A NEW DAY of …

all sorts of stuff…We are just glad to see a NEW DAY!

We are getting RAIN everyday…which is GREAT for us and our dying grass and flowers…not so much for the campers who want to have some “outside” fun and games…they were able to get some in today though!

Take a peek!


Today was Ron and Nancy’s last day with us! We are SO sad to see them leave, but they are needing to get back home to Ohio–and hey, if they have cooler weather, I just might tie myself to the back of their RV and head NORTH! ūüôā

Seriously, Nancy and Ron have been the BIGGEST blessing this camp has ever had! Nancy worked non-stop in the office during C.E. Conference and then stepped right in to help out for District Council! THEN she stepped right into volunteering in the kitchen!



Ron has been Jeff’s right hand all year long! Today, he was Jeff’s right hand, left hand, right leg and left leg (Jeff was VERY SICK). Ron has made countless improvements everywhere he worked this year. Jeff and I have just fallen in love with this couple and claim them as our own.

This is my first year of having the privilege of working with Nancy (actually, with any of the RV Volunteers that help out each year) and I loved her instantly! Thank you both for the impact you have made on our lives and the lives of each and every person that attended or counseled and stepped on these grounds this year! God bless you on your travels!

We love you!¬† By the way Ron, if I haven’t mentioned it at least a 6 or 7 times, I LOVE the fact that we NOW have a few drawers in the cafeteria!!! (Yes, we had NONE before!!)

(To our local folks and regular readers that KNOW the camp–if you weren’t aware, there are some needs in the cafeteria.¬† We are making a list (Donece and I).

  • A¬†new counter top in the kitchen to replace the one that is cracked and buckled and 100 years old;
  • A few new pots and¬†stainless steel mixing bowls (the¬†JUMBO¬†size) since we¬†ONLY HAVE¬†2;
  • A¬†drink dispensing machine; (THIS would be awesome during camp, conferences, retreats and¬†save money during camp costing pennies to use comparatively);
  • A walk-in cooler (it would need to be¬†a small building just¬†outside the cafeteria–since we are limited on the space we have);
  • A new¬†kitchen would be awesome, but we will¬†just be thankful and grateful for anything that the churches or individuals or groups would like to¬†donate!

If you would like to see a REALLY AWESOME camp cafeteria and kitchen

-take a look at the slide show below.¬† I took these while Jeff and I were at a Camp Director’s Conference this year…yes, I drooled.

(Donece you will fall over at the sight of this slide show–but enjoy!)


Okay, just for kicks, let’s compare:


And yes, they are a bigger camp…and yes, they use their kitchen year round, but if ours was actually “up to speed” (EVEN UP TO CODE) then we could/would too!

I know I sound like I am whinning….actually, I’m pretty tired. Headed to bed–

I just thought you should know HOW you or your church or group could HELP if you wanted to.

As we say in the kitchen,

I’m jes sayin’….

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