Traveling from Youth Camp to She Speaks!

I apologize for not being able to post a blog every single night for you to see all the happenings of Youth Camp.  We are cooking for bigger eaters…bigger kids…means more food, more work–more tired when the day is done…which is after the last pot is washed and put away and floor mopped and the door lock clicks closed.  Securing the next day….

And there are MORE blessings.

God is present–in the services–in the activities–in the eating–in the praying–in the fellowshipping–in every thing –everywhere–HE IS invited to be our ALL.
The slide show is down below–but I just wanted to ask for a favor….

I leave Thursday for “She Speaks”…a “God weekend”.  Pray.  Would you mind?  For all the 600 or something  ladies that will be in attendance, the hotel employees, the other travelers that will be staying in the same hotel, those going to and from by plane or car.  We all need prayer.  God is going to do an amazing work in my life–more so than I know at this point…I just feel it in my bones.

I have woke up at the oddest hours in the morning the past several weeks–and have felt compelled to pray.  Sometimes I read and contemplate what He is saying through the Word…and how it works in what I’m going through right now.

Many things have been happening…not always understood by us or by others.  I cannot question God in any of the changes that have taken place–nor those that will take place in the future.  I am just glad HE invited me to participate!  What about you?  What’s He up to in your life this summer?

Some things I’ve learned at camp this summer:

  • Be patient.  They are “younger”…I am almost 50 (yikes!)
  • Be patient.  They are “older”…nearer 80 than me
  • Be patient.  Stand still and listen.  Beyond the noise of the multitude of voices.  Look beyond the eyes filled with multiple colors of make-up and funky hair-dos.  Look at what HE sees.
  • Be patient.  It takes time for dreams to come true…and it takes time for the bread to brown.
  • Be patient.  This is the way they have fun. 
  • Be patient.  God is using this week to radically change their lives…and it won’t look like it did when He radically changed mine.  That is a promise.
  • Be patient.  He is speaking…and He wants us listening.

I won’t be posting from here…but will post a few things via telephone to facebook. Join me there–and then we’ll catch up when I get back home…

Don’t forget to PRAY! 🙂

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