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What Ruined My Life

This is a letter to all the girls like Lacy Ridley and +Tiffany Stuart  out there.

Dear Lacy and Tiffany,

Both of you are about to be ruined.

For life.

Lacy, in just 33 days and some odd number of hours, your feet will land on foreign soil    Tiffany, while yours is just a few weeks beyond our own departure, I want to prepare you both.


Every face will hold an expression–some filled with joy…some harder to determine.  Mistrust for sure because of the pain suffered at the hard task master called “life”.

Tiffany, with each click of your camera–you will capture a glimpse into a heart.  Then, you will later gaze back into those eyes and wonder what they were thinking about you.  You, with your bright and ready smile, tender heart and head full of blonde hair–they will look at your eyes and wonder why yours are filled with water…and why that water spills over.

My first trip ruined me for anything and everything else.

For months I couldn’t shop–and wondered why in the world other people were shopping…what could they possibly need.  I cleaned out my closet almost weekly and found, every-single-time, more to give away.

And I cried for lives that I knew lived in hardships that were none of their choosing.  They didn’t choose to walk off of a job and stand in a welfare line.  Jobs are scarce and there is no welfare.

My mind is continually filled with “what more can I do”.  I want to do more.  I lay awake at night and ask God to fill my dreams and my sleep with His plans and show me something that I can learn to do–or something that I can say that will help–in some way.  Somehow.

It’s hard to take enough things to give away–and dangerous too.  Your heart will break the second  you hand your last piece of candy to the dirty outstretched fingers–and you will look beyond those eyes and see dozens more coming….wanting….waiting…

But do take candy.  It’s a sweet gift and don’t often get something wrapped up tight in colorful paper.

Expect to be affected.  By the sounds-sights-and smells.  Some sights will delight….and some sights will bring tears.

There were time it seems when I walked, I felt myself praying with every single step.  And sometimes I could hardly think clearly.

Your first mission trip will likely be the most emotionally draining experience you will ever encounter.  But it will be the emotionally and spiritually best feeling ever as well.

Expect to go to bed each night exhausted–and try and make your mind shut down and sleep.

Journal everything.  I mean take your journal and write down everything you can while you are traveling–because you will forget some things, even though you tell yourself you won’t.

When you come home and tell your heart wrenching stories, some will weep with  you–and others will look at your with kind wonder–but they won’t understand your passion.  And I learned that’s okay.  It’s my passion.  Not theirs.

Everyone is not expected to go on the foreign mission field…but everyone is expected to be involved in missions…in other ways.

Tell your stories.  To anyone who will listen-you never know how your story will inspire someone else to dream big, take a leap of faith, believe God for big things in their own lives.

This was written for my new friend Lacy Ridley, but also for my dear precious friend, Tiffany Stuart who is about to realize her dream…and it will be amazing!

This is also written for all the others out there who, as yet have been afraid to dream.  You don’t need to be afraid…you need to believe.

You can make a difference.  This trip will make a difference…

But be warned….it will ruin you.

It ruined me.

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Sharing with a Friend!

It has been quite a while since I ventured off page…but today I am over with Lisa Shaw, at Lisa Shaw Cares!  I hope you will join me–I feel so honored to be visiting with her friends while she is away from her computer!  (Isn’t technology just amaZing??) 

Lisa is a friend I met first online, then in person.  Her smile will brighten up your heart–no matter how gloomy you may feel!  If you’ve ever met a person who seemed to radiate the love of Christ–that would be Lisa 🙂

Grab a cup of coffee or your water with lemon and head over!  We will have a great time sharing what God is doing and what He has done in our lives!

Click HERE!

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Attainable Stars

iPhone Screenshot 2A commercial came on the other night–and the music was neat, and I had been hearing it without seeing it.

So after about the third round of this particular “app” commercial–I watched–absorbed.

At the end I thought, “How cool! I think I’ll download the app”, so I proceeded to download.  When it finished, I opened it, expected to “see”…but all I saw was my living room ceiling.

“You dummy”, I said to myself….”you gotta go outside!”

But rather than leave my cozy nest on the couch, I set about exploring the app.  

I clicked on “STARS”….

“To see the stars you must pay the price.”  That statement popped then rolled in my head the instant I saw the price beside the stars…

Well, I’m not one to just “click” on every single interesting app.  If it’s free…and has good reviews, then I likely will…this one wasn’t fully free.  But it had good reviews.

“To see the stars you must pay the price”.

I want to see the stars…not just the kind that roll around Sylvester the cat when he gets conked on the head…but the stars that only God can bring about in our lives.

There is something special about gazing up in the black velvet sky–and seeing all these twinkling, blinking lights, billions of miles away–and remembering The Creator.

You are not here by chance.  I am not typing this by chance.  But by a careful orchestration of events of my life and yours.

I thought the “thought” of the stars this week…and even shared it twice this week…and God knew both times who and how it would affect me, as well as the listener.  “To see the stars you must pay the price”.

So, Listener.  How did it affect you?

Is there something so “far out of reach” that  you think it’s unattainable?  It’s not.

The Bible says “with God, all things are possible.”  (Matthew 19:26)

In 2009 Tiffany Stuart bought me a card–it was significant.  She wrote in it and sealed it up in November of 2009, but didn’t mail it until January 2010.  The significance is what was happening at both times.  In November, I began praying about something that would alter my course.  In January I acted on what I believed God was saying.  Her words in pen came on the very day of my action.  His message of confirmation.

The front cover of the card was a girl “reaching for the stars”

I began to do just that…on tip-toe I reach up–for more of Him.  His calling on my life, His direction to follow, and His word in my heart–ready to share at any time–with anyone.

One of my biggest encouragers, Connie Haile, sent me this picture: 

Is there a “dream” you are dreaming…

Perhaps it seems as distant as the stars…

Yesterday I was compelled to send a message to 3 birdie friends… 

“reach for the stars…follow that dream”

I didn’t send the message because I stayed busy at work…but today….

I’ve arrived home–sitting on my porch, looking up at the sky and imagining the stars...

They are attainable.

Matthew 17:20; Mark 10:27; Luke 1:37;  Hebrews 11:6.

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Connie Wilson Haile–a life–a testimony

Her words rang in my heart this morning…

“I’m going home….(breathe)….I’m going home…. (breathe), I can’t wait.”

After the talks we had had over the past few months–phone–texts–and in her living room–I knew what she meant.

Peace bathed her countenance, although you could tell the last few days had dealt a blow–she was focused. Mind fixed and guarded.

She taught hundreds to do the same.  Fix your mind.

When fighting the enemy the way Connie Wilson Haile had, for the past many years–she had learned a few of his (the enemy’s) maneuvers.  She watched close her own life.  She gave The Holy Spirit full authority to guard, keep and protect all that she gave to Jesus….and when she gave her life to Him…she gave Him all.

Many people will bear a heartache over this special friends’ passing, but once we wipe our eyes, we should look to the heavens, and know that God is getting us ready for Christ’s return.  It’s soon.  Connie would say-

-“fix your mind on what God wants YOU to do.  She would remind you that when you SUBMIT to God…and resist the devil…he will flee.
He has to.
Connie would remind us to trust in the LORD with all our hearts–don’t lean on what we think–see or understand–not to be moved by what we see in the natural… that we should–…in all our ways— acknowledge HIM…and HE will direct our paths.  She would remind us that God does not give us the spirit of fear–that comes from the enemy–HE, God, gives us power over the enemy–through the very Word inspired.
She would remind us that God is our refuge–and strength–a VERY PRESENT help in times of trouble.” 

Family, friends of Connie, GOD IS YOUR REFUGE.  Run to Him.

My sister, Wanda, had a favorite verse– Psalm 27:14  “Wait on the LORD: be of good courage, and He shall strengthen thine heart:  wait, I say, on the LORD.”

Those words reminds me of Connie’s walk with God.  She never stopped believing for her miracle.  She got it today.  This afternoon she sparkled and shown all the way to glory.

That might not have been what the natural eye saw, but if you paused in the room and looked for the spiritual, you would see glitter on the faces surrounding the bed. While it may have seemed to be tears…it was really glitter–paving the way for her to move on the her heavenly home.  The one she was telling me about this morning.  The one she and I had talked of before…

Fix your mind.  Fix it hard and fast on Jesus Christ.  His return is soon–and His Bride will be a prepared and ready Bride.  Connie would remind you of this–and to stay steady.

Many times I heard her say, “I will live and not die–and I will declare the glories of God”.

She did live.  To the fullest!  And she declared His glories all the way Home.  Her death here was just a change of address.  Her body stayed–but her spirit soared.

Our prayers are with the family of Connie Wilson Haile.  She won.  God is glorified.

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Betty Shoopman’s Art…

WOW. WOW. That was all I could say when I walked inside Quayside Art Gallery.

2012-09-29 Bettys Art Show 004I was amazed…and hooked.  My eyes danced as I saw all the brilliant colors and all the LIFE inside each painting.

If you have never been (which I had not), it is worth the drive –and you can turn it into a real event—eat out and site-see while you are there!  Call the Gallery beforehand if you would like to see when Betty will be available.  She has prints, note cards and other art there for sale…and of course, you can purchase those hanging…IT IS AMAZING…

I love my dear friend Betty—I only wish I could have taken a bus load with me! It was a quick trip—(I didn’t even visit my daughter) but it was a GREAT trip!

   2012-09-29 Bettys Art Show 018

Aimee is pictured here with a portion of the amazing murals.  THERE is nothing like this walk through the Bible in art…GO SEE…



2012-09-29 Bettys Art Show 041 

Thank you Betty for a WONDERFUL treat—spending time with you and enjoying all that God blessed us with through your hands and heart of creativity!

Oh WOW!!

Y’all.  Oh. MY. GOODNESS!

I cannot TELL you how excited I am to share with you some AWESOME news!  (Not to mention, if I’m picked I get a coffee card to my favorite spot!!)  My precious friend (another one!!!) has written a BOOK!

Let me give you a BIT of history.  My baby sister, Aimee and I went to the She Speaks Conference in 2008.  GOD totally lined it up and blessed the way!

Aimee and I had arrived, full of excitement–and wonder of all that we were seeing and experiencing.  Can I tell you that butterflies took up residence in my belly!  It was indescribable.   As we finished up the last minute course that they offered and walked to the “already underway” Bloggers Reception, I saw quickly that there was hardly anyone left in the room. 

I had wanted to meet several that I had been “reading” (that was before the “follower button”)–and low and a sunny yellow shirt was my precious new found friend and sister, JoanneJoanne of Blessed to be precise.  I was so thrilled!  I had no clue the road that we would journey together.

Joanne, do YOU remember what ya’ll were laughing about?

 I can’t tell you have many times this girl made me laugh.  Especially when she CAME TO MY HOUSE!  What a blessed blast we had!  I think my sides HURT from laughing so hard…ask Tiffany Stuart–and Connie Haile…they would tell you the same!

Reading her book will be the highlight of your summer!  It comes out June 1–be the FIRST in line to get one—pre-order yours NOW! 😉  Go to her new site and congratulate her!!!! Sign up for her newsletter 😉

Let’s see….what else can I tell you to do—this bossy stuff is new to me…..(Yeah, Jeff says, if you believe that I’ve got a island I wanna sell ya!)

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Help me welcome–a NEW MISSIONARY!

I never would have realized–that God would grant me the honor and priviledge of helping a missionary plant her feet in the waters of the journey…down the river of life! But today I did!
Please join me in welcoming my dear friend–one who I call a spiritual “mother”–Gloria Powell!  Please take a minute to visit her bloggity house and say hello!  You will be encouraged from her wisdom–and blessed by her heart!
We took the mission team to Sneads Assembly of God last night for an awesome message by Pastor Juno Douglas.  Wonderful message–great service–God is good!
Tomorrow I will give you the latest updates on our Arkansas Mission Team and all that they have accomplished today!

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Sisters Retreat 2010

The 2010 Sisters Retreat was great fun!! A relaxing–special time with sisters in Christ!

Hearts were shared–memories made–tears were shed–and friendships forged.

God was good.

I regret not having my camera on hand at all! I took these pictures the first day we arrived and didn’t pick it up again until I saw the butterfly that seemed to be “following” me around! Right into a store at Pier Park on the beach.

I wish everyone that had expressed interest could have joined us–but I know that there are so many activities that are going on in everyone’s life! It’s just a busy time of year! I totally understand.

This was the largest “Sister’s Retreat”–with each condo being a small group of sisters to themselves. That was neat. Devotions and fellowship being shared as small groups and then coming together in the “Club House” of Landmark Condominiums on the beach for our time of sharing and singing—and eating. Of course you can’t have a retreat without eating…can you??

I hope all the ladies had a great time, I know our group did. God orchestrated everything down to the last detail. When we put our “all” in…He returns so much more! More than you can imagine!

When we lay EVERYTHING down that hinders–or otherwise has your mind so occupied as to prevent you from entering into His place of worship–He then replaces that with His powerful Spirit and Presence!

Love you girls! Hope your week is fully blessed!

In case you wonder….

I think God may ask “YOU” to host your own sister’s retreat RIGHT WHERE YOU ARE! 

Try it.  Invite 3 or 4.  See what God does when you put HIM as first in the midst….

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Brothers helping a brother

The picture speaks for itself. (Click on it to enlarge the photos.)

Our Church has a Tuesday Morning Men’s Prayer Group called, “Band of Brothers”.

At the Christmas gathering a couple of weeks ago, the men shared what God had done in their lives since they had become involved in daily prayer and Bible reading-joining forces with some other men from the church. This band consists of about 15-19 men. Strong forces. Battling the enemy on a daily basis for one another–as well as for their own families.

I believe every man spoke up to share. I can’t recall one who didn’t. Then the women were given a chance to share as well. Most did. I was holding back. For two very good reasons.

1) I have had a hard time talking without crying throughout the Thanksgiving-Christmas Season (no matter what the subject was); and

2) I am blessed with a mighty good man. Mighty good. If I started sharing all the good things I’ve seen in my man, they would think I was, (a) bragging, or (b) full of bull. I shared only a tiny bit. And yes. I did cry. It was disgusting.

Recently one of the members of the prayer group underwent eye surgery. He is a “real” cowboy. (The two pictured with him are actors.) After the surgery he would be unable to perform his farm/ranch/cowboy duties. Jeff and Guy joined forces to help.

Jeff has enjoyed the daily job of helping out–being a former farm boy himself, he knew the ropes. They had some comedy relief throughout their adventure. (I so wish I could have hidden behind one of the many bales of hay!)

I think a time or two someone got stuck in the mud-poo?? They may have come home smelly — but God was glorified as they worked to help another!

Thank you Joy (Buddy’s wife), for snapping these great pictures! At least we know they did work that one day!

Have you someone in your life that could use some help? Maybe a little encouragement?

As the New Year dawns–let us draw near to the heart of God asking for His guidance in our daily lives–in every detail–may He direct our steps to help another soul along this journey.


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A Visit With Connie!

Connie Haile is a walking talking miracle.

She has been the sweetest, most incredible blessing in my recent years. By way of pictures (when you click on the collage) you can enjoy a few minutes at her house. She will welcome you with a big bright smile, open arms, a cup of coffee and and encouraging Word from God.

I love Saturday mornings at Connie’s.

Thank you Connie, for being a godly example of what a true Christ follower should act like…talk like…and pray like. I love you dearly my sweet friend!


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