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13 Blessings –2013

The blessings that have been added to our heart and home still amaze me when I look into their eyes…

Only God could do all this.

Jeff and I are blessed with 2 daughters, their husbands and a sweet collection of children that make me smile…and sometimes cry.

The lessons we’ve all learned on this journey–the things we’ve heard from their lips, the insight into the heart of God…

Amazing blessings.

In thinking of 2013, I counted these blessings.
Sometimes I may have forgotten that these are blessings, as sometimes life gets a bit overwhelming…and sometimes people tend to not see a blessing ..instead they see a bother…

I recently looked back at the incredible joys of years past, and I saw such evidence of God—and yes, even in the trials and  heartaches, the hand of God was there….keeping us through every situation.

Added to the family this year was “Bubbie” the lamb.  We teasingly said we were giving him to April and David’s boys as a start on the Live Nativity for church next year…so you never know 😉

He’s a cute little lamb…and even though “Mary” didn’t come by the other morning, the little lamb did wander off … (hopefully not to follow anyone to school).

I’ve thought about those missing from our Christmas gatherings this year.  My dear friend Connie Haile spent her first Christmas in heaven, and through her passing, as we went to the house to support Courtney, Mike, Sunny and Jeremy, I met her spiritual mom, Mildred, and met her sister Becky and mother for the second time…and friendships were formed with other “Connie” girls.  Karen and Delores are other girls I’ve added to my “texting” buddy list. (HUGE BLESSINGS)

So even in her passing, she was doing the work of the LORD….bringing hearts with like faith together for strengthening!  As I looked back at the effects of Connie’s life on others–and how she pointed lives to Christ…I realized–that is exactly what I want to do–

Point hearts home.  To Jesus.  To the cross.

Without being able to do that…what would be our purpose?

So, with much prayer in the next few days I am seeking God for the changes and things He desires for 2013…how can I better serve Him?…

As I gear up to be more diligent at blogging…and shouting out to the world about Jesus Christ–through the world-wide-web, I would like to ask you to pray with us.

We desire to seek Him more, serve Him fully and follow Him wherever He leads.

If you don’t mind me asking….

Is God calling you to a specific change for 2013?  A specific place?  A new challenge?

Care to share?

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The Believing Heart of a Child

 “Some people brought infants to Jesus to have him hold them. When the disciples saw this, they told the people not to do that.  But Jesus called the infants to him and said, “Don’t stop the children from coming to me! Children like these are part of the kingdom of God.  I can guarantee this truth: Whoever doesn’t receive the kingdom of God as a little child receives it will never enter it.”

Luke 18:15-17 GWT

Believing as a child believes is essential…

You tell them something–they believe you…

What must we do?  Go to Christ as your children, and my children come to us.

Seeking words, wisdom, attention, love…fellowship…a Relationship.

Without communication–there is no relationship.  
We are discussing problems of lack of communication in our Young Adult class on Wednesday nights.  Communication is one key ingredient to a good marriage.  Good communication.
If you want THE relationship with God that He desires to have with you–you must first open your heart and your mouth.  Share your heart with Him…holding nothing back…
Who could resist the look of the expressive face turned upward in devotion?  
No one.  
When you devote your heart and life to Christ Jesus–you will then begin to fully realize how His devotion saved YOUR soul.

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Just a couple of things…

I had my computer up on Saturday getting some music going and Rylan spotted the picture of himself with Papa. Well—he said, “Nana, where’s my picture with you?” Well—my picture was NOT near as good as that handsome Papa of his…and I told him…”it’s in the computer”…but sweet little fellow he is wanted it up on the screen. So. Of course Nana does all she can to help the little fellow feel better. He will REALLY love this shot of himself when he fell asleep yesterday WHILE playing his game!

Today I have been poured a double blessing on! A treat in the mail! And I visited a dear sister who is a participant in our Bible Study…you know the one at Sisters of Faith???? Anyone ever visit there??? (kidding you guys!) Anyway, Gail is a tremendous writer…and girls you HAVE got to read this post. If you come away with a dry eye and untouched heart….let me get my thermometer! It was amazing.

A real dose of reality. In the world we live–we take so much for granted and concentrate on the frivolous so much that we sometimes neglect those that are place in our path to minister to.

Oh, by the way…I will be over at the Sister’s site tomorrow…for the Bible Study…you know? Aimee is making the tea…I made some delicious pumpkin cookies….

See you there!!!

Jake is HERE!!!

Ya’ll please humor this Nana as she pulls out the big picture book and shares the first look at little Jake. Of course his older brother, Cy had enjoyed himself—and really LOVES his new baby brother!

Hugh—he looks a little like April —but a lot like his daddy! Weighing in at 7 lbs 6 oz. and 21 inches long—he is perfect! Mommy and daddy are doing pretty good too!

Thank you all friends for all your prayers!