Summer Camp 2011

Pieces and Parts of the Last Week of Camp

There is more to life than camp…but we have prayed to impact the lives of all the campers that set their precious feet on these grounds….

Praying we did so.

The slide show at the bottom are snaps of the last week of camp–with just a few from the previous week before I left for She Speaks.

There have been so many things that God has shown me in the “day-to-day” of life.  Some things I have discovered about myself–some things I saw in others.  All things are to be done “as unto Him”.  Too often I have failed in that area.  But He lovingly reminds me–there is a new day.  Thank You Jesus!

I love to see the kids come through the line “excited” about what God is doing in their lives–there were some that came through the line that seemed almost “asleep” standing….  I believe, that if you are excited for Jesus–it draws others to want to know about Him.  (Sometimes, when we have our eyes too much on “us”–we can get a little aggravated at the excitement of others.)  While my personal preference in music varies from many others, I love the fact that I am  FREE in Christ to love all things about HIM!

I have always tried to use my blog–this place where I express my heart, my love for Christ, as a place of encouragement and a witnessing tool–never to hop on a soap box–although I could jump up on one from time to time…I try and keep that away–it doesn’t edify the body of Christ.  So, if you see a picture or two that you don’t quite “get”–or even “like”, just show a little grace.  Remembering that this age is growing up in an era that you nor I experienced.  We were not exposed to the things that they are today–and know that they love Jesus too.  Maybe their style is different than ours, maybe they are louder than what we experience in our churches today–but they love Jesus.  Many are just now getting to know HIS love and mercy in a way they never dreamed possible.  Wow.  To be able to “hear” from their hearts what they experienced from this camp—what a story!

A note to the young people who have friended me on facebook:  Let me hear from you from time to time.  Let me hear what God is doing in your life.  How HE is radically changing the way you think about life–and the things that you once loved…Most of all–let me hear that you carried with you from this camp–a burning desire for MORE of GOD than you ever dreamed possible! 

And let me tell you this:  You’ve only just begun.  As you open your heart and mind to HIM daily–He will blow you away with all the things HE will tell you….and not everyone around you will understand.  But listen, JUST TRUST HIM.  If you say something that you believe–and someone else shares an opposite opinion–it’s not necessary to hash it out right there–BUT TAKE IT TO GOD.  Let HIM direct your path–and your heart and mind.

YOU made an impact on ME.  Just know that.  I love you all! 

Here’s the pictures!

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