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Our Summer Newsletter: 3 Teams+3 Days=God Glorified!

If I had to imagine what this group could accomplish in 3 days time, I would have come up short. But we know what NEEDS to get done will get done. Because God is leading the way.

This was an amazing group.

We were thrilled to host Evangel Worship Center from Marianna, Florida and God did not fail at performing the unprecedented for this amazing group. Beginning with the airport!

The doctors bags were NOT searched. That is unprecedented . For any of the teams we’ve ever brought, since 2011, the airport issues have always given me hives (not really, but inside my gut that’s the feeling I always get).

Evangel brought 3 groups: Medical; Construction; and Crusade teams. They all worked so well together–harmony and the love of God was felt wherever they were!

The school was blessed by the supplies many of YOU donated money for–thank YOU. You will never know (unless you come and see for yourself) the impact those supplies make in the work and teaching that happens at the schools.

When we asked for donations, many of you gave! When Jeff and I, along with Nancy, a dear friend from Bolivia, went shopping for them. I kind of expected much lower prices than back home. But no. She took us to 4 different market (very low priced) stores and they were priced so close to what it is at home for many of the things, it made me wonder how the parents afford to send supplies with their kids…in short; they don’t. So this is a triple portion blessing, the parents, the students and the teachers. And our prayer for each of you who gave, to be triple blessed!! I know you didn’t do it for the blessing, but you cannot out give our Father!

I am going to be transparent with this next thing; I’ve been super homesick. So much so, that I clung to these with such joy and gratitude for them giving up of their vacation time to come and serve the beautiful people of Bolivia–my heart weeps again at their hearts of service. You really should have seen them in action.

The team stayed at the campomento that belongs to the church we attend and they all seemed to really enjoy the freedom that afforded them to walk the grounds to pray or explore in safety.

Each morning began super early as Pastor LaVon and his wife Brenda cooked breakfast with Kenny and Debbie helping–of course Jeff was right in there, not wanting to miss a moment with them. I, on the other hand, slept a little later. (I think Jeff’s clock is always set for 4:00 am) Pre-cancer, I could have jumped up and been ready to go, as I had when I helped (my super-chef-friend, Donece) one summer in our camp kitchen, but unfortunately I can’t do that anymore. I try and not beat myself up over it, but sometimes I just do. Then I remind myself, I can do what I can do and I am GRATEFUL to be able to do it!

I want to share some pictures of the amazing team at work. Unfortunately this is the first year I didn’t get the construction team in action! BUT, I can tell you they installed 40 fans in the cabins in 3 days. EWC paid for them, the construction team installed them, and the hundreds of people that will stay in these rooms from this point on will sleep more comfortably in the summer (November – April) months. These guys were amazing. I do have a picture of Jeff, Brad, Larry and Tim walking, exploring the possibilities of another project at a school that is need of a bathroom.


Jeff took them on a visit to the local hardware street.


The “walk-about”.

The last pictures I want to leave you with are of the medical and crusade teams. I cannot express enough how blessed we feel to have hosted this group as our first team as MA’s here in Bolivia. We hope for more.

The Crusade Team

Pastor LaVon and Brenda Pettis

There’s no way to give you the smells and sounds they experienced:

  • The smell of the garbage that littered every single roadway.
  • The sounds of the rooster crowing every single morning.
  • The sight of the children that are placed on street corners to beg…

But I pray those smells, sights and sounds will long remain embedded in their hearts.

Thank you Evangel. The impact you have made in the people (your new friends) of Bolivia will be told across the corridors of eternity! You have made a difference in, not only their lives, but ours as well. THIS is what we came here for. To help others know the love of Christ through the sacrifices made by those who would hear the call of the Father, “Go therefore, and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, teaching them to observe everything I have commanded you. And remember, I am with you always, to the end of the age.” Matthew 28:19-20 hcsb

You Have to Believe it to See it

You’ve heard people say,– I’ll believe it when I see it? Try believing before you see. Try seeing it in your spirit. And then watch Him unfold the journey.

When in Costa Rica, I almost forgot that a blue this color existed. But the skies are that blue at home. #nofilter. And at night, the stars shine bright. It’s especially beautiful on a cold night. Head thrown back, thanking my Father for such wonderful gifts like this!

Every night while home, when I took my Gracie Mae out, I would look up at the night sky and draw in a deep breath of cold air and proclaim aloud my gratitude for the heavenly display of night-lights. I love it. If you have never had a length of time when you couldn’t see the stars– or a cloudless blue sky this spectacular– like only Northwest Florida (at my moms house) can produce, then maybe you don’t quite understand my immense joy. Even though I couldn’t SEE the stars in Costa Rica, I knew. I believed. They were still hanging around up there. Waiting to be seen!

I love coming home. Although we didn’t stay at mother’s this visit– (the things we both had to do were concentrated in Marianna), I still enjoyed my few short visits back home. It’s was really odd- the LORD really helped me deal with the emotions of each place I called home. The people– that’s another thing. It hurt to leave them again.

Our daughters and their boys are the delight and light of our hearts– but we have an urgent compelling to follow what God has laid on our hearts. It’s a compelling that we just can’t turn off.

The other night I heard something- it was actually in the wee hours of the morning– I lay there very still and the Holy Spirit whispered again. I got up to go to the bathroom with intentions of writing it down (typing it on my notepad) when I got back to bed. But just that fast– that word was gone. Stolen from my mind with all the busy things that kept rolling through night after night while we’ve been home.

As I lay in the bed, very still and quite, I asked the LORD, “please give it to me one more time.”

He did.

“You cannot unhear a call from God.”

Just like you can’t unsee something you wished you hadn’t seen- or unsay something you said and instantly regretted, you cannot unhear once the voice of God has called your name.

Oh how I love Him. I am so thankful that when He looked for someone to “go”, we both said “yes”. How in the world did it all happen?? Only by God’s grace and HIS divine guidance. All the pieces of this journey will hopefully one day find its way to a book– that’s what my friend Betty and I had hoped to get to work on– but it didn’t happen– too many things going on. We’ve planned it and talked it for several years now though. And God has kept piling on the Words and the journey is sweeter with every passing day.

A lot of things look different than what I first supposed. But I have followed Him long enough and lived for Him long enough to know that He is very purposed about every detail of our lives and this journey.

After being in language school with over 30 other students– from other districts, we do know that our district is the best. (Grinning– because our district is family) The West Florida District Presbytery Board gathered around us this afternoon before we left and prayed for us– and we have such admiration for what they each do. They are amazing. And one of them is our oldest daughters Pastor. And I had the opportunity to thank him for all the prayers he has prayed over our girl and her boys. God has been faithful!!

If you’re dreaming a BIG GOD SIZED dream– keep believing. If it won’t turn off in your heart and mind no matter what- keep praying. If every sermon you hear, every song and every Word keeps you coming back to circle your dream again– trust that In HIS timing, it will all line up.

No, it may not look like you imagined. You may be older, gray haired, a little weaker in body, but stronger in spirit, … believe to SEE the impossible. Believe to LIVE the improbable. And believe to be used by the Master Himself when the time is right. That’s what we are here for. Bring HIM glory, through telling His story which is our story and HIS story in us. That may have sounded like a jumble of confusion there– but it’s late. Jeff’s driving and I’m blogging on my phone.

When you look up at the blue sky– think of us. Pray for me that I will keep my eyes open to what HE wants to show me next. And when you look up at the night sky and see stars, count yourself blessed. There were many nights I teared up wanting to see them. I’ve never been on a mission trip to Bolivia and saw the stars. I only saw about 5 stars (and only saw the moon about 5 times!) while in Costa Rica. It saddened my heart a great deal because I love looking at the sky.

Well. It’s late. For us anyway. We may stop and sleep soon and get an early start in the morning. We love y’all. Every single one. Keep praying. Keep believing. Keep giving Him Praise and Glory!

Believing…. and seeing. They go hand in hand.

Believing BIG-



You’ve Got Mail!

October Greetings!

I was reading in one of my devotional books, “Streams in the Desert”, last week and this jewel jumped off the page.  Mainly because, not only was it a powerful devotion, but it was spot on for what we have been feeling and going through –here in language school.

A piece of wood once bitterly complained because it was being cut and filled with rifts and holes, but he who held the wood and whose knife was cutting into it so remorselessly did not listen to the sore complaining.  He was making a flute out of the wood he held and was too wise to desist when entreated to do so.  He said:

“Oh, thou foolish piece of wood, without these rifts and holes thou wouldst be only a mere stick forever–a bit of hard black ebony with no power to make music or to be of any use.  These rifts that I am making, which seem to be destroying thee, will change thee into a flute, and thy sweet music then shall charm the souls of men.  My cutting thee is the making of thee, for then thou shalt be precious and valuable, and a blessing in the world”.

I was stunned.  My eyes filled and I wept with gratitude and a strong repentant heart for crying out while being that stick of wood, and complaining for all the “shaping” going on.  This school is rightly named.  Chisel.

Every time I have entered a sentence in my Spanish Dictionary and used the name of the school, Cincel, the word “chisel” comes up, since that is exactly what Cincel means in Spanish.  Chisel.  We have all felt the blows of the hammer as well as the knife on the stick of wood.  But you know, in our hearts we all long to be useful for the Master.  The One who called us surely has a plan and purpose for every splinter of whittling,  and gouging out the places that have so desperately needed work.

On an encouraging note, we can carry on a conversation with others now with a little more confidence.  I walk down to the beauty salon and talk with the young ladies there about once every couple of weeks.  It’s where I got my FIRST haircut after chemo! I was so excited, and I have made two new “Tica” friends in the process.  One of them even gave me her phone number so that I could practice my Spanish.  And another one made me some flashcards this week to help with my “beauty salon lingo”.

We have prayed for you all during all these weather episodes and the various things that have been going on.  Last week, as I was sitting here typing, we had a small earth tremor that shook the bed that I was sitting on.  Everything in this world is subject to change.  In the very next minute–your life or my life could change.  We have no promise of tomorrow, we have today–and it’s up to us to use it for the Master, or squander it away.

This weekend, we were privileged to be able to go with dear friends, about an hour out of the city to the mountain area and just relax for the morning.  We stood at a fence and just viewed the valley and surrounding mountains and we breathed.  It felt good.  I cannot quiet describe the feeling–but it was needed and necessary.  And best of all….we spent time with friends of like mind and faith, who also left home, family, friends, and jobs they loved, to follow into the unknown, our Jesus.

While talking with the young lady at the little coffee shop–we asked her about the coffee harvest season.  The process from the time of planting, to harvest, to roasting, grinding all the way to your favorite cup of coffee.

Something we learned by tasting:  a good cup of coffee does not need sugar or cream.  That had to be proven to me.   It is something I will be excited to share with my family when we get home in December.  A hot cup of the best Costa Rican coffee.

She was so passionate about her job–her love of coffee and all things Costa Rica came through with every word she shared.  That’s what I want others to feel and hear in us as we share about Jesus in our new language.  I want them to feel the passion in our hearts–hear it in our voices and see it on our faces.  I want them to desire to know Him and share His love with their own families.

That’s one thing we need you to add to your prayer list for us:  Our ability to speak fluently as possible and to be able to share without reservation or hesitation.

Can I share with you a list of daily prayer needs?

Sunday:  Pray for our spiritual lives.  Our spiritual growth, fellowship with local believers, integrity, reliability, and consistency.  Jeff was blessed with a lunch a couple of weeks ago from an invitation from a “Tico” friend he met at church.  What a joy!  Pray for more connections and development of relationships that will last long after we leave.

Monday:  Pray for our personal lives.  For our marriage.  You have no idea the attacks on marriages and families here.  I won’t go into the details–suffice it to say, prayer is necessary to the mission.  Pray for our families back home, their health, both physical and spiritual.  Pray for their protection.  What is it with mama’s and daddy’s that believe we need to be there to help?  God is not limited by distance.

Tuesday:  Communication.  Adapting with generous flexibility to the culture, customs and people.  The language study, clarity in speech, ability to hear and comprehend.

Wednesday:  Relationships.  Both in the churches and the community.  As well as not losing our relationships back home.  That’s a fear many have as they shift their lives to another field.  We have discovered through conversations with others and reading several articles for missionaries, home relationships (back in the states) almost always suffer, insomuch as they are forgotten altogether.  Or at the very least, once they return, they are treated differently than when they left.  We hunger for our relationships with you to either remain strong–or become even stronger.  Not become weaker or disappear altogether.

Thursday:  Evangelism.  Boldness, sensitivity, Holy Spirit led.

Friday:  Discipleship. That we can be mentors.  Training, equipping, and encouraging others even now before we get to our field of service.  May we serve Him now with fervor.

Saturday:  Pray for our country.  Our first and home country, the United States of America, and secondly, our country of calling:  Bolivia.  Pray for more schools to open in Santa Cruz, relationships to develop and grow under the anointing and presence of the Holy Spirit.  Help us pray now for a good, safe, and secure place to live.

Often many think that because they aren’t giving monetarily, they aren’t helping.  NOTHING could be further from the truth.  Your prayers make the difference.  We cannot do this without your prayers.  I cannot say that loud or long enough.  Prayer is the KEY to the KINGDOM.

Thank you for taking the time to add us to your likely already long prayer list.  It is undeniably what keeps us going strong.  We love each of you.  If you feel led to get further involved, an offering of any amount is always welcomed and needed.  The cost of living here is “crazy” expensive.  But I won’t talk about that any further.  It hasn’t brought the prices down one bit! 🙂

We received our 3rd mail here this week! (It takes about 10-14 days to reach us if there are no holidays involved.) OH Mercy I was giddy with joy!  My heart overflowed with the love from the words that came from the letter–but soon found myself weeping like a child.  God is SO good!  Thank you.  Every word meant the world.  I have all three cards we’ve received taped to the wall in our bedroom.  It gives me joy every time I look at them.

We wish you were here.  We miss you.  BUT, if the LORD is willing [as my Mamo always said], or “Si Dios quiere”, we will see some of you in December!  We wish we could visit every single one of you in your churches!  You are greatly loved.


All for HIM,

Jeff and Angie

“Streams in the Desert, Morning and Evening Edition, page 649-650, September 20      (L. B. Cowman, Zondervan Publishing Company.)

© Angie Knight 2017.  All rights reserved.  All photographs © Angie Knight 2017.

Life Stuff and General UP-date


Well friends, Christmas 2016 is in the memory bank and the New Year is upon us.  Right around the corner-so-to-speak.  In a matter of hours.  Has already happened for some of our friends living in other parts of the world…

Many unexpected things happened this year–many things I journaled–God words to my heart- for me alone-and some that I will share with you.

Several members of our family have gone through their own ordeals-as I am sure yours has as well.  Seems the devil is ever on his job–but we KNOW that God is watchful and is equipping us all for the battles that lie ahead…and are currently ongoing.  He is our strong deliverer–and HIGH TOWER.

We just KNEW we would be preparing to leave for Costa Rica (language school) this month-but God had other plans–and we humbly and gladly submit to what HE has planned because we are in this for HIS glory, not anything for our own selves.

I think that it’s specifically powerful that the verse of the day from is this:

I am the Lord, who opened a way through the waters, making a dry path through the sea. “But forget all that— it is nothing compared to what I am going to do. For I am about to do something new. See, I have already begun! Do you not see it? I will make a pathway through the wilderness. I will create rivers in the dry wasteland.  Isaiah 43:16, 18-19 NLT

Years ago, The LORD brought this passage to my attention when I was going through a particularly difficult battle, today, it’s needed just as much.  A reminder that HE is in charge and NEW things are on the horizon.

Jeff and I are still working on our monthly commitments, meaning: we will need your help.  We are getting closer, but we still have much to do to get there.   We can’t do this without God lay it upon the hearts of others to help us for the next two years.

Beyond that, I don’t know what God has in store.  We will gladly stay in Bolivia until He calls us home–or we will go wherever HE sends next, but this we know–we must do what He has laid on our hearts to do.  That is, work with the children in the schools He has opened up to us in Santa Cruz, and continue to build churches for the villages where there is no Gospel Door open.


There have been extreme forces fighting against us- the biggest one it seems, cancer.  But, we are over half way to completion of my treatments, only 6 more to go out of the 16.  The next step is radiation for 6 weeks and I have a dear friend who is currently walking that road just ahead of me.

God had the right team lined up for this medical mission on this side, and I have no doubt He will continue.  My biggest problem is on the days I feel good, I try and do as much as I possibly can to make up for the days I can’t.  For a “doer”, this has been a rough go.  However,  I have done well I think, and from what my oncologist has said, a “prize pupil”, or patient.  That’s all God’s doing, and all because of the mighty team of prayer warriors who have diligently sought God on my behalf. Thank YOU!  You are a HUGE part of this mission team!

Jeff has delivered his heart in many churches over the past year, I participated in the delivery until “chemo-brain” sort of held me back, but they say this is all reversible and I look forward with great anticipation to the day when I can bring a “word” again.    For now, I smile, hug necks, shake hands and am glad to be in the mix of things!  If you are wondering why you see so little of me in blogland, this is why.  I want to give God my BEST, but for these past few months of treatments, it seems I struggle with writing as well as talking.

It has felt so odd being a “by-stander” when I have always loved being in the middle of what God is doing, but I have “felt” His presence nonetheless.  And it has been powerful.  Believe me, I’m taking notes.  I have been writing in my prayer journal to record for later, this road.   Though muddy, messy and ankle twisting at times, it is one that I have seen God do miraculous things and I wouldn’t go back and change a thing…

We have just a few months to be ready to go.  If you are interested in helping us monthly, go to this site:  (You can also give one time donations–we are eternally grateful for any and all help!)  We plan to leave in May, 2017.  We have already started packing…

Have you ever tried to do something that YOU KNEW God was leading you on and had the enemy fight so hard that you struggled in your heart to keep you focus clear?  That’s where I am tonight. I KNOW God has called us– He woke me with ideas earlier this week for the children… and just as quick as I get excited about that–the enemy comes and tries to steal the joy from that.

We can’t see all that is ahead, but we know and trust the Hand that leads us.  We will not stop until we feel we have done all that He has required of us.  He is doing a NEW thing in this NEW YEAR and we are excited to be doing our part!

The road up ahead will have curves, hills and even rough terrain, but HE is with us…all the way.  We are looking forward to seeing you in 2017!



© Angie Knight 2017.  All rights reserved.

A Note From April Pettis- Crusade Leader

What an incredible week!  I thank God for the opportunity to serve him.  I thank each person who gave of their money, supplies, and prayers. Lives were changed in Bolivia…both Bolivian’s and Orange Team members.

To the Orange Team members: 
Thank you for positive and obedient attitudes. 

Thank you for “going with the flow” when direction changed, or when asked to rush and asked to wait.  

Thank you for having a servant’s heart.

Floyd, thank you for leading the “set up/break down crew”.  You all had this down to an art.  I knew when we set foot on each campus the “stage” would be set and ready to go within 10 minutes. Thank you for being willing to help with the object lesson.  I believe this visual will stick in the minds of everyone who saw it.

Sandi, Than you for heading up the puppet and game crew.  You always had everything ready to go.  You made each transition behind the curtain smooth.  Your positive attitude when things changed was so appreciated.  When given a task, you ran with it. Thank you.

Chase A., Thank you buddy for all your help.  From helping set up, to passing out candy, to helping with an object lesson and anything else I asked….I really appreciate you.  The world needs more teenagers willing to give up some summer activities to share God’s love around the world.  Thank you.

Chase C., You helped in so many areas. From setting up,  to entertaining kids, to demonstrating games….so many things…you were always willing to pitch in.  I so appreciate everything.

Shelly, You always had that beautiful smile.  It made an impact on many lives.  You were such a big help with the puppets and each game.  Even doing a little ballet with some of the girls.  I know they will remember this for a long time. I thank you and Chase very much for taking a week away from home and your sweet girls to touch the lives of so many who needed to see and feel your love and attention.

Mr. Aubrey, you were a constant.  I always knew you were behind me.  You did an awesome job manning the sound equipment.  Your encouraging words meant so much.  Not to mention the many children who flocked to you to see what your hands would create next.  We may never know just how much a “stick” affected each life.

Cindy,  you are the best mother-in-law.  I am so blessed to serve with you.  You are one of the hardest working people I know–you helped in so many ways.  I cannot thank you enough.  Anything I asked, you were there.  Your heart is so sweet and obedient.  I love you very much.  Thank you.

Lacy, you are such a sweetheart. I cannot thank you enough for all that you did this past week.  Your willingness to serve however needed was invaluable.  Your passion for Jesus is very evident. I cannot wait to see what God has in store for your ministry.  Thank you.

Daniel, you were such a big help in so many ways.  From helping physically each day during services to being our comedic entertainment.  You kept us laughing with your stories and tales.  You were a blessing to have with us this week. Thank you to you and Lacy for taking off a week from your jobs and leaving your children behind to work for Jesus.

Mother, you make me so proud to be your daughter.  Your willingness to step in at any moment was awesome.  Thank you for helping with lessons and entertainment.  Thank you for sacrificing time you could have spent doing other things to take photos of all of us. Thank you for your constant encouraging words.  I love you more…

Daddy, I could not be more proud of you.  You are an amazing leader.  You too, were so willing to do anything needed and asked.  Your positive attitude and obedience was constant.  Thank you for all that you are.  I cannot wait to see what all God has in store for you and mother.

David (George), you make me so proud.  You are always willing to wear anything silly, act out any skit, and make yourself vulnerable to make kids laugh.  Thank you for your support. I am so happy that I get to travel this journey of life with you. I love you.

Serving Him Together,
April Pettis

Now from Jeff and Angie,
We ditto everything April said- you all were the best we could have hoped for.  April, as your parents, we could not be more proud of you.  You excel in all you put your heart and mind to–and this was no different.  We love and appreciate  you.  You depict a true leader with a servants heart.  There is no other kind.

We can’t wait for the next one!

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Pray for Them

100_8223Early this morning—before sleep had completely vanished—still in that state of semi-awareness of rest—and God’s blessings, some of the events of the week replayed through my mind.

Prayer was the focus of these thoughts.

I’ve thought about it for weeks—of how we need to pray about everything…as we give thanks in all things–

We’ve come upon some hard things in life—where you think—“how do I give thanks for this?”  It’s too hard…

God has a way of showing us—in the quiet of our heart—as we rest before Him in waiting patience for His direction of things.

I’ve noticed—irritations of life will keep us from praying. 

It will keep us from purposeful prayer.  Maybe we whisper something…mutter something in prayer—but purposeful prayer is usually not evidenced during time of irritation.  Whether the irritations are with people, weather, circumstances, or especially in the sharp focus of the reality of ourselves—and our personalities—we pause—but do not quite completely halt our agenda long enough to give every detail of the issue(s) to Jesus.

I found this out from experience….my own.

100_8425These new Christians will learn how to pray.  From experiences and examples.  Just as you teach your own children—they will learn from their church family.

Circumstances in life will also teach them to pray.  The effective prayer is a fervent prayer—and it will accomplish much.

New converts need to be prayed for and with.  They need discipling.  The seeds that have been planted will need watering.   The church there in Bolivia have many who can teach and lead them to continue to grow in Christ on this new journey toward Home.

Even as an older Christian—I still need constant time in prayer—Bible study—and devotion. 

Remember—the irritations of life and the difficult circumstances will draw many individuals attention away from the real effort that should be going on—prayer.  At.all.times.  Even more so as the days grow closer to the coming of Christ Jesus.

As I watched this week the children and youth be lead in prayer—taught to pray—tears came easy—as I thought of these new convert’s conversations with God.100_8171 

I remember conversations with God for the purpose of our children.  How we needed to keep things simple—so they would learn to pray as they could understand at their young age…so too for these.

On the last night in Bolivia, I woke up praying.  This has happened before—but not quite like this.  I was weeping hard enough to shake the bed. 

I had dreamed of a spiritual battle—one that caused me to feel the anguish of the hour.  I was in a  house praying loudly—the enemy was attacking—I could even feel the pressure and the presence—I remember waking up pleading the blood of Jesus over every situation that was possibly going on.  I don’t know if I woke Jeff—but I woke myself.  I was shaking when I left the bed to go to the bathroom.  I wasn’t sure what was going on—but I needed to pray more—and he needed to rest.

I’m not sure how long this went on—but this I know—as strong as the anguished attack came on me—the peace of God followed in a flood.

I remembered just now, when in Cambodia—something similar happening.

This morning, when I woke and the “prayers” were on my mind—I realized that the irritations that may have been felt by some—through various circumstances—took my mind—and possibly their mind off of “praying constantly” for the needs surrounding us.  We were in a foreign land—but God was not.

We were unable to communicate well with the people—but God was not.

We were occupied with the present…but God was not.

God was working on the future.  The future of the church there….and the future of each individual that came.

The future of both depends on prayer.  They will grow by prayer.  We will too.  But that is the VERY weapon the devil does not want us to use.  So he sends irritations and hindrances, and mind blowing circumstances to thwart our prayers—to cause us to doubt God’s goodness in all things.

If we stop praying FERVENTLY in tough situations—the enemy gains strength over us and in our lives.  The only way to stop him is with the Word of God—and prayer.  We can “talk about praying”…but it is the action that brings the results.

Please pray for these children.  There are lives that have a heavenly destination as a result of them being led by the Holy Spirit to give their lives to Christ this week—but they will need prayer to stay the course. 

As we draw nearer to the coming of the Lord Jesus Christ (1 Thessalonians 3)—we must be more steadfast than ever before. 

They will be tempted and tried—as will we—to forget this trip.  To forget the decisions made.  To forget what God has brought about…pray that it is seed that remains and grows strong…until the coming of the LORD.

I’m closing this blog post for today—I know you are tired of reading—But I wanted to share one last thing.  When we were returning last night—several wanted to eat at the Cuban restaurant that we ate at on the way to Bolivia.  The food is great and the service is wonderful.  Maria was there –we were thrilled to see. 

As we were looking at the menus—she came over and took me by surprise – “Remember I pray for you before you go on your trip?  I want you to pray for me”.  Wow.

I didn’t have time to think up a fancy flowery prayer—I just asked her to sit in my chair and as I knelt down beside her I began to pray a simple prayer.—“God, thank You for Maria.  Thank You for leading us safely back here so that we could see our new friend again.  Thank You for our journey—thank You for the plans You have laid out for Maria’s life.  Thank You that You do all things well. You amaze us with the details. I ask Lord that You would watch over Maria, continue to bless and help her.  Guide her in the next steps of her life and let her know that You are taking great care of her family.  Help Maria have peace for her children.  Keep her walking in the direction You choose and bless her life.  In Jesus name we pray. Amen.”  

Maria, the hostess of Ku`vas at the Miami airport— took me completely by surprise—but not God.  The very fact that God orders our steps gives me confidence that this was one of His planned surprises.  For both me and Maria.

Today—if you don’t know the God we have been talking about –I invite you to pray this simple prayer…meant it with your whole heart—and follow the leading of His Son as He guides your every step.

Heavenly Father, I acknowledge that without You I can do nothing–and that I am a sinner in need of a Savior. I am not able to change my life or circumstances through my own efforts. I realize that You provided a way for me to know You and live with You eternally through the sacrifice of Your only Son, Jesus Christ. I accept His gift of life fully–whole heartedly! Live in me–purifying my heart, mind and life with Your love. Show me how to live–directing my thoughts and my life from today forward. May I be found pleasing in Your sight. In Jesus Holy Name I pray. Amen.  (For more information and Scripture references, click here)

If you prayed that prayer—and would like to contact me, please feel free to email me— at

I pray that you will be encouraged in  your walk with Christ.  I cannot stress enough how short I feel we are on time…there are many lives to be shown the Way—and the days grow short and opportunity may not come but once for many.

Whether we are here 3 days—3 months or 3 years—only God knows.  Don’t wait another day to make a change—the change you make today can make a difference for someone else tomorrow.









Pam Pettis with Andrea.


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