And now for the evening news…

As the week has dawned on a bright beginning this brand new Monday, we soon had showers of rain…needed rain.  Thank YOU Jesus!

Just after we began our meal preparations in the cafeteria, the camp grounds was soon teaming with kids running here and there–and a few counselors giving instructions and smiles at those fresh young faces, many who are here for their very FIRST camp experience.  Wow.  I can even remember mine!

We have a GREAT group of interns (I know I say that every week!)!!

Pastor J.B. Shoumaker, Jr. is here this week with the kids from his church!  A senior pastor showing his kids that he cares about the spiritual seeds being planted in their lives!

Pastor Mel Coon has 2 of OUR boys in his room….(Pray for Mel…)  Thank you Mel for your dedicated heart to all the kids of our district!

Pastor Donald Price…WE MISSED YOU! Glad to have you back!

You will notice as you watch the pictures sliding by—a few shots of some “needs”.  We are so appreciative to the two churches that have helped when they heard of some needs!  1) a new freezer for the cafeteria!  2) a new ice machine for the Activity Center!

YOU will never know what a blessing this was!  Investing in the youth of today is an investment in the adults of tomorrow!  When these young people SEE that you really care enough to put action to your words–it changes them.  These kids attending this summer’s camps are the Ministers, Evangelists, Missionaries, Sunday School Teachers, Deacons, Pastors, Music Directors, and dedicated church members of TOMORROW. 

Pray for the kids, the ministry team, counselors, interns, kitchen staff, and everyone else I may have missed–for strength, wisdom and for a GREAT move of God in all our lives this week!  Let not one soul leave unaffected by God.  Pray for open hearts and minds to receive all that HE has to say!  To each one of us!


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