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Today, February 1st

It begins.  Not that it ever ended–but today is a day like Frederick Buechner described:

  “Joy is a mystery because it can happen anywhere, anytime, even under the most unpromising circumstances, even in the midst of suffering, with tears in its eyes….” ― Frederick Buechner

For the last eight years, I’ve found joy amidst sadness.  “The sad” tries to horn in on the joy in our daily giving of gratitude to God for His faithful love and ever Present Self.  Don’t mistake this post or this month of beautiful February as a month to mourn.  It’s not.  It IS a month to celebrate life, love, faith and sisters!

After my sister Wanda left for her eternal home, several realities hit.  I needed to live, as never before, to make a difference.  To impact another life for God, and  help someone lost find “Home”…. “heaven”…. to introduce them to Jesus Christ–my Savior… with every mission trip–and trip to Walmart–I  hope I do.  It’s my goal.  But there are days–just like some recent ones–where the goal wasn’t on my mind.  Instead the focus was — “get in–get out–get home”.  I bet you have days like that too.  It’s okay–as long as you know at the end of that day, God is still real whether you felt His breath on your face or you felt alone.  And He still loves you and has a plan for your life.

Several weeks ago another friend left for her eternal Home.  She left behind a precious sister and dear brother and my heart wept for them and I prayed for them because I knew what the days might look like ahead for them.  For the sister, I knew there would be countless times she would pick up the phone to call her sister and tell her a funny, or to vent, or rant…. and to check on her.  And that every time she sees socks, she will think of her–Christmas or not.

We do that with purple.  Anything purple makes us remember Wanda.

Our sister Wanda loved the color.  It was the final dress she wore.  A beautiful shade of purple that was unlike any I had seen.  It was my favorite suit on her–that’s why Aimee and I chose it.  Wanda looked regal in it.  Well, to us, she looked regal in everything!

After Wanda passed away, Aimee and I began celebrating purple–(and I can’t remember exactly how it all came about) –but it started with a beautiful cake a friend made to celebrate Wanda’s birthday and I had ordered about 2 dozen dark purple t-shirts.  “Sisters of Faith” with her favorite verse, Psalms 27:14.

We absolutely celebrate every day.  We wear something purple–even if it’s just earrings!  And we enjoy the life God has blessed us with and we celebrate with joy–the fact that He gave us a precious sister like none other and we will have a blessed reunion one day in heaven.  It’s a fact.

So, if you are blessed with a sister, or a dear friend that you feel is a sister–CELEBRATE her!

Celebrate your faith in God and the hope we have–and the love and life He’s given!

Celebrate life!  Celebrate with purple!  🙂

We will.

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Reflection of a Heart Like His

For Wanda’s birthday I want to share with you something written by a dear friend, who has to remain nameless due to the fact she lives in another country–and they do not take kindly to Christians–to say the least.

Dear Angie,

You and your family remain in my thoughts and prayers through this difficult time. Although Wanda and I were not intimate friends, I did feel as though I had come to know her over the years. I had the greatest
respect and admiration for her consistent demonstration of abiding faith and trust in the face of what many of us would consider to be overwhelming adversity. 

Despite years of pain and trial, she managed to retain a special sweetness I shall never forget.

After I received the news, I spent much of the evening pondering the indescribable profundity of Wanda’s absolute simplicity and straightforward sincerity. 
She did not strive to be a flashy dresser, a vivacious social butterfly, or a dazzlingly erudite conversationalist. She did not seek the spotlight; she did not pursue praise or adulation. In a world where the surface is so often valued over the core, where the cover is prized more than the content, Wanda always seemed to me to be a ray of almost translucent purity and faith.

She leaves behind no record of artistic or intellectual genius; instead, she leaves for an adoring family and loving friends the memories they will never forget: memories of faith, hope, patience, sacrifice, determination, and a never-ending quest to know and fulfill God’s will on this earth. Perhaps,
after all, that is an even greater and more valuable legacy for us all. 



 Then days later she wrote again:

Dear Angie, “Over the last few days, I have really been meditatingon the miracle of Wanda’s life. She lived … truly,truly LIVED … the example that many of us talkabout. She did a lot of walking and not much talking.Or should I say that she let her walking do thetalking. I feel blessed and humbled to have known herat all….”

As I re-read these words from 2008, I reflected on my own life–I’ve heard preachers say often, “our lives are our testimony  -and it’s from that we preach our own funeral”…. I stop and think…what am I saying?  What are my actions revealing?

What about yours?  Do you ever ponder what your life is revealing about you? 

I know I have seen facebook posts that hurt my heart.  I’m not talking about the ones that are blatantly “sin”…I don’t have or subscribe to that–I’m talking about those “life revealing” posts and pictures.  The ones that reveal what is in our inner most thoughts– whether the picture reveals smiles or steely eyes.  

The heart reflects our walk.  Our walk talks for us.  Whether you tip-toe in high heels or stomp around in cowboy boots–or flip in flip-flops. The walk is talking.

What is the reflection He sees when He sees us?…. Just something to ask ourselves in the coming days…

I know Wanda’s life has blessed all who truly knew her–and I know that we will be joined again in our eternal home…every time we gather as family and talk about this–we get more ready to be there…

But until then, there’s much to do here!

Carry on!

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Connie Wilson Haile–a life–a testimony

Her words rang in my heart this morning…

“I’m going home….(breathe)….I’m going home…. (breathe), I can’t wait.”

After the talks we had had over the past few months–phone–texts–and in her living room–I knew what she meant.

Peace bathed her countenance, although you could tell the last few days had dealt a blow–she was focused. Mind fixed and guarded.

She taught hundreds to do the same.  Fix your mind.

When fighting the enemy the way Connie Wilson Haile had, for the past many years–she had learned a few of his (the enemy’s) maneuvers.  She watched close her own life.  She gave The Holy Spirit full authority to guard, keep and protect all that she gave to Jesus….and when she gave her life to Him…she gave Him all.

Many people will bear a heartache over this special friends’ passing, but once we wipe our eyes, we should look to the heavens, and know that God is getting us ready for Christ’s return.  It’s soon.  Connie would say-

-“fix your mind on what God wants YOU to do.  She would remind you that when you SUBMIT to God…and resist the devil…he will flee.
He has to.
Connie would remind us to trust in the LORD with all our hearts–don’t lean on what we think–see or understand–not to be moved by what we see in the natural… that we should–…in all our ways— acknowledge HIM…and HE will direct our paths.  She would remind us that God does not give us the spirit of fear–that comes from the enemy–HE, God, gives us power over the enemy–through the very Word inspired.
She would remind us that God is our refuge–and strength–a VERY PRESENT help in times of trouble.” 

Family, friends of Connie, GOD IS YOUR REFUGE.  Run to Him.

My sister, Wanda, had a favorite verse– Psalm 27:14  “Wait on the LORD: be of good courage, and He shall strengthen thine heart:  wait, I say, on the LORD.”

Those words reminds me of Connie’s walk with God.  She never stopped believing for her miracle.  She got it today.  This afternoon she sparkled and shown all the way to glory.

That might not have been what the natural eye saw, but if you paused in the room and looked for the spiritual, you would see glitter on the faces surrounding the bed. While it may have seemed to be tears…it was really glitter–paving the way for her to move on the her heavenly home.  The one she was telling me about this morning.  The one she and I had talked of before…

Fix your mind.  Fix it hard and fast on Jesus Christ.  His return is soon–and His Bride will be a prepared and ready Bride.  Connie would remind you of this–and to stay steady.

Many times I heard her say, “I will live and not die–and I will declare the glories of God”.

She did live.  To the fullest!  And she declared His glories all the way Home.  Her death here was just a change of address.  Her body stayed–but her spirit soared.

Our prayers are with the family of Connie Wilson Haile.  She won.  God is glorified.

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Thank you, to my sweet friend, Nancy, who gladly modeled our new shirts!

We are thrilled with our new shirts!

Why the new shirt you may ask?…

When we first designed the little purple T-shirts with the logo, Sisters of Faith and Wanda’s favorite Bible verse, it was to raise money for BGMC and remember our sister, Wanda. We had them made in time for the first birthday she celebrated with Jesus in heaven! We wore them proudly and were so excited that so many wanted these little purple shirts. That year for her birthday in heaven (2008), we also made February 28/29 our “Annual Celebrate Purple Day”.

I began thinking this past week…Sisters of Faith is so much more than just celebrating the life of one dear sister–or 3 sisters that loved each other with all their hearts…

It’s so much more.

It’s about ALL God’s daughters. ALL colors. ALL nationalities. ALL sizes. No matter where you come from–no matter who your earthly parents are–IF YOU LOVE JESUS and have asked Him to be your Savior–changing your heart and life forever–WE ARE SISTERS OF FAITH!

That’s the reason for the new shirt. It’s about US. ALL of us. EVERY SINGLE ONE of US, JESUS LOVING GIRLS!

The colors “hot pink”, brilliant purple, and lime green, represent the lives of many. The life of any woman–or girl–any age who believes in Jesus Christ as her LIFE CHANGER.

That’s what He’s done in my life. He came in–changed me forever. Not just rearranged–there was MANY things that needed REMOVING. He removed the unnecessary and those things that would hinder–and made me new!

SO–if you would like a shirt, for those that can come get it–or see me at church, it’s $15 for sizes Small to X-large ($18 for any size above X-Large) and the cut of the shirt is a full cut–so it doesn’t fit tight.  Pictured is a size small on my friend, Nancy. If you need it mailed, add $4 for shipping and handling. All proceeds go to Missions for this year.  Make all checks payable to Grace Assembly of God.

What are the mission projects? Well, so far the missions team has made a trip to Rainbow City, AL for clean up–with another trip scheduled for July 7-9. A trip to Joplin, MO is in the planning stages to transport supplies for those in such heartbreaking need.  We are also headed (God willing and nothing changes) to Bolivia in September.

I have had a few ask me about the destination I was supposed to go to this past March–that was postponed due to the uprising (still can’t mention the name online)–and the trip is still on–just waiting on some country details to get worked out…(So continue to pray for those that we will minister to there.)

District Council and Camp meeting is going on this week –and life is most busy for a certain precious man.  VERY BUSY. Pray for Jeff.  It only gets busier as the summer progresses.

Okay–that’s about it for today…believe it or not, it actually took me 3 days to get this one done–had several interruptions–

Isn’t that like life…full of interruptions?  We just learn to adjust and keep rolling. 🙂

Have a blessed week!

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Sisters Retreat 2010

The 2010 Sisters Retreat was great fun!! A relaxing–special time with sisters in Christ!

Hearts were shared–memories made–tears were shed–and friendships forged.

God was good.

I regret not having my camera on hand at all! I took these pictures the first day we arrived and didn’t pick it up again until I saw the butterfly that seemed to be “following” me around! Right into a store at Pier Park on the beach.

I wish everyone that had expressed interest could have joined us–but I know that there are so many activities that are going on in everyone’s life! It’s just a busy time of year! I totally understand.

This was the largest “Sister’s Retreat”–with each condo being a small group of sisters to themselves. That was neat. Devotions and fellowship being shared as small groups and then coming together in the “Club House” of Landmark Condominiums on the beach for our time of sharing and singing—and eating. Of course you can’t have a retreat without eating…can you??

I hope all the ladies had a great time, I know our group did. God orchestrated everything down to the last detail. When we put our “all” in…He returns so much more! More than you can imagine!

When we lay EVERYTHING down that hinders–or otherwise has your mind so occupied as to prevent you from entering into His place of worship–He then replaces that with His powerful Spirit and Presence!

Love you girls! Hope your week is fully blessed!

In case you wonder….

I think God may ask “YOU” to host your own sister’s retreat RIGHT WHERE YOU ARE! 

Try it.  Invite 3 or 4.  See what God does when you put HIM as first in the midst….

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The BEST Sisters of Faith RETREAT YET is coming in OCTOBER!

  • Want more of God in your life?
  • Want to connect with some awesome sisters of faith? 
  • Do you need victory over situations?
  • Need refreshing in your spirit and soul?

(Please read this post in it’s entirety for complete details on the retreat-if you plan to attend, you will need to NOTIFY me immediately. THEN send your $$ into Susan)
The retreat is has been changed–the dates are still
October 7-9–just relocated!
Panama City Beach, Florida

As you know–with the economy–and so many being financially strained–I had been really concerned about the retreat being held here.  I felt uneasy-although I only shared that with a few–not to stress anyone–fully expecting God to work out HIS Will and Purpose for us. I had just not quite settled it in my spirit of having it here. It sounded logical–even good on paper. It sounded wonderful to even think of the possibility of filling this place for Jesus. But the feeling of uneasiness would not leave.

I asked some to begin to pray.  Certain that God would answer.

In April of this year I began a 21 day fast. It was for 2 reasons. The mission trip I am to join in July required it. But I also did it for the speaking that God lined up for me to do for Mother’s Day and for next Saturday (June 5–pray please)

AFTER the time of prayer and fasting was over (this was tough–spiritually and physically) I came to the calm sweet knowledge from the Lord–that the requirements I was putting on myself were not HIS. They were of my own doing.

He has not called me to host a retreat for thousands. (I am grinning here) (He doesn’t put more on us than we can carry or do.)

He simply reminded me of my passion. Reaching and loving on a few.

Thus, A Sisters Retreat is reborn. A time away to pray, fellowship–share the joys of the journey–and the pain. I have some ideas that I have thought of–but I learned during this fast–when I had gone without food–and had sought God for HIS purpose and plan–that I needed to GIVE UP my agenda to HIM. I couldn’t follow anyone else’s plan–it had to be ALL GOD.

When I felt in my spirit that we would have a retreat (I had actually told the LORD that we could just cancel it–but He had other plans)–I began to seek HIM for the where–and the how.

Where: Panama City Beach, Landmark Condominiums

How much: For each of us– it is $34 (plus tax) each for the weekend. Each person is responsible for their own food, etc. We have a limit of 48 guests–and the spaces are already filling!

You have until June 19 to get the registration fee in to us.
Don’t wait until June 19 to mail it.  
If we don’t have it in before the deadline,
we cannot place you as registered. 

Each condo will have 6 guests.  Sharing of room/bed should not be a problem for us “sisters”.

From 2001 or so, my sisters, Aimee, Wanda, along with my mother and her sister began having “Sister’s Retreats–and that began to build a grand passion in my heart. To come together as a unit–having served God where we each were–but yet needing time to refresh our spirits in Him. Needing to lean on one another–for there were battles that others of us had fought that some of us were just beginning. We needed that godly counsel.

In the quiet of the kitchen table in the early morning over breakfast we shared passages of Scripture. We gathered around one another and prayed. And girls….the Spirit of the Lord not only moves on Sunday’s in our churches, but He moves whenever we invite Him into our hearts and homes. Into our lives as we give ourselves–completely–without reservations.

We spent time shopping interesting antique stores, and favorite stores. Whether we bought anything besides our food in quaint little eatery’s or not– was of no importance. We went home refreshed like no other vacation has ever done! Because we met with Jesus. We invited Him daily to be a part–show His love along the way! It was incredible! Every single time!

With each retreat being more anointed and refreshing than the last–I had so hoped that each heart would experience something precious and similar to that at the 2009 Bloggers Retreat. It was great–yet, there was something missing.

Can I tell you where it was found? In my living room. As 3 of us sat together huddled up talking of the awesome things we had each experienced in our daily lives-God showed up. Tiffany-Barbara and I prayed-laughed- and tears fell as God blessed us with His presence. On the other end of the couch were 3 others–probably experiencing something similar–but I wasn’t listening–I was basking in what was going on in our circle. I had hoped that each group there that special weekend— experienced the same in their rooms. I can only testify to what He did for me.

It is time we get apart from the harried schedules you each have–and take some time to devote to pray. Just that. Seclude your heart with Him.

Wouldn’t it be grand to be walking along the beach–as the sun is rising or setting–and feel the presence of Almighty God right beside you? He will be wherever YOU are and whenever YOU invite Him to participate in YOUR DAY. AND what if—you encounter some soul that God places in YOUR path–to lead them to Him? Wow.

Once you have registered, information will be passed along to you at that point via e-mail or phone call.
Check in is at 4:00 p.m. on Thursday. I will let everyone find their way there. Maps are available online with good directions. For those driving it should not be a problem.

For those flying in–there is a NEW local airport–Southwestern Airlines and Delta fly in this is their link: . You can grab a taxi or shuttle to the condo from there. Not far at all from there.

I will post schedules of getting together to eat supper that night with each of you via e-mail-as well-you will be assigned a condo with a “condo mom” and she will be contacting you as well. We will relax and you can use the pools, hot tubs, beaches, exercise room–or shopping–until supper time. There is a club house that I have asked to use for a few minutes on Thursday night to give just a general welcome. Nothing formal nor fancy. We will have a written schedule of time when we will leave for “Seaside Beaches and Village” the next day.

Breakfast will be at the condos–with morning devo’s provided by the condo mom-or whoever she assigns. Each of the condo mom’s will be given a list of her sister’s that will be staying with her–with contact info. The condo mom will contact each sister as to what they prefer to eat for breakfast–enjoy your terrace! Everyone* will go in together to purchase their breakfast foods. (*Each group of 6 ladies) Each group will provide their own snack foods/drinks etc. Condo mom will simply tell you what she needs you to bring–keep it easy for all! There are local stores to make purchases easy! We will actually be going to one Thursday night–so all the breakfast items can be purchased then. We just don’t want to buy more than we will eat. 😉

A few links for your viewing pleasure: (even though the church wouldn’t be open –we could have pictures made in front–it really is beautiful in person) (Their ampitheatre hosts free seating-lawn style-, but the October Calendar is not up yet.) (on the left of this map-you will see list of shops and restaurants. We will only have lunch here that day. Photo opportunities galore!)

We will return that afternoon to the condo’s in time for rest-showers-dip in the pool or beach. We will journey to some local restaurants for dinner (list will be provided) and meet back at the club house.

Check out is at 10:00 a.m. Saturday Promptly!

I will let everyone to get back to the airports via shuttles or taxi’s–whatever they provide on their own. A rental car would be much more handy–if two or three went together–that way, you would have the luxury of hitting some stores you might have missed before your plane leaves. I leave the details of that to those who fly.

To those who drive, of course after 10:00 a.m. check out– you are free to stay in the area as long as you wish! Whatever you do–wherever you go–take JESUS back to where you came from–inviting them to join YOU in something similar in the spring–where you live!

$36 cost
–if you want a T-shirt–
you need to include the amount of $10 along with your shirt size.
Make ALL checks payable to Sisters by Heart, Inc.
YOU have until JUNE 19 to get me your registration!!! If I don’t have it…I can’t consider you registered. WE ONLY Have 48 spaces…they will go in a BLINK.
(just been notified several are GONE)
E-mail me to let me know you are MAILING your registration. av_knight(at)

Mailing address for registration: 
Marianna First Assembly of God
ATTN:  Susan Baldwin/Sisters by Heart, Inc.
4186 Lafayette Street
Marianna, Florida 32446

 We hope to see you there!  (We are not taking comments on this post)


February 2010 Sisters Retreat

Once again our hearts gathered for a mini-retreat. I know you probably think that’s all we do…but friend, we do so much more!

Aimee and I were blessed with a few days with our mother and Aunt Evielean for a wonderful time of refreshment in the Lord–and to celebrate Wanda’s birthday. We had decided the year she passed away, to take the time faithfully to rejunvenate our hearts and minds and spend some quality time with one another.  Every year–same time—different places!  God did not disappoint us as we joined our hearts to His in those 3 days away.

We fellowshipped, ate, did a little bit of “Thrift Store” shopping—but each morning and night tuned our hearts to His. Some of the discussions were what God is doing—and what we desire to see Him do in our hearts and lives. We also discussed “Sisters Retreats” of the past….and the happy memories they hold. God is so faithful and good to us!

Do you have traditions that you carry on year after year? Would you care to share?

Do you keep a journal of your traditions to pass on to the next generation?

I hope with all my heart that this October, you will join us as we once again–turn our hearts toward heaven–in our Fall Retreat—“Sisters of Faith~To The Ends Of The Earth!”

    There has been much going on in the Knight house of late!  I have much to catch you up on!  Stay tuned –and if you would like to be informed via newsletter, send me your e-mail address or mailing address!  (You can send it privately instead of the comment form to “av_knight(at)hotmail(dot)com”.)

    Many blessings to you!

    Following Him,


    © The Knightly News 2007-2010

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    October RETREAT! Make your plans NOW to attend!

     Sisters by Heart


    We have come a long way–to get to this place today.  Sisters by Heart is here! 
    Announcing the 2010 Sisters of Faith Retreat!  Head on over and get the scoop and spread the word! 
    This will be a retreat YOU don’t want to miss!
    • Want more of God in your life? 
    • Want to connect with some awesome sisters of faith?
    • Need prayer for specific areas of ministry? 
    • Do you need victory over situations?
    THIS retreat will bless your socks off!  Anointed speakers! Anointed teachings of things that will HELP you grow and GO for Jesus Christ!
    Come on! What are you waitng for?  There is time now to get registered! 







    © The Knightly News 2007-2010

    I Still Trust Him

    So….here we are.
    Angie and Aimee. The oldest girl and the baby girl.

    Our picture is forever altered. For there was a face that fit right in the middle. Wanda’s.

    We carry on.
    In Faith.
    Forever Trusting.
    Always believing….in Him.
    After all, we do have a job to do.
    Share His truth.
    With everyone we can.
    All who will recieve.

    “And He said to them, “Go into all the world and preach the gospel to every creature.” Mark 16:15

    We will be her voice. We will share the love of Christ with others. We will carry on.

    I feel that both Aimee and myself have a new found determination to do more. Go further. Carry more. Tell more. Be more for Christ, Who was all for us.

    We began with the T-Shirts. They speak a message.

    Sisters we are….faith we have…Christ we share.

    And the verse? “Wait on the Lord. “Wait on the LORD: be of good courage, and he shall strengthen thine heart: wait, I say, on the LORD.” Psalm 27:14

    I can’t tell you what she saw when she took His hand and entered in….but I can tell you what I felt. I felt the glory of God as I have never experienced it before.

    I felt—more than saw….a glimmer of His Presence as the heavens parted for her to make her entrance as He extended His hand. As a conductor lifts his arm and completes an emotionally riviting piece of music….sweeping His arm upward, reaching higher for the highest note to be heard…I felt her move in spirit to the “higher places” with the Father. The beginning of the most beautiful song heard imaginable.

    Sisters of faith…and sisters that have not yet decided to accept His love….Accept Him.  Accept His love. Accept His Gift. Christ Jesus’ life. His sacrifice. Accept Him today!
    I intend to hear that song for myself. Her song as well as mine. For we each have one you know. At least it’s what I believe. Whatever I need to change in my life…I will change. Whatever He chooses for me….I accept. He is my all. My Savior. My Father and soon coming King.

    If Wanda could tell us something today…it might be:

    “Sisters, the cross will be heavy at times, but you will never have to carry it alone. The Lord will be your guide…as He was mine. Remember the past victories and rejoice! Remember the countless blessings and take heart! There truly is joy in the morning!

    Within myself, I had no strength, but through the power and strength of trusting in God—He gave me what I needed. Everytime. You can make it to the end! You can finish the race!”

    Keeping the faith and following Him,


    Basking In The Light

    Sofa from HomePlaceFurniture 257

    The porch swing at my mother’s is a favorite place of reflecting. Yo-Yo, the spoiled cat, likes to attend his daily regimen of grooming while bathed in the light filtering through the screen.

    There has been many pouring of heart and soul on this porch for more years than I can count. I have been prayed over and read to, prayed for in the quiet dawn, and as the hush of dusk fell on the grounds. The Light was present.

    I have felt the power behind the prayers prayed from this porch. God heard. AND He answered. There are days, I need to sit on that porch of prayer and peace. I need to feel the Light.

    Today, I have felt the strength that comes from prayer—the power and anointing is ours when He reaches down, through and into our lives and meets the need.

    The need? There have been times I couldn’t put a name to it. Have you ever been in that place? Where the prayers you pray seem to stop at the ceiling? The urgent need of your life remains nameless to you, all the while He knows the need of your heart.

    I’ve been there more than once. There have been times recently when I have needed to sit in that place. That place in the Light. Even though I can’t get to that porch today, I can get to the cross. Unload and unwind. Allow the fingers of the Holy Spirit to kneed away the frustrations of life and apply the balm that soothes and strengthens.

    Strength is gathered. Soldier boots are pulled on and laces tightened. With the renewed strength for the journey, we carry on in a run now—headed for the finish line. Doing all we can for the cause of Jesus Christ!

    “You save the humble, but your eyes are on the haughty to bring them low. You are my lamp, O LORD; the LORD turns my darkness into light. With your help I can advance against a troop; with my God I can scale a wall.” 2 Samuel 22:28-30 NIV

    Keep running the race—I believe I see the Flagman waving us in just up ahead!


    Used by permission from Sisters of Faith. © Sisters of Faith 2008-2010

    © The Knightly News 2007-2010. All rights reserved.