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Nothing Wasted

“Where did you go to, if I may ask?’ said Thorin to Gandalf as they rode along.To look ahead,’ said he.And what brought you back in the nick of time?’Looking behind,’ said he.”– J.R.R. TolkienThe Hobbit

Looking ahead is what we do.  For the most part, we all like to know in advance—hoping we can do something about the things we know absolutely nothing about.
It’s like we “think” we need to help God.  Are you kidding me?  You know–you do the same.  I’m not the only one.  
I use the excuse of  “needing to plan ahead”….ha.  The real deal is the fact that we want to know so that we can make alternative plans or ADJUST His plan… That’s the TRUE REAL DEAL.
We want to know so we can “advise God and give Him input…. be careful.  You and I will hear the same speech Job did.  Were we there when He cast the line for the waves to stop?  Were we present when the morning stars sang and all the sons of God shouted for joy–all for Him?  (Read Job 38)
What I’ve been hearing over and over in my heart–through reading The Word and in messages, “trust-and-wait”.  They go together like peas and carrots (Forrest would say).
In the story of our lives, God leaves nothing out. There are things we don’t know- yet- and things we will never know, this side of heaven. (That is where trust comes in…)
We participate in each word, line and punctuation of the details of our lives—as we live it.  Only He knows the advance of our days.  He’s been to our tomorrow and has a sovereign plan—and gives us the opportunity to put faith into action when the punctuation of our story turns to question marks.

Psalms 139:1-6  says:
O Lord, you have examined my heartand know everything about me. You know when I sit down or stand up.You know my thoughts even when I’m far away. You see me when I traveland when I rest at home.You know everything I do.You know what I am going to sayeven before I say it, Lord. You go before me and follow me.You place your hand of blessing on my head.Such knowledge is too wonderful for me,too great for me to understand!

We are held in the promise of His Sovereignty.  We will never—ever face anything that He hasn’t looked and either orchestrated or approved…FOR OUR GOOD.
What does that look like?  Our good may not necessarily be desirous of us on the given day it actually happens…but, I can honestly say, after living 5 decades, it is for our good.  And He is dependable.

I may believe Him for something for more than 10 years…but when the miracle arrives, the years and tears no longer matter.  Like Gandalf, in the story of The Hobbit, He’s looking ahead.  He sees your tomorrow.  And you can stake the promise that when every need arises, He’s there in “the nick of time” for each of us.  

There is no need for us to look behind….unless of course we are counting our blessings

Then, by all means, we should look behind, count them and thank The Giver of Life.


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Where Is Your Focus?

I read something that brought back a bittersweet reminder of my sister, Wanda, this morning….and because you are dear to my heart–and perhaps have a struggle or two of your own, I wanted to take just a minute and share it with you.

II Chronicles 20:12(b) …”neither know we what to do: but our eyes are upon thee.”

I have to tell you, in the instant I read that–after reading all of chapter 20, I “heard” her voice….”I don’t understand….(long pause for struggled breath)....we trusted God.....(another pause–suck in air and strength), “but I still trust Him.”

You know, there have been so many times I didn’t understand what God was doing (okay, clear confession, I RARELY understand)–but I know enough of His amazing power and love–to trust Him. That doesn’t mean that I don’t pause along the journey and ask a question or two…but I join with Ezra (as it is believed he wrote), we may not know what to do in the hardest of circumstances, “but our eyes are upon THEE.”

If the battle is hot before you–and you feel the pressure from the enemy surrounding your life…maybe you even see the dust they’ve kicked up from riding into your life–

lock your eyes on Him.  Our Savior.

The Lord came in to bring deliverance–to fight the battle for them–but read back at the beginning of the chapter to see what got God’s attention.  It surely wasn’t the fact that they continued doing their every day deal—“walking in oblivion to God”–

Jehoshaphat feared and set himself to seek the LORD–proclaiming a fast (II Chronicles 20:3).

Through the voice of Jahaziel, the LORD spoke to the people and told them “the battle is not yours, but God’s”.  

I’ve heard many people quote that verse–“just stand still–the battle is not yours”….but let me remind US all…

their preparation before the battle was what got GOD’S attention.


I’m afraid too often we want to carry on just like we have done– day after day–and expect God to just come in on our grounds, on our terms, and cooperate with us. Ha!

I can just imagine the expression of incredulity that passes the angel’s faces as they look at our pitiful selves trying to “go it alone” and get it all accomplished…(oh, all for His name sake of course)…leaving out the very One who gives us the breath we breathe  Let’s not forget that.

My heart cries out to Him today for the places in our lives where we have shut Him out…

for those of us who think–“the battle is too hot…we may as will throw in the towel”…

Friend, don’t do that.

A year or so ago, I had learned that someone I knew very well had decided to walk away from ministry…from the very voice of God.  It broke my heart–I wept–not understanding how they could possibly do that.

Since that day–I’ve learned–there are battles we face as believers in Christ that can become so incredibly intense and overwhelming that the enemy of our soul– leans in and whispers—“it’s too much.  Why don’t you go back to the simple way of living.  Why bother with all of this–you are only wearing  yourself out!  Go back to just worrying about yourself–stop fretting over all these other people”….

Well, you know exactly that is what he wants you to do…”stop”.  Recognize that raspy voice for who and what it is.  The enemy.  The pure stinkin’ devil.  He is set out to destroy you and me–he wants to stop you cold in your tracks–and keep you from doing what God has CREATED YOU FOR.

Do you want to shut the enemy up?  Write this down, or copy paste this and print it and STICK it to your mirror—READ IT OUT LOUD.

“I can do all things through CHRIST which stengtheneth me.  (Philippians 4:13) and BECAUSE HE GIVES ME STRENGTH, I forget those things which are behind me–I reach toward what is before me–and I PRESS TOWARD the mark for the prize of the high calling of God in Christ JESUS.” (Phil. 3:13-14 paraphrased)

Don’t stop.  Don’t sit down.  We are getting close to the finish line.  Be steadfast in your journey.

When the enemy starts his talk…YOU START YOURS.

But do it OUT LOUD.  He does NOT have the ability to read your mind…all he can do is plant things there–and he knows he has succeeded when he sees your reactions…and when he hears your negativity–and when he sees you SIT DOWN.

There is no sitting down in the battle.  As I would tell my girls if they stayed too long in the bed on a Saturday when there was work to be done…. “Get your butt up and get busy!”

(Wow.  I cannot believe I just said that to you!…but really.  Get up.  We can’t win this sitting down.  WE MUST FIGHT.)

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TRUST IN GOD (Part 2 of a 3 Part Series)

TRUST:  (2)  Confident expectation of something; hope.  (According to

We like plans and programs.  The tangible–the touchable–real or actual, rather than imaginary or visionary. 

Trust is something we can’t see–we must rely on Who is invisible.  We expect Him to be on time–every time–IN OUR TIME.

We like to orchestrate the events of our lives ourselves, not wanting to depend too much on someone else–having our own ideas and thoughts–and desiring “our” plans to be the plans to succeed!

That kind of trusting is not the REAL trusting sort that God has in mind for His own.  I learned this lesson…as most all lessons…the hard way.

After Wanda passed away in February of 2008, God began to realign my faith.  Securing it with strength and force that the winds of doubt could not disturb it’s foundations.

I began to allow Him to show me “me” with a fresh look–one that saw through everything.  I saw all the things in my life that I had allowed to consume me.  Things that were actually “draining” on my faith.  Can you feel the pain that was involved in this?  Yes it hurt to see the me I had allowed myself to become.

Up to this point, I could tell you more about CSI, Bones, or House than I could Abraham, Isaac or Jacob.  The secular books on my shelves outnumbered the faith inspired testimonies of others.  The catchy tunes on the radio reverberated their life stealing voices in my head all day long–those were the voices of the stagnant life following after selfish flesh.

I was sick of being as the song says, “Stirred but not changed”.  I want to share the lyrics with you by Lanny Wolfe.  (I could not find it on YouTube but found the lyrics on another blogger site!)  The song is found at the bottom of this post.  But that was me—tired of being stirred in my heart for a bit—but then the reality of dishes and laundry and I soon forgot the soul stirring Wind that had passed my way.  Until “that” day.

That day I drove home–(just a few weeks after Wanda’s passing)–after work and talked to Jesus the whole way home.  I wanted more of Him in my life.  Active.  I repented for not being as dedicated as I knew I should be.  I repented for having conversations with Him only when I had a need or a burden.  He desired a daily conversation–He desired that I would KNOW HIM. And through knowing Him–that I would make Him known.  That’s the mission statement of our home church, “To Know Him~To Make Him Known”.

I had given my life to God when I was a teenager.  Made mistakes—scraped my knees—laid my life for Christ on a back burner—and then fell on my face before Him years later.  Fully giving Him all I had.  Trouble is, the troubles of life sometimes cause us to be consumed with us.  That was at least my trouble at times. 

See, I like to fix things.  As a matter of fact, I’d rather fix it myself than ask someone else.  That too was my trouble.  Jesus Christ came so that we might have life–and have it more abundantly—and He wants to be the FIXER in our life troubles.  He wants us to TRUST Him enough to give it all up to Him.  Since “human beings” had let me down…that was an area I have had trouble with.

On the day that became “that day” in my heart–I remember coming in the door, meeting Jeff in the living room, standing in front of him and stating, very matter-of-factly, “My life is about to take on some major changes.  I cannot be as I have been and grow in God.  I cannot live as I have lived and grow in God.  And growing in God–and being used of Him is of utmost importance in my life.” 

I don’t really know what I expected—but Jeff’s life didn’t change right then, and it was hard sometimes to not sit with him night after night watching TV when I had always spent my “down-time” doing just that—you know—to “relax and unwind”.  Who are we kidding?  We are really filling our minds with things that hinder the growth of God in our lives!  (I’m very serious–and you might not like it, and you might not come back here–but I may as well tell you how it is with me.)

I won’t say that I never watch TV.  I do–just not a steady diet.  I guard myself–my mind, my heart–because I know exactly where the devil attacks my mind.  And with what.  I remember feeling in my heart a message God was trying to get through to me.  “There are things to extract from your life in order for your faith to fully grow.”  The extractions came, it seemed without Novocain.  Some are still taking place.  Again, without Novocain.

So—I began.  Coming before Him–allowing Him to extract–remove–replace.  Seeking Him diligently, not knowing the full journey–but the churning and burning in my spirit would not leave. 

In the fall-winter of 2009 the urgency picked up speed.  I went to Jeff one day after work and told him that I felt God was releasing me from my job.  Changing the path I was currently on was a major shift in my financial, emotional and spiritual walk.  Not necessarily in that order.  This was the longest prayed over decision of my entire life.  I sought God daily–fasted and prayed.  It was during my first fast of 5 days in January that I felt God answer the 3 questions I had posed to Him—for direction-clarity-and faith.  You also need to know that before that fast in January–God gave me a serious message.

I need to back up just a bit and give you that message.  I shared it when I spoke on Mother’s Day and I have shared it with a few others individually.  In November, early one morning–in the first few days of the month, as I was showering before work, I was having a conversation in my head with God.  It went something like this.  Well–actually, it went “exactly like this”.

“Father, if I leave my job in the first week of January, then I will be able to receive the pension plan portion that the firm puts into the account each year.”  (I completely forgot that they had cancelled the pension plan that very year!)  And I can draw out what I have and pay off this bill, and this bill and this bill.”  There.  I paused in my “mind-prayer” as I was shampooing my hair–and God spoke to the core of my heart.

“Angie.  If you’ve got it all figured out–what do you need Me for?”

At this point, I was done shampooing/rinsing and was squalling like a baby.  I felt the instant hit in my heart from “my plans”–and that fact that I was doing the planning and had not fully given it all up to Him.  I fell out of the shower and onto my face before Him.  Grabbing my robe around me, I began to weep and pray and talk to God out loud as I circled the living room–repenting of my “planning” His direction and call on my life.  When He’s calling the shots in your life—He allows no suggestions from the side lines.  Either you trust Him all the way or you don’t.  There is no middle ground.

I was late for work that day–for I had to get myself prayed through over what I had thought in my heart.  I left the entire planning up to Him.  That is exactly why the leaving my job didn’t take place until March.  But He knew when it would be all along.  He just wanted me to TRUST Him.  Can I tell you I learned a lesson that day?  Again, the hard way.

And now—for the song–if you call me on the phone, I will sing it to you:

“Often times my heart has been stirred by the things that I have heard,
’bout so many who have never heard God’s word,
and though tears would fill my eyes all to soon I’d realize
though my hearts been stirred my life has not been changed.

I’m so tired of being stirred about the lost who need to hear.
I’m so tired of being stirred that His coming is so near;
I’m so tired of being stirred till I cry bitter tears.
I’m so tired of being stirred but not being changed.”

Have I heard it for so long that He’s just another song?
Has the story lost its thrill that I once knew?
Lord, give me a burden that’s so strong,
That it will last when my tears are gone.
I’m tired of what I’ve been. Lord, make me over again.

I’m so tired of being stirred about the lost who need to hear.
I’m so tired of being stirred that His coming is so near;
I’m so tired of being stirred till I cry bitter tears.
I’m so tired of being stirred but not being changed.”

But this time Lord change me let the work begin just now,
this time Lord change me please change me some how,
this time Lord change me let my life be rearranged,
I’m so tired of being stirred but not being changed.”

I sang this to Him this week.

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Trust IN God (Part One of a Three part series)

Do we?  Fully?  Trust Him?

Several years ago, when my sister, Wanda’s daughter was not even a year old–Wanda became very sick.  According to the doctor on her case, at the point of death.  He offered very little hope.  The changes he made in her medication made things even worse.  With her blood pressure dropping to the low thirties and her breathing very labored, talking was impossible.  Prayer on the other hand, was not.

I remember the room in Tallahassee Memorial Hospital being very large, enough to accommodate her bed, the equipment, and 9 of us.  The family.  The blood of Christ flowing in our veins making us family for those where not actual “kin”.  When hopes were dashed upon the rocks of life, we clung to the cross on the hill.

While we listened to the doctor state the facts as he saw them, my mother adamantly requested Wanda’s childhood physician be notified.  The very one who had seen her from the onset of discovery of her heart condition.  The doctor, not taking my mother as serious as he should have, stated that “his notification of her condition would not change the facts.”  He then went on to suggest alternative medications–although not giving hope of them working.

The sister (chainsaw) anger in me was rising up.  This was long before my hormones came in to play…(he should be thankful).  With my face reddened, my fists clenched, I stated louder than necessary, causing my mother to stare, “You will not make my sister a guinea pig!”  Just a few more moments of discussion ensued, the air in the room stiff and as labored as Wanda’s breathing.  The doctor standing to leave, shaking his head, obviously could not imagine why we were acting thus, surely at this point in Wanda’s life, we had to know that it could not last. 

Yet we held on to a faith that he could not see.  In One greater than he supposed himself to be.  Faith and trust in a God that is Sovereign.

As we began to seek God with fresh urgency after the doctor left, with hands lifted and hearts beckoning God to be present and give us a sign of His working—all things for our good. 

The door opened.  In walked the Doctor, in physical form, and with him came a spiritual ignition for our faith and trust!  The atmosphere in the room instantly changed!  It seemed as if all the hot air of the enemy had been pushed out the window and in GUSHED the fresh air of the Holy Spirit!  (Isaiah 59:19)

I saw the expression on my mother’s face change instantly.  Relief washed over her like a clean waterfall gushing it’s cool freshness down a mountain side.  The situation was re-examined.  Suggestions offered–decisions made.  We left for Gainesville.  Praying all the way.  Beseeching God.  Surely, God would not have given this long dreamed of –prayed for–baby to this woman only to take her life after just a few short months of motherhood.  Indeed not.  Our TRUST in God secure as the dawning of the next day’s sun.

If you know anything about us, or our story, you know that all turned out exactly as God planned.  Her life was just the number of days as God set forth from the beginning.  (Job 14:5 “You have decided the length of our lives. You know how many months we will live, and we are not given a minute longer.”)  The next few years with her precious gift were a sweet blessing–captured in a bottle of time.  Giving God daily praise for each breath!

Trust secure. 

Is ours?  When the checkbook gets into the single digits are we secure in Him?  In His care for us?
When the bread box contains only 2 end slices…does our stomach growl in mock hunger?  When the fabric of our faith wears thin, where is our trust?  In Him?  Or in what we can see.

Do we say “I trust You LORD even when:

  • the children get sick
  • the hours at work are cut
  • the promotion is given to someone else
  • the husband cheats
  • the child rebels
  • the loved one dies

Do we trust God ONLY when things are going our way?  Or—are we in it for the long haul?

Is our faith securely clamped onto God when our family becomes part of a group of statics of the divorce rate among Christians?  Or, of unwed mothers; alcoholics; or a runaway-prodigal child.

If it seems your trust slips at the points of sever tension–know this:  Jesus Christ is there to realign your faith in Him.  To bolt your faith so securely to Him–adjust your vision and focus to Him–and not on your seemingly insurmountable circumstances.  Remain in HIM.

For your reading today:  Read and visualize the story of Noah.  Genesis chapters 6-8

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Encounter with Jesus

Every Tuesday passes pretty much the same. But today, it didn’t just pass. This Tuesday became the day I met Jesus. Really.

I was sitting at my desk…you know the one with the incessant ringing of the phone. And the ordinary happenings were happening all around me. People coming and going, bosses being bossy. Client’s being met and ushered to the inner sanctum where the clock ticker begins.

From my desk I have a view of the front walk and most of the parking lot. I noticed the Pepsi Cola truck pull in as it usually does on Tuesday, driven by a pretty cool dude named Larry.

Larry and I have short conversations where we cram as much “hey, how are you—how’s your family” every visit. I enjoy talking with Larry. I threatened him that if he ever quit driving, we’d start shopping at Sam’s for our cola’s! He’s the best driver we’ve ever had. Polite. Kind. Fast and efficient.

So you can imagine my surprise when in walks this “strange dude”. Complete with his Pepsi logo clothing and pushing the hand trucks with the order I had placed the previous day, he nodded a polite hello. This is not Larry (I said to myself), but not wanting to seem too hormonal and upset by this change of personnel, I exclaimed, “good afternoon!”

“Have you delivered before?” I said this on the off chance that he had delivered on a day that I was out, knowing almost without doubt he had not.

“No I haven’t, where do you want the drinks?”

“Straight into the kitchen please. Put them on the shelf in the closet in the corner. Thanks!” With the kitchen right next to my office (handy, huh), I said loud enough for him to hear me, “where is Larry?” I sure was hoping he wasn’t about to tell me that he had been laid off! I would most certainly call and complain!

He said something I totally did not understand except one word…”mucho”…something something something.

Then he asked me from the closet, “did you understand what I said?”

“Well, only one word”, was my reply. “Mucho”.

I didn’t take a foreign language in school…and there are days, I can barely speak understandable English.

He came out and gave me the English version of what he had said. “Larry is very sick.”

Okay. That I can understand. At least he stayed home.

The Pepsi driver continued to chat about sickness and swine flu and problems in general and I was mostly listening and then he stood right in front of me, where I had full view of his name tag hanging from the lanyard around his neck. “Jesus”.

In Spanish, there’s an accent mark on the “u.” It’s pronounced “heh-SOOS”. But of course, you know me…I read Jesus. Not MY JESUS, but I read Jesus without thinking of the individual. Until his next statement came out.

“What is this world going to?”

Well the REAL JESUS knows what this world is coming to (notice he said “going” and I answered him with that reference). I almost “an end”…it’s coming to an end as we now know it. But I listened closely as he repeated his question. “What’s this world going to?”

I looked at him, with his name tag pronounced, “heh-SOOS” and solemnly stated, “well, some of us are going to heaven, and then some of us are not.” I waited for his response.

“Well, I do believe in heaven, but I believe that we are having to live our hell on earth. I see so many people with so many problems. So hard. Such bad things. I believe that is our hell.”

He had moved over to the door now, ready to make his exit. I was simply shocked into a stupor that here in the Bible Belt of the United States, standing in our office was someone that didn’t believe in a literal hell.

I said with all seriousness, “you are right, many people do endure hard things. We all have tests and trials to endure, but I promise you this is not our hell. There is a literal hell.”

He quickly changed the subject to sports and news as he opened the door to leave. I was still in such a shock that not one single Bible verse came to my mind! Not one! Not even Genesis 1:1 or John 3:16!

For crying out loud! I was so mad! (At myself)

As soon as he closed the door, I was struck with the thought, here was this Jesus (pronounced heh-SOOS) and he apparently knew nothing of the teachings of MY JESUS! My heart broke, my eyes filled. I also thought to myself, maybe as a slight consolation, a scripture didn’t come, because maybe it wasn’t necessary….. for this time.

But you can bet (not that I bet) I will be ready should this particular Pepsi dude walk through our office door again.

By the way, I found SEVERAL references —I’m listing only this one, but I really want some feed back. Share some of your stuff! What would you say to someone who does not believe in hell, but rather believe’s we are “living it” here on earth.

Mark 9:43-44 says, “If your hand causes you to sin, cut it off. It is better for you to enter into life maimed, rather than having two hands, to go to hell, into the fire that shall never be quenched– where ‘Their worm does not die And the fire is not quenched.’ “ NKJV The next few verses have the same reference hell and unquenchable fire.

Folks, I have such a desire in my heart to see changes in ME and those around me. I want more of God! I want to tell more—show more of Christ than ever before! It’s in my heart and it’s got to come out!

Come on. Tell me your thoughts… share some stuff—some WORD!

(Name tag from Denise Oldham)

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Two for the Price of One!

(These feet don’t stink)

Snoring and Stinky Feet

My sister, Aimee told me a little story of when she was working at the hospital (on the baby floor), a woman and her husband was in their room after she had given birth the night before, and when Aimee came on shift she said the whole floor stunk. She said it smelled like “collards cooking”. Everyone was complaining. They couldn’t find the source.

So Aimee set out like a huntin’ dog on a scent. She found the source. Lying on a couch in his wife’s room lay a tuckered out workin’ man—snoring loud enough to wake the dead…and with feet and leather boots stinky enough to kill ’em all over again!

Miss Fix-it found a bag to put said stinky boots in and tied the knot tight. When the wife roused from her sleep—she explained that they were “smelling so bad, it might upset your stomach when your supper gets here.” The sleeping giant of a husband never even skipped a snore. Kept right on sawing the veritable logs.

Well, that was your funny for the day. It was an old story from Aimee’s hospital days…but made me laugh. Maybe it did you too!


Strength from Pain.

Several months ago, I felt a twinge of emotional pain being inflicted from an outside source. I stood there —asking the Lord, why—-“Why would You make me face this? When so much is already going on? Why? Then He said to my heart—“he is having to deal with what he has done. He will have to face his decisions. It may be hard on you…but your strength comes from Me.”

While I fully realize that any strength I have comes from my Father, I also know that I can’t avoid the pain. He gives us strength to endure the pain. Every single kind of pain.

I had to have blood drawn last year for a simple cholesterol check. My regular nurse—the one that KNOWS how difficult it is getting blood from me and HOW TO DO IT WITHOUT KILLING ME had a baby and was not there. So —I got this little chick—who said—“oh it’ll be easy, I’ll just leave the blood pressure cuff on”. Yeah right.

So while the blood pressure cuff is cutting off the circulation to my hand, and sweet young nurse is tapping the inside of my arm to get a vein to pop up and say “here I am—stick me please”….I am thinking of Wanda. And how many times she was poked and prodded. How she endured needle after needle, blood draw after blood draw. Year after year.

She was given strength. To endure the pain. The pain wasn’t removed from her life just because she was a sweet precious child of the Father. But He gave her unimaginable strength to keep going.

That’s what He does for us. As we face trials and problems, situations that just knock us down, the Lord lifts up our weary body, brushes us off, cleans us up….sometimes even has to do a little “garment repair”—when we act out of character for our calling. I have had garment repair. In years past, my mouth got me in a world of trouble. WHEN I am not careful it still does.

So with caution I stand. Willing—unsure of my ability, but very sure of His ability.

Your strength and my strength, comes from Him. Yes, you may have to endure the pain of the drawing of blood….but He will strengthen your soul. He strengthens my soul.

Bless the Lord,
O my soul,
and all that is within me;
Bless His Holy Name!


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The Reality of the Vision

Have you been struggling? I have.

Am I in the boat alone?

In my devotion this morning I read “yesterday’s” AGAIN—before I picked up today’s lesson for me. (We’ll cover today’s on another day…maybe tomorrow.)

I use the word “lesson” because, that’s what it has been of late. Lessons. From HIM to me.

I even put off sharing this…simply because I thought—well maybe they don’t want to hear about this…(I sure didn’t). I mean, really. I thought that once I reached a certain AGE…things would be different. Challenges wouldn’t be so challenging… (Huh. Did it work for YOU?— I thought not.)

Isaiah 35:7 says, “The parched ground shall become a pool, and the thirsty land springs of water;”

Do you ever FEEL parched? Dry?

I have–even recently. I have been battling this out, calling it this…calling it that…struggling in my own mind—and then yesterday, the words from Oswald Chambers in my devotional “My Utmost for His Highest” said this:

“We always have visions before a thing is made real. When we realize that although the vision is real, it is not real in us, then is the time that satan comes in with his temptations, and we are apt to say it is no use to go on.”

I read and chewed. The man wrote this –no telling how long ago—but it fits the heartbeat of so many of us today!

Further down, “God gives us the vision, then He takes us down to the valley to batter us into the shape of the vision, and it is in the valley that so many of us faint and give way. Every vision will be made real if we have patience.”

I know there are many (maybe even you reading this) that has a vision or dream that you feel God has placed within your heart. Something that often seems too heavy or great to bear. A calling on your heart and life to “go” to the unknown. See the yet unseen. And to teach…perhaps the seemingly unteachable.

I don’t know what this devotion does for you today, but I say this, don’t give up on the vision He has given you. If your heart is feeling dry and parched, remember He promised the thirsty lands of your heart will become a pool…springs of living water—enough to feed the thirsty souls of others!

The “battering” it out in the valley can be discouraging…(I am there), but sister—and brother, YOU are not alone there! He is with YOU! He is with ME!

After the valley of shaping—the vision will become a reality.

Habakkuk 2:3 (New King James Version)

For the vision is yet for an appointed time; But at the end it will speak, and it will not lie. Though it tarries, wait for it; Because it will surely come, It will not tarry.


Photo taken from our weekend mini-retreat. Jeff, Max and me. Sunrise over Silver Lake.