It is finally HERE….

The last week of camp. It’s with bittersweetness that it ends…except my feet doesn’t agree….my feet are kind of glad. And so is my back…

A DIET is in order too! If Donece was not such a GREAT menu planner and recipe finder…and just all around awesome head cook–I would NOT need a diet after camp. But it is what it is….

You may find YOUR pastor with a totally NEW hair color…

I may not get very many postings done this week—due to suffering from fatigue from the traveling–and then hopping right back into the kitchen to cook for 250 plus kids. BUT it has been an awesome summer. Lives change…bodies and souls fed. New pastors, missionaries and evangelists are in the making…as well as all those who accepted the call to carry Christ to the world right where they live and work–and attend school! (That’s what we are ALL called to do.)

I am sure you are waiting for news of the She Speaks Conference –well, let me just say I was told to put my notebook to the side and process. As God unfolds all I learned and experienced in those 4 days in my heart and soul, I WILL share with you what happened–and the pictures…and the SURPRISE God gave me. OH MY GOODNESS!

Until then, just keep popping back here for a few pictures of the remnants of Youth Camp 2011.

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