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Do you remember the old Heinz® ketchup commercial?   The song that accompanied the slow pouring, best on fries ever—ketchup: “Anticipation”.  “Anticipa-a-a-tion is making me wait”.  It’s one of those songs that gets stuck in your head when you hear it—but in life—it’s one of those things we grow weary of doing. Waiting.

Well, you waited 365 days for 2023 and here she is!  Bright-sparkly and brand-new!  Maybe in your house—she’s not as sparkly.  But 2023 is “new”, nonetheless.  She’s never had footprints walk here before— but you and I are about to change that—putting our mark on 2023.

I generally begin considering what might be “my word” for the year in October or November.  I always ask the Lord what He wants to say to me—or show me in the coming year.  It was much later this last time.  I asked mid-December.  I asked—and the only thing that came to my mind in that very moment was “Anticipate”.

I’m not a gloomy person—but when I heard that word, I kind of sank inside.  It meant (to me), I was about to “WAIT” for something.   But couldn’t it also be…my “waiting” was over?  Meaning, the things I had been seeking God about -was going to be realized this year.  That’s the way I chose to see it.

Often, a big part in “anticipating” something is—letting go.  Letting go can be painful.  A big Band-Aid® won’t cover the pain that accompanies letting go.  

Since I work at a funeral home—the letting go is something I see first-hand every single day.  Letting go of someone you love is the absolute hardest—no two ways about it.  Grieving happens in life with letting go of other things—but things can be replaced…people cannot. 

When I began thinking of all the things that I let go of in the last 61 years of my life—I couldn’t help but recognize that to let go meant that sooner or later—I would be receiving something else.  I jotted a few things down:

When company cutbacks caused Jeff to lose his job (many years ago), even though I cried and grieved about this—soon, God showed us that this was the opportunity for Jeff to do what he had always wanted to do—begin his own business.  That business led Jeff to do some fill-in work at our church fellowship headquarters—and in turn—that led to a full-time job with benefits.

Years later, when we were called to the mission field, it required for us to let go of the life we had loved and enjoyed for 12+ years.  Yet in doing so, that offered us the opportunity to live in two different countries, experience two different cultures and meet and love so many new people.

In life—we are all in a constant state of letting go.  But do we anticipate what comes with that action? Sometimes we have to let go of our children to allow them to walk in the mission field that God has already mapped out for them.  Sometimes we have to let them go “their way”—even knowing it is against all we taught them—but praying with a fiery passion that God will bring them back to the place they need to be in Him—even if it means a crushing in the process.  Oh, that hurts.  

In a conversation with one of our grandsons recently, I reminded him that all his decisions would affect more than just himself.  And consequences of poor decisions would often follow him for the rest of his life.  God forgives…yes.  But our memories of rebellion are a constant reminder of the pain we caused others.

“Let go and let God”—as cliché as that sounds—it’s true.  As long as we try to work the situation our way—God cannot do what is necessary to get them to the place where they surrender…even if that place is the hardest most confusing place we’ve ever been.  I guess you can tell I’m speaking with experience here.  Our prodigal’s journey was the most excruciating walk I’ve ever had—hot coals type of walk.  15+ years of it.  But God…. 

We still have prodigals in our family—and I’m still praying the diligent prayer—anticipating the day when God has their full attention and they want nothing more than Him.  Am I willing to endure the slow process if it takes it?  Yes.  The wait for Heinz® ketchup is nothing compared to this.  Eternal life with all my family is worth whatever He feels necessary.

And now—as we have anticipated, 2023 is here.  What kind of mark do you want to make?  I want my mark to be a mark of powerful prayer.  I want it to be impacting prayer.  What does that take? Practice.  Daily.  Not ritualistically, but as a privilege.  That’s what it is to me.  I get to have a conversation daily with the Creator of the universe… 

What is He saying to you?  Nothing, you say?  You must not have asked Him…because He is always saying something.  Sometimes it’s a simple, “I AM here”.

I want to close this out with a challenge:  Ask Him.  Anticipate a response.  Wait for it.  It’s the best you will ever taste.  

“Oh, taste and see that the LORD is good! Blessed is the man who takes refuge in him!”

Psalm 34:8 ESV

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His Purpose in You

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The topic of “purpose”–your purpose, my purpose, it’s purpose (as in circumstances) is often discussed in Christian circles. We all want to know ours. What we’re here for, and we want to know now.

I don’t believe finding your purpose is completely like declaring you are going to medical school so that you will become a doctor–or law school to become a lawyer. I believe deep in each one of us, our purpose was a planted seed as God created us…in our mother’s womb. For some, it IS to be a doctor–or lawyer–an educator, etc. The point is, we all have a purpose. The biggest one: To be light in a dark world.

Of course there’s more to it than that.

At the end of the first chapter of Luke, he describes John’s purpose:

to give His people knowledge of salvation through the forgiveness of their sins. Because of our God’s merciful compassion, the Dawn from on high will visit us to shine on those who live in darkness and the shadow of death, to guide our feet into the way of peace.”

Luke 1:77-79 HCSB

These words came directly from the Holy Spirit, through the voice of Zechariah when he was no longer silent. John’s daddy declared his purpose to the world on the day he was born. He shared what had been given to him by the angel, Gabriel–that well known passage when we learned ‘ole Zechariah had some doubt about what God could do. I mean, didn’t he remember Abraham and Sarah? For real! God did an all out miracle there. But instead, his focus was on his inabilities, not God’s abilities.

But the day of declaration came and I like to believe he was LOUD with it! I believe by the time he wrote “his name is John”, I believe he cleared the cobwebs from his unused vocal cords and his voice rang out like he had a lapel mic attached to his robe. The Bible says he instantly began praising God… and after that, you just can’t praise quietly.

The last sentence of this chapter caught my attention this morning–and in truth, it’s the very reason I started typing this morning:

The child grew up and became spiritually strong, and he was in the wilderness until the day of his public appearance to Israel.

Luke 1:80 HCSB

The main part that grabbed me were these: “and he was in the wilderness until the day of his public appearance”. Another translation says “he lived in lonely places until….”

The bottom line is- that place where you and I have been–or maybe still are? That place that feels like a wilderness–that loneliness you feel even when surrounded by people? The only way out is to stay faithful to seeking His Presence and His Word. It might FEEL like a wilderness…but in fact, I believe it’s the preparation ground for what God is about to reveal–and do in and through your life. The things you are experiencing and learning through those dark days will undoubtedly be used by God to help another. I heard a minister once say that God never wastes suffering. I believe every smidgen of what we walk through, the good and the bad is able to be used by God.

So, your purpose? Declare love of Jesus Christ to those who don’t know… sometimes those who DO know–need reminders of His faithfulness.  And hold on honey. If you don’t know yet—it’s coming (your purpose). Because HE is coming soon—and HE is going to use YOU!   

And friend, I am ready for the revival that is on the horizon—and I want it to begin in US!

Freedom Isn’t Free

When Kathy Bremer brought me her picture and wording to review for Sunday’s bulletin insert…it prompted some thoughts:  
Our freedom, while we enjoy it daily without a second thought–cost someone. 

Monday is Memorial Day and while I am glad to be an American–I am most glad to be a Christian.  A follower of Jesus  Christ.
Being an American was by birth.  Something I had nothing at all to do with.
Being a Christian, a follower of Christ was a decision I made.  Solely.  
Realizing that JESUS paid the ultimate price for my sins–so that I could live under His grace brings me to my knees.  Continually.

I thank my brothers and sisters in the armed forces who gave their ALL.  Those who came before me…lived and died before me…and those who will come after me.  To live and die so that I can live in a “free” America.

I thank my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, Who left the glories of Heaven…lived and died as a man…so that I could live forever–with Him.  (John 3:16)

While you are enjoying your free Memorial Day,  
find someone to thank.  Sincerely.
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We, Barabbas

This happens all too frequently.

I’m ready for sleep, but my mind isn’t quite there.

The past few days my mind has wandered to the happenings over 2000 years ago that changed my life forever–and in fact, changed yours.  

You and I are indeed the Barabbas that the 3rd cross was intended for.  My mind rambled over that tonight in reading–trying to get my mind to go to sleep…but when I read of what I’ve heard, read and been taught over and over my entire “knowing” life, I experienced a spiritual intake of breath.

The 3rd cross was intended for Barabbas…he was one of the 3 to be crucified that day–yet, he was set free…and The One chosen, Who so chose, to give freely His own self, died in his stead.  In my stead.  In yours too.

The 3rd cross that day was meant for Barabbas–as a notorious criminal…he was known far and wide, I suspect.  

Do you think he hung around that day to watch as The One chosen to hang in his place walked willingly, albeit with much difficulty–so much so that another, named Simon, had to be called upon for assistance in the journey up the hill….

Do you think he cringed?  Barabbas I mean–when he saw, as Jesus passed him by, if indeed Barabbas merged into the vicious throng of people, the beaten and bloodied body of a Man unlike any man he’d ever seen…eyes that saw through you….ears that heard the heart before the lips uttered a sound–and even when they didn’t…Do you think Barabbas looked into His eyes?

Today the grave has been silent all day.  

I thought of that first thing this morning.  Wondered at the weeping women.

I remember all too well the feeling of grief.  It is a feeling beyond description–yet all day today, over 2000 years ago, while every single detail of the day may not be known, I speculate that as they prepared the spices and the oils to anoint His body, they wiped tears throughout the process. (Luke 23:56)  

I imagine that they comforted one another with words…remembering miracles that He performed…and possibly even wondered silently among themselves, “why He had not done what they thought He should have done”…

How often do we wonder the same thing about situations in our life…“Why does He not do what we THINK He should do?”…

Because —there is a purpose greater than our vision can see–greater than our finite minds can comprehend…and it will bring Him all the glory.  

I wonder what Barabbas thought when the earth shook?  When darkness fell at an untimely hour that day…

There is something we need to remember….

HE has the plan for each life…no matter who you are or what you are–OR where you are.

God says, “At the time I have planned,
    I will bring justice against the wicked.
When the earth quakes and its people live in turmoil,
    I am the one who keeps its foundations firm.

Psalm 75:2-3 NLT

If your life today, seems like turmoil….feels like darkness has covered up all the light…
If there seems no miracle in sight–and no news of goodness travels to your ears…

Don’t lose hope.

Don’t give up.

Christ is NOT in the grave.

The 3rd day made all the difference in the World…for the World!

We, the Barabbas in each of us has been given the chance to LIVE…Eternally–if we Believe, confess and LIVE our lives for HIM…

Believe today.

14 And as Moses lifted up the serpent in the wilderness, even so must the Son of Man be lifted up, 15 that whoever believes in Him should not perish but<sup class="footnote" style="font-size: 0.65em; font-weight: bold; vertical-align: top;" value="[b]”>[bhave eternal life. 16 For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son, that whoever believes in Him should not perish but have everlasting life. 17 For God did not send His Son into the world to condemn the world, but that the world through Him might be saved.
18 “He who believes in Him is not condemned; but he who does not believe is condemned already, because he has not believed in the name of the only begotten Son of God.  John 3:14-18 NKJV

Three Sisters.  Easter morning (too many years ago to count)

He is RISEN!

He is Risen INDEED!

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13 Blessings –2013

The blessings that have been added to our heart and home still amaze me when I look into their eyes…

Only God could do all this.

Jeff and I are blessed with 2 daughters, their husbands and a sweet collection of children that make me smile…and sometimes cry.

The lessons we’ve all learned on this journey–the things we’ve heard from their lips, the insight into the heart of God…

Amazing blessings.

In thinking of 2013, I counted these blessings.
Sometimes I may have forgotten that these are blessings, as sometimes life gets a bit overwhelming…and sometimes people tend to not see a blessing ..instead they see a bother…

I recently looked back at the incredible joys of years past, and I saw such evidence of God—and yes, even in the trials and  heartaches, the hand of God was there….keeping us through every situation.

Added to the family this year was “Bubbie” the lamb.  We teasingly said we were giving him to April and David’s boys as a start on the Live Nativity for church next year…so you never know 😉

He’s a cute little lamb…and even though “Mary” didn’t come by the other morning, the little lamb did wander off … (hopefully not to follow anyone to school).

I’ve thought about those missing from our Christmas gatherings this year.  My dear friend Connie Haile spent her first Christmas in heaven, and through her passing, as we went to the house to support Courtney, Mike, Sunny and Jeremy, I met her spiritual mom, Mildred, and met her sister Becky and mother for the second time…and friendships were formed with other “Connie” girls.  Karen and Delores are other girls I’ve added to my “texting” buddy list. (HUGE BLESSINGS)

So even in her passing, she was doing the work of the LORD….bringing hearts with like faith together for strengthening!  As I looked back at the effects of Connie’s life on others–and how she pointed lives to Christ…I realized–that is exactly what I want to do–

Point hearts home.  To Jesus.  To the cross.

Without being able to do that…what would be our purpose?

So, with much prayer in the next few days I am seeking God for the changes and things He desires for 2013…how can I better serve Him?…

As I gear up to be more diligent at blogging…and shouting out to the world about Jesus Christ–through the world-wide-web, I would like to ask you to pray with us.

We desire to seek Him more, serve Him fully and follow Him wherever He leads.

If you don’t mind me asking….

Is God calling you to a specific change for 2013?  A specific place?  A new challenge?

Care to share?

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The First Day of the Last Month of 2011

With the rush of Thanksgiving week behind, as well as the Young Adult Retreat, the job beckoned….for a couple of days, then off to Mother and Grandbuddy’s to care for really big dog and small black cat.  It is at this home I am clicking away at the keys in hopes that the internet service lasts long enough to get the job done. 🙂

There have been so many happenings in our lives of late–it would drive you nuts if I typed them all..suffice it to say, “we’ve been as busy as you have”.

Life brings daily changes.  To all.  We are no exception.  I face the same daily battles and struggles as anyone else…I just have to determine ahead of time, “how to handle said battle”.

My thoughts turned toward Christmas the day I put my tree up.  Not before.  We’ve really been too consumed with work and various other things to “think” ahead much.  On Sunday though, while others were napping, I decided it best to tackle the tree knowing I would be away for several days and wanted to come home to the job completed.
Getting out my ornaments, of course, took me back to the last couple of years.  I put all my special ornaments on the tree, leaving in the boxes those that came prepackaged, prearranged to go with certain color schemes.  In the “downsizing” of life (our choice), the tree nestles quaintly in a corner by the door of my kitchen.  It looks “made” for the spot.  I love it.  Who doesn’t love sitting at a table drinking a cup of coffee with a pretty tree staring back?

As I tackled my tree, my mind went back to some precious faces, who are thought of by several friends of ours almost daily.  I began to wonder how they will celebrate the birth of our Savior?
How do you celebrate the birth of Jesus?  Do you gather with family and friends, digging into gifts wrapped prettily under a decorated tree?
Do you visit with friends that you have had very little time to see over the course of the past year?
Do you talk to the One who came from Heaven’s glories and filled a manger with His flesh to bring you LIFE?

 While you are rushing to work and home again, keep in mind Whose constant eye is on you.

The One who came….the One who gave…
The One who died….the One who LIVES!

The One who will RETURN!

Let us not get bogged down in what to get “who” this year….instead, let’s get our focus on what really matters….

Others.  How would Jesus spend Christmas this year? 

I’m just asking….food for thought.  But I bet (if I were a “better”) that He would want to spend Christmas with just “you”

I want to do something different next year with the blog….

I welcome your thoughts and ideas….(I have a few of my own…but your thoughts really matter to me!)  So… me a note, or send me an e-mail!

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Happy Thanksgiving Y’all!

From our family (grandkids and Scooter) to yours,

Have a blessed and safe
Thanksgiving holiday!

Oh, give thanks to the Lord of lords! For His mercy endures forever…(verse 3)

Psalm 136:1-26 (Read the rest for yourself! It is a great way to begin Thanksgiving Day!)



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Happy Thanksgiving!

Our list of thankfuls could go on and on. Bottom line? God is good. Whether we have deserved it or not, most likely the “not” is the correct term, but He is faithful.

He blessed us with famiLy:

My Mother, my Grandbuddy, my siblings and their spouses and children. Our children. Their spouses and children. Our friends and loved ones that are far stretching this nation! God has multiplied His love to us in countless ways. He has used YOU to do so!

Our blessings are not in “things”, although we rest in a comfortable bed at night. Our blessings are not in food, although we never lack for substance to keep our bodies going strong. Our blessings are not in the material possessions, although I collect books, dust and the occasional bear or snowman. And Jeff collects marbLes. I hope one day if he “feels” as if he’s lost them all, I can empty the jars and show them they are still intact!

Our blessings outnumber the problems that only with God’s help, we have been able to overcome in our lives. He has proven His love over and over in many ways. We are grateful.

On this Thanksgiving Day, we pause to reflect on the wonders of His grace and mercy. Undeserving we are, yet He keeps on loving us and blessing our lives.

Our family table will miss the presence of one darling sister, Wanda. But His table is rejoicing that she is home. Completely well and whole. Her skin is radiant as she reflects His Light and love! Mother, she struggles for breath no longer! Victoria, she will walk up stairs with you! Aimee, we will join her soon! Family members that aren’t ready, prepare yourself. In the moment, any given moment, this life could end. But this living isn’t over. You will live on in either an eternal hell or heaven.

Today is a wonderful day to make your choice and stand firm in His love. Accept His free gift~kneel at the cross~offer your life to Him. Repent of your sins~ask Him to come in and “clean house”. You will never be the same, your life will be forever radically changed, once you make HIM Lord of all.

To my blogging friends, you have no idea how much like family you feel to me! I would love to have you join us for Thanksgiving Day!! My life will never be the same because of your love and encouragement! From e-mails, cards and notes and even a few phone calls—you are all my sisters in this walk of faith! Thank you!

I could not pass this Thanksgiving Week up without thanking Mark. My brother-in-law, who is now my brother. Sort of a Namoi-Ruth story—but with different characters. Our family is your family. Our God is your God and your God ours. We are incredibly thankful for all the ways you have loved our sweet Wanda and the love you have for us. I am thankful that God brought you into our lives and blessed our lives, through you and Wanda with Victoria. And the blessings still come our way. We look forward with great anticipation to what God will bring about in your life in the coming year! We are thankful for the miracle of love. God is good.

Thank you Heather~for hosting these thankful hearts this week! I pray that with each post read, hearts will be strengthened and renewed in faith! God bless you all!

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We interrupt this Bible Study to bring you

a holiday extravaganza! It was a blast!

We had a great day at Aimee’s and I really wish that each of you could have been with us!

The Sister’s of Faith bracelet that Aimee is sharing about are handmade by Susan at Count it all Joy and she is selling them for $10 each! Part of the proceeds of the bracelet’s will go to Boys and Girls Missionary Challenge (BGMC) same as the T-Shirts we sell! Thank you Susan for that awesome contribution to the mission work for children that our missionaries work with!

By the way, in case you were wondering…the fire place behind baby Jake…is fake. No heat was being produced so don’t worry there. Although it is a heater—as well as looking pretty, it was only on for the “looks”. As cool as it was outside….with all us hormonal women in side that one room, we had to turn on the A/C! Believe it!

The slideshow is of Aimee’s house, Rylan was generous with hugs, but he found a special friend in Susan. She captured his heart by looking at his “toy magazine” several times and listening to him!

The LORD is incredibly good to us! Aimee and I want to express our deepest thanks to all of our new sisters! We are nearing the end of our Bible Study, but we hope that you will continue to join us as we continue to seek HIM first and share HIM with others!

We will be embarking on another Bible Study journey in January of 2009! We will announce the new study in December. So….get ready! You have been a sweet blessing in our lives and we are so thankful that you have taken time out each day to be a part of this study. We have loved getting to know each of you!

At the conclusion of this study, we have developed a new blog called “Joined Together”. This one is special and significant in the fact that we, as sisters of faith, are joined together in faith. In love. In the Father of each of our hearts. We are part of the Bride of Christ.

This blog is to share testimonies of what He has done in your life. What we would like to do, is have each one of our dear sisters share a testimony. Be preparing in your heart and mind now what you would like to share with other sisters on the journey of faith.

We will feature one testimony per month. When you get it ready, simple e-mail me (I think all of you have my e-mail address, but to be sure, it is av_knight (at) hotmail (dot) com.) and let me know. I can do one of two things, I can post it for you, or give you a sign-on to do so yourself. If you prefer to share something that you’d rather not have your name on, let me know and we will do so anonymously.

This is meant to encourage others. That no matter how difficult the journey—God will see you through. There are so many that need to know—the battle may get tough, but God is awesome in His power and grace—and He freely gives to those who seek Him and ask! BELIEVE! Have Faith!

Keeping the Faith,


By the way, I posted a little video of Rylan sharing his “wants” for his birthday and Christmas. He felt left out when I talked to each of the ladies in the room and didn’t include him. I am sorry sweet boy! YOU know Nana loves you! (It’s on my blog—Knightly News)

Happy Easter Sisters!

Just posted on Sisters of Faith….Go see!