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His Purpose in You

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The topic of “purpose”–your purpose, my purpose, it’s purpose (as in circumstances) is often discussed in Christian circles. We all want to know ours. What we’re here for, and we want to know now.

I don’t believe finding your purpose is completely like declaring you are going to medical school so that you will become a doctor–or law school to become a lawyer. I believe deep in each one of us, our purpose was a planted seed as God created us…in our mother’s womb. For some, it IS to be a doctor–or lawyer–an educator, etc. The point is, we all have a purpose. The biggest one: To be light in a dark world.

Of course there’s more to it than that.

At the end of the first chapter of Luke, he describes John’s purpose:

to give His people knowledge of salvation through the forgiveness of their sins. Because of our God’s merciful compassion, the Dawn from on high will visit us to shine on those who live in darkness and the shadow of death, to guide our feet into the way of peace.”

Luke 1:77-79 HCSB

These words came directly from the Holy Spirit, through the voice of Zechariah when he was no longer silent. John’s daddy declared his purpose to the world on the day he was born. He shared what had been given to him by the angel, Gabriel–that well known passage when we learned ‘ole Zechariah had some doubt about what God could do. I mean, didn’t he remember Abraham and Sarah? For real! God did an all out miracle there. But instead, his focus was on his inabilities, not God’s abilities.

But the day of declaration came and I like to believe he was LOUD with it! I believe by the time he wrote “his name is John”, I believe he cleared the cobwebs from his unused vocal cords and his voice rang out like he had a lapel mic attached to his robe. The Bible says he instantly began praising God… and after that, you just can’t praise quietly.

The last sentence of this chapter caught my attention this morning–and in truth, it’s the very reason I started typing this morning:

The child grew up and became spiritually strong, and he was in the wilderness until the day of his public appearance to Israel.

Luke 1:80 HCSB

The main part that grabbed me were these: “and he was in the wilderness until the day of his public appearance”. Another translation says “he lived in lonely places until….”

The bottom line is- that place where you and I have been–or maybe still are? That place that feels like a wilderness–that loneliness you feel even when surrounded by people? The only way out is to stay faithful to seeking His Presence and His Word. It might FEEL like a wilderness…but in fact, I believe it’s the preparation ground for what God is about to reveal–and do in and through your life. The things you are experiencing and learning through those dark days will undoubtedly be used by God to help another. I heard a minister once say that God never wastes suffering. I believe every smidgen of what we walk through, the good and the bad is able to be used by God.

So, your purpose? Declare love of Jesus Christ to those who don’t know… sometimes those who DO know–need reminders of His faithfulness.  And hold on honey. If you don’t know yet—it’s coming (your purpose). Because HE is coming soon—and HE is going to use YOU!   

And friend, I am ready for the revival that is on the horizon—and I want it to begin in US!

The Lost Can Be Found

I woke this morning with a different feeling inside.  It started with the unusual dream.  Oh how I praise God for that dream!  Because I am reminded of His love for the world.  Humanity.

I woke up praying in a brand new prayer language.  That did something to me-in my heart.  My mind.

Yesterday I reflected on how much He wants to spend time with us me, yet we I continually put Him off.  We I do this- we I work on that- we I go here and we I go there….putting Him on hold until we  I can find time to “sit down”…and then we I forget.

I had to go back and cross out the “we” and show you that it’s me.  It is “I” who stays busy~

Last night I had worked on a picture that I had taken at my mothers, adding a verse.  It’s a sweet spot in her yard for prayer, conversations with children or grandchildren.  It’s a teaching place.  A swing positioned right in front of their garden plot.  Hanging from a huge oak tree, beside a drooping fenced pasture and scupplin’ vine*, an old swing waits.

Then my computer went blitzy and it locked up and lost it.  I couldn’t remember if I had hit “save”…I got aggravated and shut it down and put it away.  I had found just the “right verse”.

It’s a wonderful thing about God’s word.  It’s alive.  Passages I memorized have been coming to my mind frequently–that is The Holy Spirit at work in my busy state of “being”.  Reminding me…

To me, my mother’s house is the place where peace is found and felt and relished.  It’s hard to explain.  I remember my friend Connie Haile and also +Susan K Baldwin, both at different times spending the night with me during a “house sitting” event while they were on a mission trip, or lengthy visit to relatives, and they both said the same thing:  “I feel peace here.”

That’s where we rest.  In the place of peace.  But too often we continue working.  Rushing.  Spending time doing the deal–we forget His desire to be with us.

Tomorrow is Sunday.  If you are in ministry–it’s your busiest day.  Don’t neglect the time needed to rest.  To just “B”. (As my friend +Betty Shoopman  would say.)

God is faithful and HE will meet you in that place…of peace.  Rest.  Breathe.  I can’t tell you how important it is.  Even if you can only grab a snippet of time.  Take it.

Find that “lost” peace that’s missing from your life.  Just like I turned on my computer this morning and opened my pictures in search of another one to work on, there sat the one I made last night…waiting to be used.

The lost can be found.  Seek.


Photo:  (c) Angie Knight Photography. 

*scupplin’ vine

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Go with God

The Lord had said to Abram, “Leave your native country, your relatives, and your father’s family, and go to the land that I will show you.   Genesis 12:1 NLT

First steps are critical.  First steps are applauded.  They are remembered.   Just as a parent watches with joy, the first steps her toddler takes, so God, watches each of us as we embark on the unknown journey’s of our lives.  One step at a time.

Obedience.  Step-step.  One foot out, here comes the other… Without hesitation or forethought of where it might lead.

That’s what Abram did.  The Bible states in verse 4, “So Abram departed…”

When God speaks to us–often we take a practical approach.  The human understanding approach.  The common sense approach.

We make a list.  While lists are not bad… in the process of making the list, we can often turn aside to our own devices.  We sort through what God said as if we were sorting through the mail–and we take the parts that make most sense…and then…we consult the accountant…or the neighbor… or the friend.

I’m not against “consulting”.  I am actually all for it.  So is the Bible. But too often I think we consult those who may not understand–and therefore they give us the idea that — “maybe we heard wrong–or, maybe we are acting in haste”…

I’m very careful on who I consult with regarding my “God journey’s”.  I learned the hard way.  There are those who “get it”…and those who don’t.

If you have a dream–or a vision that you believe God is directing you to, the first thing (in my opinion), just say “yes”.  Then allow God to walk you through the process.  Consult those who can lead you in the right direction–in taking the steps necessary to get you from point A to point B….and go with God.

There is an exciting journey ahead.  Along the way–you may become discouraged–even think you didn’t hear correctly. TRUST the Voice you heard.  

Obedience is key–God will grow you, mold you, re-make you all along the way.  Take note of all the things you learn.  Keep a journal.  There is significance in every step.  

And… Go with God.

Photo credit:  Beverly Buchholtz 2013

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Attainable Stars

iPhone Screenshot 2A commercial came on the other night–and the music was neat, and I had been hearing it without seeing it.

So after about the third round of this particular “app” commercial–I watched–absorbed.

At the end I thought, “How cool! I think I’ll download the app”, so I proceeded to download.  When it finished, I opened it, expected to “see”…but all I saw was my living room ceiling.

“You dummy”, I said to myself….”you gotta go outside!”

But rather than leave my cozy nest on the couch, I set about exploring the app.  

I clicked on “STARS”….

“To see the stars you must pay the price.”  That statement popped then rolled in my head the instant I saw the price beside the stars…

Well, I’m not one to just “click” on every single interesting app.  If it’s free…and has good reviews, then I likely will…this one wasn’t fully free.  But it had good reviews.

“To see the stars you must pay the price”.

I want to see the stars…not just the kind that roll around Sylvester the cat when he gets conked on the head…but the stars that only God can bring about in our lives.

There is something special about gazing up in the black velvet sky–and seeing all these twinkling, blinking lights, billions of miles away–and remembering The Creator.

You are not here by chance.  I am not typing this by chance.  But by a careful orchestration of events of my life and yours.

I thought the “thought” of the stars this week…and even shared it twice this week…and God knew both times who and how it would affect me, as well as the listener.  “To see the stars you must pay the price”.

So, Listener.  How did it affect you?

Is there something so “far out of reach” that  you think it’s unattainable?  It’s not.

The Bible says “with God, all things are possible.”  (Matthew 19:26)

In 2009 Tiffany Stuart bought me a card–it was significant.  She wrote in it and sealed it up in November of 2009, but didn’t mail it until January 2010.  The significance is what was happening at both times.  In November, I began praying about something that would alter my course.  In January I acted on what I believed God was saying.  Her words in pen came on the very day of my action.  His message of confirmation.

The front cover of the card was a girl “reaching for the stars”

I began to do just that…on tip-toe I reach up–for more of Him.  His calling on my life, His direction to follow, and His word in my heart–ready to share at any time–with anyone.

One of my biggest encouragers, Connie Haile, sent me this picture: 

Is there a “dream” you are dreaming…

Perhaps it seems as distant as the stars…

Yesterday I was compelled to send a message to 3 birdie friends… 

“reach for the stars…follow that dream”

I didn’t send the message because I stayed busy at work…but today….

I’ve arrived home–sitting on my porch, looking up at the sky and imagining the stars...

They are attainable.

Matthew 17:20; Mark 10:27; Luke 1:37;  Hebrews 11:6.

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Nothing Wasted

“Where did you go to, if I may ask?’ said Thorin to Gandalf as they rode along.To look ahead,’ said he.And what brought you back in the nick of time?’Looking behind,’ said he.”– J.R.R. TolkienThe Hobbit

Looking ahead is what we do.  For the most part, we all like to know in advance—hoping we can do something about the things we know absolutely nothing about.
It’s like we “think” we need to help God.  Are you kidding me?  You know–you do the same.  I’m not the only one.  
I use the excuse of  “needing to plan ahead”….ha.  The real deal is the fact that we want to know so that we can make alternative plans or ADJUST His plan… That’s the TRUE REAL DEAL.
We want to know so we can “advise God and give Him input…. be careful.  You and I will hear the same speech Job did.  Were we there when He cast the line for the waves to stop?  Were we present when the morning stars sang and all the sons of God shouted for joy–all for Him?  (Read Job 38)
What I’ve been hearing over and over in my heart–through reading The Word and in messages, “trust-and-wait”.  They go together like peas and carrots (Forrest would say).
In the story of our lives, God leaves nothing out. There are things we don’t know- yet- and things we will never know, this side of heaven. (That is where trust comes in…)
We participate in each word, line and punctuation of the details of our lives—as we live it.  Only He knows the advance of our days.  He’s been to our tomorrow and has a sovereign plan—and gives us the opportunity to put faith into action when the punctuation of our story turns to question marks.

Psalms 139:1-6  says:
O Lord, you have examined my heartand know everything about me. You know when I sit down or stand up.You know my thoughts even when I’m far away. You see me when I traveland when I rest at home.You know everything I do.You know what I am going to sayeven before I say it, Lord. You go before me and follow me.You place your hand of blessing on my head.Such knowledge is too wonderful for me,too great for me to understand!

We are held in the promise of His Sovereignty.  We will never—ever face anything that He hasn’t looked and either orchestrated or approved…FOR OUR GOOD.
What does that look like?  Our good may not necessarily be desirous of us on the given day it actually happens…but, I can honestly say, after living 5 decades, it is for our good.  And He is dependable.

I may believe Him for something for more than 10 years…but when the miracle arrives, the years and tears no longer matter.  Like Gandalf, in the story of The Hobbit, He’s looking ahead.  He sees your tomorrow.  And you can stake the promise that when every need arises, He’s there in “the nick of time” for each of us.  

There is no need for us to look behind….unless of course we are counting our blessings

Then, by all means, we should look behind, count them and thank The Giver of Life.


© 2014 Angie Knight- The Knightly News. All rights reserved.  (Portions previously shared also with Laced With Grace (2013); and StreetTalk Magazine.)

Belly Button Ring

This is a repeat from several years ago–but I “felt” it was needed today:
I have a good friend that is totally “hip”. Really “with-it”.  

All the things I am not.

Well, I have hips…. but my “with-it”…sounds more like something I’d say after I had been to the dentist and returned with my mouth numb…

When this happened, I asked her permission to share this story with you…hmmm, let’s just say—the LORD spoke to me through it.

Lisa was having trouble with her back. Her neck. Her shoulder. This was tough—especially since she is a faithful gym-goer. She had been having trouble with “strength” —lifting the weights. So she made an appointment to see her Chiropractor. 

As he began to examine her, and question her, he maneuvered her for a response to her reflexes, testing her resistance, and he noticed the weakness on one side. “Lisa”, he said with a questioning tone, “do you have a belly-button ring?” 

“Yes, as a matter of fact, I do”. She replied–she was, after all very “hip and with-it”, and loved her belly-button ring.

“Do you mind taking it out?” Dr. Carnes needed to prove what he felt was the problem.

After she removed the metal, he began his testing all over. This time, her body reacted differently to each maneuver. She had strength. It was almost like you had removed the cryptonite from Superman’s space and his strength returned.

With a puzzled expression, she wanted to know why it made a difference. His explanation made perfect sense. The metal, or foreign object was interrupting the energy flow of her body. Something was blocking her physical strength. But once the hindrance was removed…strength returned.

Do you see what I saw? The instant parallel of our strength in Christ vs. the hindrances of the world came racing to my mind.

“Don’t copy the behavior and customs of this world, but let God transform you into a new person by changing the way you think. Then you will know what God wants you to do, and you will know how good and pleasing and perfect his will really is.”Romans 12:2 NLT

To her, and many others, the belly-button ring was attractive. A symbol. But to her body, it was a hindrance. Might not have been noticed before. May not have even “felt” the resistance before. But at this time in her life…the change of the energy flow was noticed

She is only a few years younger than I am, but in good physical condition. I on the other hand, well, if you know me…you know.  I am a bookoholic instead of a gymoholic……It shows. 

After she told me this, I immediately told her, “you know this will have to be a blog”. 

I smiled, already hearing the Lord speaking to my heart. Because He knows me. He knows the things I have been neglecting so long they are now “hindrances” in my walk. 

Examine your life Angie. What is blocking your “energy flow”. Are you full of My strength? You know from your past experience what happens when you try to conform to the world–when you neglect what I have called you to do…. In order to fit in you allow things to come between what I desire for you.” 

Well, you could have knocked me out of my rolling chair with a feather! 

In my past I know there have been many times that I wanted to be a part of what seemed to be fun—so much so, that my decisions were warped. 

Poor decisions made an impact in my life that was NOT pleasant. But I was thinking…surely not now. Why, surely I am right on track…But after thinking this over….I can find things that need to be removed from my heart and life to increase my energy flow. 

I took a phone survey and even polled some random ladies with a simple question: What are some things that we allow to hinder our relationship with Christ:

  • TV (too much of it, and the type of programming—we are what we feed our minds);
  • Busyness and/or obsessive housework (as in the Martha Syndrome);
  • Excessive secular reading (neglecting the Bible);
  • Unforgiveness (self-explanatory);
  • Anger (self-explanatory);
  • Greed (desirous of worldly things); and
  • Envy (wanting what everyone else has). Another late entry of the survey came in after I came home from work. It seemed the opposite of one, but when she explained, I instantly saw how it could quickly become a hindrance: 
  • Having a clutter filled house and life.

The first one listed was mentioned by more than one person. It deserved top ranking. The next ones listed fell as suggested by those I polled. They all fall in the category of being a “belly-button ring”. So-to-speak. A strength zapper. 
If not attended, I think it could even cripple.

I have embarked on an “examination” of my life. I am on the table. The Lord is probing my heart and life for the unnecessary. I don’t have any piercings other than my ears, but there are MANY things that need to be dealt with continually in my life. Things that left unattended in my life will drain every ounce of spiritual strength I have. 

Father in heaven, reveal to me–to each one of us–the hindrances in our lives. I need to know. I want to see it for what it is and deal with it once and for all. Forgive me for waiting so long. Some of the issues may have been here so long they are deeply embedded. Remove them from my life. Pour in the peroxide to boil out the wound. I ask with all sincerity of heart that the anointing of the Holy Spirit flow through my life as a river that I never before experienced! Help us to reach new heights in serving You. I am Yours. Wholly and completely. In the awesome name of Jesus I pray. Believing in You~Amen

Your turn.

Are you as close as you can be to Jesus?

Think about what might be hindering your walk with Christ. Resolve to take control of it and remove it from your life.

Make a list of hindrances. Share them with others. Shine the spotlight on the issues so that they are exposed. Exposure can bring about closure.

© Angie Knight- The Knightly News

Meeting Norm

This is from 2 years ago–but it goes with an upcoming class–I wanted to share it again.  A special thank you to our dear friends, Pam and Chris Flanigan for hosting us as well as taking us to “meet Norm”.

On the first day of our journey, I wrote a post that had a phrase about me not being the “norm”.  Funny how things come back around.
Today we met Norm.  Well, actually his name is Norman.100_3490

Maybe some of his friends called him “Norm” at one time.  When I heard his name, my mind instantly went back to this post.
Norman had once lived with his brother, all bachelors in a small house.  Norman has out lived his brothers and will actually be 90 years old in May.  Norman has everything he seems to want.
He’s a collector of oddities.  Jeff tried to buy one of his rocks, but Norman wanted to hang on to it. *smile*
Aren’t we like that?  Hanging on to stuff in life that really serves us no spiritual purpose—and really has no eternal value, but yet we cling to it as if our very life depended it on it.
Norman and his brothers used to walk fields to tend to their cattle.  Sometimes as much as 20 miles a day.  They would check them, then go back home. Collecting odd things along the way.
Norman and his brothers were big deer hunters, turkeys and most likely squirrel, rabbit and anything else they could use for food.  Norman still uses a wringer washer.  He uses a wood burning stove to cook his food—even in the summer.  He has a TV, and does watch some, but he doesn’t seem to get caught up in having all the gadgets that every single commercial seems to say, “gotta have it”!
Does Norman know Christ?  I’m not sure.  
We were introduced, shook hands, and I searched his cloudy, aging eyes.  The friends that introduced us didn’t know if he went to church up in the hills of Arkansas where he lives….but I hope so.  I hope someone shared with him at some point about Jesus Christ and His dying love for all humanity.
Norman was willing to show us his collections, even didn’t seem to mind me snapping shots of them, but he wasn’t willing to part with anything.  And let me just say, Norman had quite a bit.  Our hunting buddies back home would be a bit envious of all the deer racks hanging EVERYWHERE.  A room full.  The porch of his house had several.
 Trophies of living—but what about the things that matter.
Is there a Norman in your life?
I am sure most Norman’s get overlooked.  They look at us through eyes that mist over when recalling loved ones long gone, and they cling to the only thing they know that brings happiness.
But happy hearts do not grow from the accumulation of stuff.  Oh, sure, for a time, those sassy new shoes may make us feel good, but that is temporary.
Leading a Norman to Christ would bring true happiness.  Watching a 90 year old man become born again fresh and alive in Christ—that brings happiness.
Friend, can I make a suggestion?  If there is a Norman, sitting on his front porch –on a road that perhaps you travel every day…or maybe he’s in your neighborhood and you know him by name, why don’t you stop every now and then and build a relationship of trust with him.  You may be able to one day lead Norman to Jesus.
I think we all have Norman’s in our lives.  I’m so glad our friends stopped today and gave us a peek into a life that is so often overlooked.
Norman is not living on welfare, nor social security.  Norman lives off the land.  He sells, when he needs to, some of his collection to buy groceries and pay the small electric bill that he might have.
I suppose today, he didn’t need to sell anything.
Sorry, Jeff.  You’ll have to pick up some neat stuff somewhere else.

Pictured:  Norman, Norman’s rock collection, his wringer-washer, his house, Jeff and Mrs. Pam.

Thank you Chris and Pam for an incredible day of seeing Arkansas, and a peek into Missouri!
MORE to come!
© Angie Knight.  All rights reserved.

Destined for Big Things

clip_image001“Suppose you had only 4 months to live”.

This was the conversation my baby sister, Aimee and I had one morning a  couple of years ago while driving to work. 

“What would you do?”  Was her next question to me.

Aimee had had a dream the night before.  Woke her up with such a start, and then she set in to ponder the matter. 

Suppose, just suppose that were true.

We tossed ideas back and forth, “Well, I suppose I’d continue on with what I’m doing”, was my first impulse.  “No, wait, I’d quit my job”.

“Do you think you’d travel to exotic places, or do something really daring?” She queried.

“No, I don’t think so.  I mean, unless the travel was for a memory for Jeff, I think I would stay home, get some things done for my family, write letters to loved ones, friends and some that I know need to know about Jesus.    But wait.  I would take a small trip.  I’d fly to California, Arizona, Colorado and the Bahamas.  See, I have some friends that I would REALLY love to see here on earth—that way, I’ll easily recognize  them in heaven.”  (One of those dear ones has actually moved closer…from California to Tennessee!  Still leaving a couple of friends in California though!)

I’m smiling as I imagine this part, because 3 of these precious friends, I’ve already met, hugged and we have plans to shake the world for Jesus!  Well, maybe not shake the actual world, but at least our part of it.

Aimee said, “Well, that’s because you are  a writer–and I’m a talker.  I think I’d tell all my friends and family about Jesus.  I’d want them to hear it from me”.

“Right, I understand, but I would “tell” them as well.  But the written word stands a long, long time.  It will serve as a reminder of our conversation.  Something they can refer back to.” 

I paused at this point, remembering the prayer journal of Wanda’s that I held so dear.  Her thoughts and prayers to God.  A reminder of her steadfast love and faith.  That’s what I want to pass on.

Light dawned in Aimee’s mind as she realized the value in writing the details of my love for them and my desire to see them either, come to know Christ, or grow in Christ.

A lot of plans are made these days for a future that seems so uncertain. 

Colleges mapped out, the 5 step plan to matrimony, etc., but there is so much more. 

What would you do?100_7608

The “Big Things” that we are destined for are beyond our wildest imagination. (Psalm 139:16-17)  Our dreams cannot possibly hold what is to come!  The Bible says we are to “set our affection on things above, not on the things of the earth.” (Colossians 3:2)

Where are your affections? 

The main things I contemplate on a regular basis are doing more for Christ.  (No, I’m not some Super Christian, I don’t have a red and blue suit with a dramatic cape–and I certainly don’t fly through the air, the flying part comes later.) But His plans for me are pretty much on my mind all the time.  I’m usually thinking thoughts like, “okay, Lord,what next? Or, Okay Lord, When?

When Aimee asked me if I would travel to exotic places or do something daring like “sky diving”, I gave the exotic places some thought (not the sky diving though).  But as quickly as I thought about it, the realization hit me that once the New Heavens and New Earth are set in place-we will be able to travel anywhere we desire (should heaven be our homeland and not “the other place”

Why spend the time seeing it now—IF we truly had so little time to spare—when we can see it with JESUS by our side, and the view not be tainted in the least with worldliness? 

(Please understand, I am all for taking trips and seeing great things—I LOVE traveling—seeing—missioning…and blogging it all!)

But you know, right now,  we were destined for more than the mundane existence we call life.  2011-03-31 Ohio Landscapes 2011 012

We were called to walk in Christ (Colossians 2:6). 

That means in all the fullness of grace, power and love. (Ephesians 3:14-21)

What is the “big thing” or the “more” in your life that you are seeking?

Take some time today and write out a list of what you feel God tugging on your heart about.  A dream, even if you think it’s beyond your grasp.  It’s not beyond His.  Remember that the next time you feel a tug to do something for Him, and the enemy taunts you with your“inabilities”.  Friend, there is no such thing as an inability when you give your all to Christ Jesus. 

Remember, “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.” (Philippians 4:13)

Begin praying now about 2013…Let’s make it a year to do more for Christ.  The year we give Him our absolute all!



© Angie Knight 2012. All rights reserved.  Used by permission.

Time Change—Changing Times

If you are like me…the time change sometimes brings a bit of anxiety over the fact that I was going to miss out on some precious sleep.  This time however, we will gain an hour…so I’m actually a bit excited. 

100_1025SLEEP. That is something I can relate to—and in all honesty, I enjoy. 

A cozy couch in front of a fire…a soft blanket…and I am nodding off in no time flat. 

A bed with crisp clean sheets–nice and cool to the touch, and when my tired body finds rest there–I am asleep before you can count to 100.  Sometimes it takes me a while..but I do enjoy the resting time.

For the disciples, in the garden, they had none of these, yet sleep captured their minds during their time of prayer.  They were tired.  They knew not of the scene that would shortly unfold before their eyes.  Changing their lives forever.

…”and He told the disciples, “Sit here while I go over there and pray.” He then took Peter, James and John and said to them, “My soul is swallowed up in sorrow–to the point of death. Remain here and stay awake with me.” Going a little farther, He fell face down and prayed…” (Matthew 26:36-38 –Holman Christian Standard Version)

My notes state that verse 37 describes the feelings Jesus was having.  Sorrowful and deeply distressed. 

There is no way sleep would come His way that night.  He knew already what lay ahead.  He was preparing —He was drawing strength from the Father.  But this—this was something He did on a daily basis.

  • Not just crunch time.
  • Not just when the house is on fire.
  • Not just when the kids are sick.
  • Not just when the marriage is failing, the job is lost and the finances are disappearing.  But every day. All hours of the day.

There was a time in my Christian walk, that my prayer life was lacking in a “dedicated” time.  What I mean by that is, the emergencies brought about some serious praying!  The other days….sort of hit and miss. 

But time changes things.  And these things…change our prayer times.

There is not a day that passes that I don’t talk to the Father.  Our conversations on occasions seem a bit one-sided though. 

I talk—I pray…and sometimes forget to listen.  But when He speaks…oh my—does it ever ring in my heart and head.

A couple of years ago, while talking with a friend, she shared with me that her friend was consumed with the changing times. 

He had lost thousands upon thousands of dollars in the recent economical decline.  He was frustrated and depressed.  She had encouraged him to get back in his Bible.  To not neglect his church–nor his times of study and prayer. 

I told her that was all good, but one important thing he needed to do—stop listening to all the negative news. 

  • Yes, read the Bible!
  • Yes, pray without ceasing! 
  • But stop feeding the soul all the negative news that is played non-stop. 

See, he was daily—every waking hour–listening to talk radio—reading the horrific forecast of our financial system.  Instead of feeding his soul Christ, and how soon the eternal home was to the believers, he was feeding on the decay of our world.

I have purposefully steered my blog away from the economical situation. But I see it.  I’m not blind to what is happening. 

Our lives have changes along with everyone else’s…as we each tighten our belts and do things differently.  But I can’t dwell on that.  What I must dwell on is doing ALL I can—at every opportunity God gives me for HIM.  100_1085-1

Reaching the lost.  Telling of Christ’s love! And how He came to save them!

Yes, time will change. 

And the times are changing.  But Christ—is the solid rock—on which we stand.  All other ground is sinking sand.

As the times change, let us change.  Let’s become more dedicated to our prayer times.  Let us become solidified in our faith walk.   Let us share with others—love and care for one another more.  We are pilgrims passing through this land—our home is just ahead.  Keep heading that way. 

Following HIM–

© Angie Knight.  All rights reserved.  (previously shared with Laced with Grace)


“Lord”, Simon Peter said to Him, “where are You going?” Jesus answered, “Where I am going you cannot follow Me now, but you will follow later.” (John 13:36 Holman CSB) Oswald Chambers uses the KJV and I love the way it reads…“but thou shalt follow Me afterwards.”  


I just have to tell you—those words brought the tears to the forefront. Stuck in my throat and threatened to burst as a waterfall the day I read that devotion about 3 years ago. 

Maybe it was partly due to the post I finished that night called Letter from Heaven.  But I also believe that once again—the Lord has confirmed to me that that particular book—  or devotional tool, was the correct one for this season of my life.  I put in a rare plug here for your next yearly devotional book–Oswald Chambers, My Utmost for His Highest, is one of the best.  You will be blessed tremendously by this one!

Following Christ Jesus has been my determined path for some time. More determination than before, however, lit my heart afire these past few months. But the fire began rising in a fervent heat in 2007.

Between the first calling of “Follow Me” from Jesus to Peter to the second calling was one of the “blank spaces”. 

What Peter did in his blank space is, I’m afraid is what happens in many of our lives in our own blank space. 

Chambers’ words, “Between these times Peter had denied Jesus with oaths and curses, he had come to the end of himself and all his self-sufficiency, there was not one strand of himself he would ever rely upon again, and in his destitution he was in a fit condition to receive an impartation from the risen Lord.” 

Sound familiar?

It does to me. For I found HIM only at the end of myself. Realizing I had no power to change any circumstance of my life…but He had all power. As Chambers closes this page, his words ring true and fresh tears sting. “There is only one lodestar in the life now, the Lord Jesus Christ.” 

Guiding star. 
Point of reference. 
The dictionary reference says: 

1. a star that shows the way.
2. Polaris.
3. something that serves as a guide or on which the attention is fixed.

Today, where is your attention fixed? 

Are you at the end of your abilities? 

You will never find the end of His. 

Without Him, we have no ability, but Jesus said four times in the Gospels

“with God all things are possible…..”….”If thou canst believe, all things [are] possible to him that believeth.”….”With men [it is] impossible, but not with God: for with God all things are possible.”…..”And he said, Abba, Father, all things [are] possible unto thee”….

(Matthew 19:26Mark 9:2310:27; and 14:36)

What are you believing Him for? 

Are you at the “afterwards of your blank space?”…

are you looking at the horizon and feel the end of yourself?

That’s where I found Him. At the very end of me. 

No longer self-sufficient…but God is sufficient for me.

© Angie Knight- The Knightly News.  All rights reserved.