Summer Camp 2011

I’m jes sayin’

It’s been a pretty good week…a few minor glitches—nothing like the first week–just had to work on training some of the great intern work crew…but you know–by tonight–they have it down pat!  And now it’s time to get another team in here next week!  They are a sweet bunch of kids!  It’s hard to not love them as your own kids when they come to you for feeding…We sort of claim some of these that we’ve been feeding.

A special thank you to my sweet Heather for being my photographer since camp started! What in the WORLD will I do next week?  I can’t leave the kitchen!!!  Heather, just in case your wondered, I decided not to tell them about the plate of grilled chicken and scalloped potatoes and green beans and honey buttered roll that you dumped back into the green beans with such great flourish…I didn’t want your face to turn red….so I’m not sayin’ anything about that!  Not at all!  If it shows up anywhere, blame Claresa…TOTALLY.

Exhaustion is felt as never before…maybe it’s the “age” thing…I’m not sure.  But I think giving birth to a 7 lb. 11 oz baby girl over 27 years ago WITHOUT anesthesia of any kind was WAY easier than these last two weeks have been….I’m jes sayin’.

These kids have had a blast!  We’ve heard so many good comments from the counselors about the services–Aaron and his Kidz Ministry Team are awesome…and I’m not sayin’ that just because I am “Aunt Angie” to them.  Okay.  They are mine.  I totally claim every single one of them!

God is awesome …. all the time—and HE has been PRESENT with us every moment!  We’ve missed Nancy the lasts couple of days since she was needed in another little job–but Jerry and Donece are the BEST CAMP COOKS EVER!  AND they are awesome to work with!  Mrs. Everlee and I join hands with Jerry, Donece and Nancy every morning for prayer before we cook a single meal.  And that makes the difference….I’m jes sayin’….

Parents, if you sent your kids to this camp–your kids have been blessed—and parents if you DIDN’T send them to this camp…well, sorry, but I’m afraid they missed out.

I’m jes sayin’….

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