Summer Camp 2011


Last week of Kid’s Camp

 With a 30 minute break from 6 o’clock this morning until after 7….I don’t have to explain any misspelledddled words. Right?

Actually, this morning, around 1:49 (how’s that for looking at the clock) I went to the living room.  Wide awake…maybe in preparation for the day…or maybe something else.  I read and prayed until 3:33.  I know.  I looked at the clock when I went back to the bedroom, shortly after that Jeff got up and took over the prayer line.  Something is stirring in my soul….we will discuss that on another blog.  This week…is YOUTH CAMP!

Be looking for YOUR KIDS!  I have some awesome photographers again and they have really made some great shots!  They captured your kids at their BEST and …a few standing around with their arms folded…. 🙂

Camp is off to a flying start!  The kitchen was VERY busy and hot today! Lasagna was on the menu for tonight…and it was a big hit.  Donece is an incredible Camp Chief Cook!

Jerry, Grill Master that he is…and let me say he EARNED the right to be grill master!  Grilling in the RAIN for these kids…they WANT this camp experience to be the BEST it can be for each and everyone of these kids–anyway, Jerry announced that he had names for all of us.  They are as follows:

  • Jerry:  Grill Master (We gave Jerry his title last week)
  • Donece:  Head Cheese
  • Angie:  Mrs. Potatoe Head
  • Ulonda:  Cookie Monster
  • Nancy:  Mrs. Blessing
  • Mrs. Everlee:  Sweet Tea
  • April:  Ape  (her name has been long standing to her friends, but it’s Weezie to her mom and dad)

I don’t have to tell you we work well together.  We have FUN.  We pray first thing and then get the ball rolling!  (Or the oranges or apples)  I won’t kid you and tell you that we are perfect–we are not.  Especially the author of this blog….but we do our best.  When it gets hot…and our feet are swollen from standing all day–and our backs hurt–sometimes it takes all we can do to smile (maybe that’s just me)…but we forge ahead…KNOWING that a difference is being made in the lives of these youth right across the parking lot in the Sanctuary.

Our baby daughter, April has joined the ranks in the kitchen this week—part time kitchen help and part time counselor to the Marianna First girls.  She loves them–as do Jeff and I. 

Without further ado, here are the photos of the day!  Look for your precious ones!!

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