Become a Part

There are several ways you can be a part of mission work.  We would love to have you join us as part of our team.  You can do so prayerfully giving a one-time contribution, or sign up to become a monthly supporter at our AGWM page at (click on “quick links, then AG World Missions Monthly Commitment);  OR  an online contribution form; our information to insert is at the bottom of the page.

How exciting to be a part of missions in that way!  You not only are helping us to get to the mission field, but you are helping us stay there–and there are countless lives that will be affected by your generosity!


We are also involved in leading teams to Bolivia since 2011.  As well as the distribution of Bibles, Gospel Tracts, school supplies for needy schools and other essential needs for the church or school.  Any monetary gift will be greatly appreciated and is tax deductible.  Our prayer is that God will use each donation to further The Gospel-into the poorly reached and unreached areas of the world.

Please be in prayer for us daily–as we are working toward our goal of becoming fully funded!

Giving all-Until He comes,

Jeff and Angie Knight

AGWM Account:  2853562

Destination:  Bolivia


For more information on mission trips, school supplies for the needy schools, etc., contact Floyd Aycock or Chase Curti @ Focus Forward Ministries  (

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