realize more than ever before–kids are facing battles we NEVER faced–and at an alarmingly early age!

Friend, I ask a simple request.  Pray for these kids.  Pray for their souls, their parents, their home lives, their safety and wisdom to make the right decisions.  It’s not about us…or the long hours the counselors spend…or the heat of the kitchen, or lack of space—it’s about the true heart of the matter–it’s about what JESUS taught…it’s about the kids.  The Children.

THEY are the future of the church.  Are we satisfied with the investments that we’ve made into their lives?

Remember–what we sow today–we will reap tomorrow.  Sow BIG today.  God will send the rain as it is needed—plant now for a big harvest in their lives tomorrow!

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