Packed and READY

I’m packed.

It’s sitting by the door. Both bags. (The next “Common Grounds” will be about this VERY thing!)

Today was an amazing day as we worked in the kitchen–cooking–cleaning–preparing for those who are “preparing”.  You may not understand what I mean.  Let me break it down:

There are kids at this camp who are setting out to “prepare the way for others” to Know HIM.

There are kids here at this camp–THIS very week–being called into the ministry.  Be it music ministry, evangelism, missions, pastoring –“sheparding the flock”, Sunda School Teachers, the future deacons and lay ministers–are HERE this week!  AND We have had the honor of serving them FOOD!

I am honored, humbled, and just pure “thankful” that God in His awesomeness has allowed me to play a part in THEIR ministry!  They have blessed me….in amazing ways.  Those that “smiled” in the mornings–when others may have thought it was way to early to smile–gave us a glimpse of heaven. 

I don’t know if others realize what we’ve had walking around here this week–but it’s the future of the Church.  The very Body of Christ!  I hope, with all my heart, that we treated this “Body” with kindness.  I’ve really thought much about that today–while we listened to music, and our hearts kind of danced inside.

Today, two very special friends, “sisters” I call them, came by and prayed over me.  Oh, my.  The Presence of the MOST HIGH GOD was in my house.  I have felt Him throughout this week.  Nudging me.  “Get up earlier, Angie.  I have some things to tell you.  It’s in My Word.  Get in it and soak.”  I did.  The difference in my heart felt it.  I still got tired…and had an aching back and swollen feet, but honestly–I felt the change on the inside.

A special note to Donece.  The awesome friend and co-worker and Chief Chef–thank you.  For all you do  in making a difference in the “future of these King’s Kids”.  I love you and Jerry both.  Well, Jeff and I both do.  (I can’t leave my sweet man out!)

Thanks in advance for praying for an EXPERIENCE like non other in this conference.  God is going to be ALL over the place!

I will “facebook” from the conference–but probably not blog.  More time to “experience”….and I’ll tell you all about it when I return!

Oh, one more thing:  Karen, from Hallelujah Anyhow is a dear friend and laid up with a broken arm….Karen, I’m praying.  Long distance doesn’t matter with God. 

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