Camp Life 2011 Week 2

Wow! I can hardly believe that the second week is here–and almost to the half way mark!

The temperature in the kitchen is BETTER! Thank you JESUS and THANK YOU Jeff for working so hard to get things up and running again!

We had a great Father’s Day weekend! Jeff preached at Red Hill UMC near my folks house and we enjoyed a GREAT lunch at mother and Grandbuddy’s! We loved celebrating Father’s Day with the awesome dad’s in our lives!

Enjoy the slide show–we have some super sweet kids this week!  Several of them gave us “cards” that they made.  (Too sweet!) and they are all quick to say “thank you” when they come through the line.  Funny thing though, they call us “lunch room” ladies on the cards…I wondered about “breakfast girls, and dinner chicks”…but we’re lunch room ladies. 🙂  They really are sweet!  I had one little boy come through the line and said, “If I had paper and pen I would have written you a thank you card”….awwwww.  Then he said “the food is great!”.  That’s enough!  Just so they are enjoying it! 

That’s what God wants us to do…tell HIM we enjoy all the blessings He lays out every morning.  He LOVES that!  How often does HE get that from His children?

As I was taking Scooter out early this morning, I threw my head back and told Jesus I loved Him and as I turned a circle looking at the sky–I exclaimed over the formation of the clouds–HIS drawing of the white on blue took my breath away!

TELL HIM! When you take notice of all the things HE sends your way–I believe He enjoys sending MORE! (Think about your own kids….)

Enjoy the rest of the week…I will do my best to post more pictures as my sweet friend, Heather is able to take them!  SHE deserves a HUGE thank you for doing much photographing for me as I cannot leave the pot(s) on the stove! 😉

Thanks Heather!  She is part of the hardworking team of Kitchen interns.  (Many of them are hard working…some are going to learn how to become hard working.)

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One response to “Camp Life 2011 Week 2

  • Gloria

    Dear Precious Angie Gril,
    I loved your blog, as always it was just like you fabulous. Thank you for using the gifts that God has given you for His honor nd glory. Love Mama Doodlepurizat

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