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Sacrificing Normal

Exactly one month ago today, our lives changed.   If you had told me I would have experienced some of the emotions I have felt, I might have stared at you in slight disbelief.  No one prepared me for this feeling, the deluge of emotions that have encompassed my days.

I was talking with one of our girls last night and expressing some “slight mama worry”….and she said, “mama, give me back to Jesus and stop worrying”.

That’s the first thing you have to do when you step away from the altar of surrender, you must let go.  Let go of the “thought” that you have any control whatsoever of anything that happens at home.  Because you don’t.  Of course, I never had control anyway, but it sure is a nice thought to tuck around myself at bedtime.

This has been an especially difficult week simply because of that old enemy, “discouragement” when I don’t get it right.  On the upside, I was able to carry on a half decent short conversation with one of our uber drivers this week.  Surprised myself.

We have the absolute BEST profesoras here at Cincel.  They are patient and kind.  Correcting with a heart that wants you to “get it”.  I love that.  That’s just like the Lord.  He corrects us with a heart that wants us to “get it”….and release it to HIM.  This gift of being able to learn the language that will enable us to minister when we get to Bolivia is just that, a gift.  Not one to put up in a closet, but one to use daily…and I so bad want to get it and use it.

That’s our biggest prayer needs:  Strength to overcome the discouragement, and the ability to comprehend, hear the sounds, form the words, and get it right.  There have been several fighting various illnesses, from allergies, to viral issues, etc.  We need to all stay well!  Add that to the prayer list. 🙂

We’ve had a few friends contact us this week to encourage us and let us know they are praying–you have no idea how much that is appreciated!  That makes us not feel so separated from you.  YOU are so important to us.  YOU are part of this team–this mission team headed to Bolivia.  We thank you every time we go to the fresh market on Saturday’s.  It’s because of your support that we can get the things we do, and because of your support, God will enable us to GET THIS language and share His love with those who have yet to hear about His great love.

Jeff and I thank you.  Words cannot express it enough.  I had a friend contact me this week and said that the Lord had prompted her to double their giving.  Then her husband’s job situation changed somewhat.  But she continued to listen to the prompting of the Holy Spirit…friends, that message came to me on a day when my body was tired, my mind was aching from the discouragement of not getting “it” again in class that day and I was simply full of “what is HE doing with us…two old[er] folks in this place surrounded by young people and young families…. But HE called….and we raised our hands and said “yes”.

We felt a compelling with every single missionary message we heard.  We knew one day God was going to do something with us, but actually moving and serving ON the field never entered our minds.  Our work first started by giving.  We support several missionaries, and we are thankful to be a part of a mission work that we can’t actually “go see”, but we can help keep them on the field…reaching the lost.  And that is exactly what YOU are doing with each donation.

So thank you.  I cried the day we left and hugged our dear brother (from another mother), Floyd Aycock as he left us at the airport.  I felt like the last thread of my normalcy was leaving on that red truck.  But this is a new normal.  And the “normal” seems to change as it become necessary.

I suppose I didn’t pick up on the fact there would be so many “different” sacrifices.  I told a friend just tonight that one thing I missed (when she asked me what I missed) was the ability to hop in my car and go anywhere, anytime.  Independence.  I never heard a missionary talk about the sacrifice of their independence.  I heard them talk about lack of water, electricity, I heard them talk about parasites, and sickness, but not independence.  That one struck me.  I loved to get in my car and GO.

This week I looked up the word, Sacrifice.

Sacrifice:  the surrender or destruction of something prized or desirable for the sake of something considered as having a higher or more pressing claim.

It hit me like a brick; the lost.  We must surrender the desired independence to learn the language to reach the lost.  Granted, I won’t have any more independence when we get to the field… but I will be able to converse with the people.

I want God to so fill us with the passion to learn this language that our thought processes are “on fire”, as one of my teachers said this week (when I got three in a row correct–blind miracle!).

Thank you all for praying–for keeping up with us, for sending us notes via email, instagram, linkedIn and facebook.  It has helped me so much.  I have read every one and read them to Jeff.  We are encouraged by your love and care.

Tomorrow is market day (Farmer’s Market) and I hope you will join us via instagram or facebook when we get to post our pictures!  We love you all!


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Listening, Waiting and Praying

As I have been seeking the Lord these past few weeks I have felt a churning as never before in my spirit.

Change is on the horizon.

What kind? I’m not exactly sure.

All I know right now is be ready.

I have a quote on a sticky note that I see frequently, “Change comes only when someone moves”. That someone is my Someone. My Father. He’s moving and working. But in order for me to adequately hear Him, I must be still. A dear friend/sister reminded me of that today.

So from today, until the end of this year I will be still.

No activity on Facebook, nor blogville.

Time for prayer and listening for the footsteps of my heavenly Father. I intend to follow Him.

If you would like to read some “oldies”, go to my archive button on the sidebar and click it and select a month. I hope you are fed when you read…and I hope you come back again and again.

I look forward to sharing with you what God is up to in my life when this is over…wait, it’s not over until He calls us home!

When you pray, would you pray for me? Actually, pray for both Jeff and myself. God is working in both of our hearts. Let’s see what He does! I am so excited!

Our soul waits for the LORD; He is our help and our shield. Psalm 33:20

Following Him wherever He leads,


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Prayer Needed

Major praying needed. This little one needs all the prayers offered. Wisdom for the doctors to know just what is needed, peace and rest for the mommy and daddy—strength and healing for little Jonah. Click on the picture to read about him and his current issues. Pray for his family.

Today—the Scripture from is: “Have I not commanded you? Be strong and courageous. Do not be terrified; do not be discouraged, f or the LORD your God will be with you wherever you go.”Joshua 1:9

(Just a note…but I think Jeff is “writing” up his next blog…for me to type….I could give you a hint of what it’s about…but he’s keeping it secret!)


We all have our deserts

Please be in prayer for dear Home Sanctuary’s Rachele Ann and her family. Their desert is particularly hard right now. She brought sad news today. Visit her when you can, and as you do, please pray.

Prayer Requests….

Dear friends…I have some prayer requests to share. I KNOW that you are a praying bunch of women—and we SERVE a MIGHTY GOD! Who hears and answers all our prayers.

Sandy, niece of our dear friend Denise of Samaritan Women has just had a baby girl and is now facing open heart surgery. See Denise’s site for more details.

Also, I have a dear friend in Ohio who was just informed she has ovarian cancer. My heart broke for her as she told me. I prayed with her over the phone and KNOW that God heard our plea. I ask that you please join me in prayer for Judy in her time of need. The enemy is trying to worm his way in….but God is lifting up His banner over His beloved.

I will be glad and rejoice in Your love, O God, for You saw my affliction and knew the anguish of my soul. You have not handed me over to the enemy but have set my feet in a spacious place. Psalm 31:7-8 NLT

Do You Pout?

Well, do you? I know I have. Puffed up and pouted. This is not exactly the best picture of Zackary….but it seems to be one that we see frequently. He is going through a stage. Lower lip out…you could sometimes walk a mile on that extension! Jason’s lip can take you even further! I have never seen such pouting. But it makes me wonder what God sees when He looks at us. When we don’t “get what we want”. You know….

Like the job…the house…the car….the truck….the vacation….the boyfriend…the girlfriend (if you are a guy reading this)…the perfect dress…the right shoes…I could go on and on….pouting covers a wide range of possibilities.

I think there may even be a preacher or prophet or two in the Bible that had pouted—a bit. I will get to that another time. But when I saw this picture…I had to stop and wonder if God had snapshots of me looking like that….or worse. Reflection of anger on my face? Rage—instead of gentleness….

I have to confess…I am certain He has seen me at my absolute worse. And after I got over it….whatever “IT” may have been….I am certain I fell on my face at His feet…feeling ever so horrible.

These next few days I won’t be “out and about” as much…really haven’t much in the past few days….I have a writing project I am working on….and I am so aggravated with myself—-okay—–do you hunt up things to do just to KEEP FROM DOING the very thing you NEED to do??? Well???

Just like today. I stood back in the laundry room—dreaming up a way to “rearrange it” for crying out loud! I know you are thinking—what would you rearrange? Switch the washer with the dryer??

Well, actually–our laundry room is three-quarters of a single car garage. I know that only because it used to be a single car garage. The front portion is a “closet” the back portion is the laundry room. And I want my “sewing stuff” in there. But we have a refrigerator and upright freezer…and 3 “storage closets”–not to mention the ironing board and the water heater–(this little old house we live in had NO CLOSETS when we moved in–Jeff has built me one closet for my clothes) And since it is not ours—but belongs to the District—there is only so much we can do.

Do you see what I just did? I am STILL focusing on the silly laundry room and NOT THE PROJECT! So—-I am asking for your prayers. I need my mind to “sit down” with me and work. I need my heart to follow the leading of the Lord. I need my fingers to fly over the keys as my mind—-which is listening to the LORD—type exactly what HE WANTS!

I need to be still and know that He is God.

Aimee and I both read from Psalm 62 last week. During a particular day of trials—it brought peace and comfort to us…I leave you tonight with this passage. Maybe when the fiery darts are whizzing past yours head next week—you will remember these verses.

I am at rest in God alone; my salvation comes from Him. He alone is my rock and my salvation, my stronghold; I will never be shaken. . . . .Rest in God alone, my soul, for my hope comes from Him. He alone is my rock and my salvation, my stronghold; I will not be shaken. My salvation and glory depend on God; my strong rock, my refuge, is in God. Trust in Him at all times, you people; pour out your hearts before Him. God is our refuge. Psalm 62:1, 2, 5-8

Pray—sisters pray….

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Monday is on the way!

It will be here shortly. Is already here for some. A prayer request was given today and I know the mother that added it would appreciate all the prayers that can be prayed for her and her family. (Read about it by clicking on the hand prints for prayer button on the side bar.)

My precious buddy Lori, over at “All You Can Give” created the button Hand Prints For Prayer, before Wanda passed away, and it has a very special meaning for me. Remember the “hand prints”? I still have them. The book is growing. I am adding hand prints to have for prayer time. I still have some family members to “trace” their hands.

If you have any prayer requests for others to pray about, you may add it by clicking on the button on my sidebar (Amy—thank you for making it easy!) and add it via comment. You don’t even have to leave you name, it can be completely anonymous.

Also, don’t forget the Mother’s Day give-away. Read on down to find out what it is.

Most importantly —include God in your everyday schedule. Not just Sundays. Invite Him to join you as you drive to work. As you make breakfast. Spend quality time with Him each day. Be listening should He call. Answer the call. Say yes—to what He asks.