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Pray As Never Before

This morning when I opened the back door to Let Gracie out, I inhaled deeply.

The air had a slight fogginess to it. Not as much as earlier in the week–but there it sat, misting on the property boundary. Like it had already been up at the house and was excusing itself before the sun brightened the day. It was cloudy though, so not much chance of seeing sunshine today.

As I inhaled, a familiar smell teased my nose: outdoor cooking, old wood burning, possibly, a distant field from days ago finally filtered down to our area, and I smiled.

Bolivia. That was my first thought. I stuck my head back inside to where I could see Jeff as I said –“Hey, it smells like Bolivia this morning”.

I know we live and work here. We both love our jobs, who we work with, and what we do. But we also have a purpose and goals to see more –young and elderly alike, experience their first mission trip.

Focus Forward Ministries, Inc. has a heart that wants to encourage others to get out of their comfort zone and help their neighbor….the one who lives an eight hour plane ride away. Focus Forward is blessed to currently be working in three countries: Bolivia, Jamaica, and Uganda.

Still though, my heart sees pieces of Bolivia in my mind often throughout any given week. So the smell this morning really gave me a hunger for our friends and family there. (If our Bolivia family are reading this–please know you are all thought about so much every week!).

From the very first trip I took, it has always been about the children. Yes, we build churches. But for us, our goal has always been to help the next generation find and know Jesus–and it often takes place in the church buildings we help build. We do our best to get involved in the schools surrounding the new church construction. And we return to all our other schools every year. We have always sought God for the place and time to do what He has called us to do.

Lately, I’ve been seeing the most horrifying and heart rending scenes on social media regarding children.

The exploitation and mind altering to cause children to want to alter their bodies–the devil is at work. Society tells them they can be a boy if they want–or a girl if they’d rather. I told a grandson today as we were discussing some of the evils this generation is seeing–that these people who were manipulating children’s minds would burn. The physicians doing such would also–I’m only judging by what I’m seeing and hearing.

I remember the shock and sadness that overwhelmed me the first time I saw a beautiful little girl who looked to be about five years old, dressed up in ruffles of taffeta, similar to a type of costume worn generally in parades in Bolivia, dancing on the sidewalk. With her CD player, she was dancing and appeared to be completely alone. But her “owner” was within eyesight I am quite certain. She was there to collect money. She danced for whoever would give her coins to clink in the can that sat on the sidewalk. Even better if the money folded.

I looked around in anger. Honestly–at that point I had never in my life seen such a thing –had heard about it but never witnessed the exploitation of a child before. The missionary leading us that day (2011) described to us what was going on and urged us to walk on by and not pause. I remember there was sadness in the eyes of the little girl. She wasn’t holding a doll and playing in her yard–she was dancing a provocative dance to allure the attraction of whoever was willing to watch and pay. Sick.

We are right there. In America, we can no longer hold our head up and say, “not here, buddy”!

It is here! It has been for many years–it’s just more out in the open now without regard to others–shameless disregard for the innocence of the children.

In my kitchen window I have four little glass votives. I light them sometimes to highlight what is going on in the early morning at our house. They are almost burned down, but easily replaceable. Our prayers are just like these little candles. Giving a light in the darkness of this world and we have got to make sure the prayers continue. When we see the light running low–the call to action is to be ready with the next candle to light. We need to pray while we can. We need to go while we can. We need to speak and share and sow the seeds of the Gospel, while we can. The day is coming when we won’t have the privilege to do all the things with the freedoms we have so enjoyed in America.

Friend, I don’t know what kind of reminder you need in your life to pray–but we have eleven precious grandchildren from age 21 down to 3–and they are reminders enough for me that this world is shaking up in such a way it should keep us in our prayer closets. They are the generation that will experience this last day revival- Let us pray it down on them–let us be ready to experience it ourselves! Let us live by example the readiness of heart and spirit to go to the ends of the earth if God calls–to share the Gospel with those who have never heard.


Our Summer Newsletter: 3 Teams+3 Days=God Glorified!

If I had to imagine what this group could accomplish in 3 days time, I would have come up short. But we know what NEEDS to get done will get done. Because God is leading the way.

This was an amazing group.

We were thrilled to host Evangel Worship Center from Marianna, Florida and God did not fail at performing the unprecedented for this amazing group. Beginning with the airport!

The doctors bags were NOT searched. That is unprecedented . For any of the teams we’ve ever brought, since 2011, the airport issues have always given me hives (not really, but inside my gut that’s the feeling I always get).

Evangel brought 3 groups: Medical; Construction; and Crusade teams. They all worked so well together–harmony and the love of God was felt wherever they were!

The school was blessed by the supplies many of YOU donated money for–thank YOU. You will never know (unless you come and see for yourself) the impact those supplies make in the work and teaching that happens at the schools.

When we asked for donations, many of you gave! When Jeff and I, along with Nancy, a dear friend from Bolivia, went shopping for them. I kind of expected much lower prices than back home. But no. She took us to 4 different market (very low priced) stores and they were priced so close to what it is at home for many of the things, it made me wonder how the parents afford to send supplies with their kids…in short; they don’t. So this is a triple portion blessing, the parents, the students and the teachers. And our prayer for each of you who gave, to be triple blessed!! I know you didn’t do it for the blessing, but you cannot out give our Father!

I am going to be transparent with this next thing; I’ve been super homesick. So much so, that I clung to these with such joy and gratitude for them giving up of their vacation time to come and serve the beautiful people of Bolivia–my heart weeps again at their hearts of service. You really should have seen them in action.

The team stayed at the campomento that belongs to the church we attend and they all seemed to really enjoy the freedom that afforded them to walk the grounds to pray or explore in safety.

Each morning began super early as Pastor LaVon and his wife Brenda cooked breakfast with Kenny and Debbie helping–of course Jeff was right in there, not wanting to miss a moment with them. I, on the other hand, slept a little later. (I think Jeff’s clock is always set for 4:00 am) Pre-cancer, I could have jumped up and been ready to go, as I had when I helped (my super-chef-friend, Donece) one summer in our camp kitchen, but unfortunately I can’t do that anymore. I try and not beat myself up over it, but sometimes I just do. Then I remind myself, I can do what I can do and I am GRATEFUL to be able to do it!

I want to share some pictures of the amazing team at work. Unfortunately this is the first year I didn’t get the construction team in action! BUT, I can tell you they installed 40 fans in the cabins in 3 days. EWC paid for them, the construction team installed them, and the hundreds of people that will stay in these rooms from this point on will sleep more comfortably in the summer (November – April) months. These guys were amazing. I do have a picture of Jeff, Brad, Larry and Tim walking, exploring the possibilities of another project at a school that is need of a bathroom.


Jeff took them on a visit to the local hardware street.


The “walk-about”.

The last pictures I want to leave you with are of the medical and crusade teams. I cannot express enough how blessed we feel to have hosted this group as our first team as MA’s here in Bolivia. We hope for more.

The Crusade Team

Pastor LaVon and Brenda Pettis

There’s no way to give you the smells and sounds they experienced:

  • The smell of the garbage that littered every single roadway.
  • The sounds of the rooster crowing every single morning.
  • The sight of the children that are placed on street corners to beg…

But I pray those smells, sights and sounds will long remain embedded in their hearts.

Thank you Evangel. The impact you have made in the people (your new friends) of Bolivia will be told across the corridors of eternity! You have made a difference in, not only their lives, but ours as well. THIS is what we came here for. To help others know the love of Christ through the sacrifices made by those who would hear the call of the Father, “Go therefore, and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, teaching them to observe everything I have commanded you. And remember, I am with you always, to the end of the age.” Matthew 28:19-20 hcsb

Dresses for the Nations

A visit in the rain this morning with some amazing women left me in tears.  Full on- blubbering tears.  It happened before I ever got there– I thought of all the little girls in Haiti, Bolivia, Argentina, Honduras, and I’m not sure where else, who have had the gift and blessing to wear a brand new little dress made by these dear hands.

These ladies buy fabric (or sometimes they are gifted beautiful fabric!), and buttons, and thread and even matching undies for these little girl dresses.  And they cut, iron, sew, label and pray over them.  One of the sweetest things said today by Mrs. Peggy was that “if the gift of these dresses doesn’t lead to a conversation about Jesus then they aren’t doing what we intend them to do.”

Wow.  That is truly being intentional for Christ.  Every stitch–every seam, every button.  And they are adorable.  Tenille and I both think we would look “cute” in one.  (It’s a wish anyway!)

These ladies have a heart for the nations.  For the children of the world.  They haven’t been led to go on a mission trip overseas–but God has given them a job–and it started with a passion and desire of heart and blossomed into a wonderful group of women from East Side Baptist Church in Vernon, Florida.

I told Tenille, Mrs. Peggy and Mrs. Gloria today that Jeff shared their mission project and heart for missions almost everywhere we spoke.  The mission is just as important as going…these awesome ladies are sending.  They loaded me up today with blessings overflowing!  I will share all the goodies later–because we are leaving next week with these goodies and I want to keep the surprise intact!

There were two  ladies that I didn’t get to meet today–but I have known and loved Tenille and her mom, Gloria for a long time–and met Peggy last year and felt such a kindred spirit.   They took on an additional challenge this year and knocked my socks off!  Mrs. Gloria–you have raised an amazing daughter–and I thank you for letting me claim her as one of my “many” adopted girls!

Thank you ladies…for loving the world and reaching out with the abilities and gifts God gave you!  Completely–wholeheartedly!

East Side Baptist Church in Vernon is one of more than 9 churches involved in this trip to Bolivia.  Individuals have “given” items, contributions, or people!  What a God we serve–and look at the people being The Church and working together! I LOVE IT!

If you are ever in Vernon, Florida, say a prayer as you go through for the wonderful ladies of East Side Baptist Church who are reaching around the world and dressing the little girls of the nations!

Some photos shared by Tenille Brock Fielding.
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But What Can I Do?

DSC_0278john316My husband often shares how he finally accepted the call to ministry.  For so long he ignored the Voice that kept speaking –tugging– nudging his heart.

Finally one day in prayer, as a wrestling match was going on inside his heart, God spoke with the soft voice of the Holy Spirit and gave Jeff some great truths.  “I never called you to pastor a church, I just called you to follow Me”.

Jeff’s granddaddy had been a pastor of a Baptist church in a small community for over 30 years.  Jeff’s younger brother is an associate pastor in a large church in a college town (same church for 30+ years).  Jeff had never felt drawn to either.  He’s not a limelight kind of guy–he’s a worker bee.  Loves to serve and do for others without being seen.  God can use that.

HOWEVER, just because someone loves to serve off stage, doesn’t mean that they will remain there.  God has a purpose and plan that is being opened up daily as we continue to “follow Him”.

 Jeff said, “yes” to God’s call- and plan of action.  Ministry has many avenues–and there are so many ways and places to serve and be a light for Christ.  Missions has always been at the heart of what we think about– Jeff’s first trip was in 1994 and after that–it seemed God began to put it deeper in our spirits each year.

When missionaries would come to our church-it left me in tears–wanting to do all I could. We often think that unless we “go”, we aren’t doing what we can do.  NOTHING could be further than the truth!  There are things we can do from our own home!

Blogging is a big one–that’s mission work!  You never know who will read–or when, but put the Truth of Christ and His love for others out there! Another one is “support a missionary”.  Pray for a missionary!  Find out things they need and help fill their list.

As Jeff and I embark on this new road, we realize all the things we have done in the past for missionaries is JUST as important as going.  Helping one get there–is HUGE. 

One of my sweetest little friends had a birthday party this year.  Her 9th.  Instead of gifts–she wanted all her family and friends to bring her school supplies… she could give them to US for our mission trip.  Good grief I cried over that.  She thought that up on her own.  No one coerced her…or even suggested.  She is sensitive to the voice of The Holy Spirit and obeyed.

As we get older–it gets harder to listen and obey…why?  Because we think we need to insert our ideas and plans.  News Flash (to myself), God doesn’t need help.  He will give detailed instructions when it calls for it.  There are times though that He expects us to use the ingenuity that He gives us…that’s relying on the direction of The Holy Spirit.

 One of the ladies from our church–who is also my daughter’s mother-in-law, made almost 500 salvation bracelets.  My son-in-law ordered business size cards with the colors and explanation of each color, the plan of salvation in Spanish.  Okay–sounds simple–but it was crucial to us sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  No one told either of them to do that.  They listened to the voice of The Holy Spirit–and obeyed.

Another friend came to me and said her church ladies makes little dresses in various sizes and wanted to know if we would take some with us for the little girls in Bolivia.  Absolutely.  It is the rarest of things for a little girl to get something brand new–RARE.  Especially those that live in the outlying villages.  Poverty dwells in abundance.  So they made 50 dresses and bought matching underwear and bagged and tagged each one–with a sweet card that let the little recipient know she is loved and cared for.  No one asked her to do that….They followed their hearts and did what they knew how to do.  Sew.

What can you do?  Have you ever thought about it?  Some think that unless I have $100 to give–that’s not really enough.  Let me share with you what one missionary told me this last week:  “I would rather have 20 offerings of $5 from those who sacrificed to give than one $100 offering”.

Mission work comes in all shapes and sizes.  Mission work is the day-to-day stuff.  

  • Encouragement to one who is downhearted.  
  • A cooked meal for the mom who is over-worked-over-stressed and on the edge.  
  • A pack of diapers to the mom of the 12 month old–because at that point people forget that it’s still a need–and she gets very little rest.  
  • Mission work is offering to sit with the kids while the busy mom takes a walk to clear her head–and you straighten her kitchen while she’s out.  
  • Mission work is praying –at all hours of the day or night–whenever that nudge comes. 

Simple mission work is often overlooked because we think it’s got to be big and grandiose.  It just has to be from the heart.  Big or small.  That doesn’t matter….just give from the heart.  Don’t let the head rule.  The head will talk us out of doing–or going–or giving.  The head will convince us that we “can’t”… or that it’s too small to count or matter…. or “what will they think of me”…. There we go…mission work work is not about “us”….it’s about them.

So.  What can I do?  More that what we are currently doing.   God will absolutely use the very things that YOU love to do!  If you love to sew–God will use it!  If you love to cook—OH HOW HE WILL USE IT!  If you love to give–He has missionaries all over that needs supporting…. and if you are willing to get in your “war room” and pray…. That, my friend, is one of the greatest ways we can serve as a missionary. I would love to hear of the ways that you enjoy serving!   There is so much to do–so many who have never heard of Jesus Christ–who don’t know that He came to this earth as a baby, lived and died for our sins!  We have little time left–we must do all we can today.

We lead mission teams–and love sharing with others the blessings that come from going-doing and giving.  The more we do–the more we WANT to do.  And now, God has called us beyond the borders of our comfort zone–and no joke–it’s a bit scary at times to consider all the mountains that loom in the distance–BUT God will supply our strength and resources as we continue to take steps of faith with Him.  I am totally human…and break out in a hot-flashin’-sweat just thinking about it at times–but really–there is NOTHING in the world I want to do other than follow Jesus wherever He leads.

Will you pray with us?  We would love to hear from you!  You can find out more about our ministry and trip details and how to contact us at  Thank you in advance for being our prayer warrior!  That’s what YOU can do!  

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I Know

Most of our readers/friends know that our oldest grandson has autism–and he sticks with a particular phrase or two when you tell him something.  Currently, the favored one is “I know”.  “I know Nana, or I know Papa”.

I tell him, “I love you Rylan”, and he responds with, “I know”.  When I say, “You’re so smart Rylan”, he says, “I know”.  Now he’s not bragging, he’s simply stating a fact.  He knows we love him.  And– he is smart.  When he stayed with us a couple of weeks ago, I heard that phrase many times –and I told him better responses for some statements –like when I said, “Rylan you are so handsome”…and he said, “I know”…. *grin*.  I told him it’s best to say “thank you”.

This morning while I was driving to Dothan, thinking about our lives and the questions that hang in the air–this verse came to my mind:  “For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.”  Jeremiah 29:11

This morning those two words rolled over and over all by themselves.  “I know”.  I realized something–maybe for the first time, “if I know He knows…then I don’t have to know.”  And I know He knows.  He said so in the Bible.  Often.

There are some things we know, and some things we don’t know.  But I’m no longer fretting over what we don’t know.  It all belongs to Him…and I trust Him completely.

I know  He has opened doors that amazed us in the past year.  More doors opened this mission trip than we imagined!  Focus Forward Ministries has launched a new project–and you will want to know about it!

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Praying Beyond Ourselves

I see his face often.  Not just because his sleeping form was captured on a trip in 2011….but because I believe I’m supposed to be praying for him.

There’s another dear lady praying too.  Mrs. Pearline Snell. 

She bought printed copy of my photograph when her church had a mission banquet and his picture was on her table.  

And every morning she prayed for someone…
anyone …
to share with him about Jesus Christ.  The One who came to seek and save all of us…who were lost.  

Millions still are.

It’s up to us to do His seeking–He did commission us after all.  Remember?  

And Jesus came and spoke to them, saying, “All authority has been given to Me in heaven and on earth.  Go therefore and make disciples of all the nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit,  teaching them to observe all things that I have commanded you; and lo, I am with you always, even to the end of the age.” Amen.

What are we actively doing about the lost?  I hang my head with shame at the lost years–I did nothing.  

World Missions was not on my brain.  Neither was my closest neighbor.

It’s sad that here I am at almost 54–and now I urgently feel compelled to sell all I have and go.  

It’s sad only because it took me so long to pray beyond my own self.  But it’s good that I finally woke up.

When I first saw this man and took his picture–he was sleeping.  My artist friend,  +Betty Shoopman  painted the most amazing gallery size portrait.  It’s huge.  The tag on it when I stood underneath it at Quayside Art Gallery, was $4000.  I wasn’t taken aback–it was an absolutely AMAZING painting.  It captured the attention of every single individual that came in the gallery.  People would stand and stare…mesmerized by the image on canvas.  “Who Do You Say That I Am?” was the title of her painting.  

This man was a nameless, homeless soul…waiting to be found.  That’s what captured me about his image leaning against the brick wall-sleeping in the sunshine.

Just like you and me.  His status in society means nothing.  The fact he has no home–nothing.

I had a prayer in 2014 when we returned to Bolivia.  That I would be able to speak to this man–unknown to me….about One who gave His Life for him to be saved.  
I wanted to tell him about his painting that hung in a gallery with a price tag of $4000, but that he was worth so much more.

So every day I looked.  I searched the faces of people walking, selling, sitting and standing.  I looked into the eyes of everyone I passed hoping to catch a glimpse of this man.

My day and opportunity came.  I was more nervous than I have ever been before getting up to speak in a church!  My butterflies had had babies and they were fluttering to get out.  I think I even woke that morning feeling that “today” might be the day.  I had no idea…

As my translator, her fiance and I returned to the village around lunch, they treated me to a filling meal at a local sandwich place–we have the same ones here in USA, but the meat there was a tad bit different 🙂

We ate and I had previously shared my story.  I took my matted print copy of Betty’s original painting from my bag–I had carried it everyday in hopes of seeing him, and showed it to them.  They were amazed, but couldn’t recall seeing him before.

After our meal, Daniel had half of his foot long sandwich left, an unopened bag of chips and a bottle of water.  As we were driving back to the hotel I spotted him.  I felt the excitement stir as never before.  I mean this was seeing a prayer come to pass before it actually arrives at your doorstep…. All the “are you crazy”? thoughts came tumbling to my head–I pushed them aside with the thought–what if today is meant to be HIS DAY?  What if God brought me all the way from Florida to Bolivia with this one job…to bring Christ to this man…

I felt like my feet weren’t even touching the ground.  As we approached him, I smelled him.  I knew I was about to have nostrils full of a very recognizable stench.  The cardboard sign holding men on the corners at the intersections and at the Walmart parking lot don’t have this smell.  I think the majority of them are out for what they can get from you.  But this man….he was holding no sign.  If anything, his expression was a sign.  Do not enter.

I ignored it.

I squatted down with Daniel and started speaking and Daniel translated.  I told him when I first saw him–how God had used him in my life and others.  I told him that God had answered my prayer in letting me find him today–and that I had been praying for him to know the Jesus that died on the cross.  I told him about the picture, the painting, my friend who prayed–and this was before I knew that that very morning, as with every single morning for more than a year, Mrs. Pearline Snell had prayed that prayer–for God to send someone to share Christ with him.  Today was his day.

I felt from the fact that he wouldn’t look in my direction that I needed to let Daniel do all the talking.  I just began talking to Daniel.  Soon I stood up and asked Fabyata, “what what Daniel saying”?

She said he’s telling him about Jesus–the plan of salvation.  I quickly asked Fabyata, does he even know who Jesus is?  

The man uttered something to Daniel and I asked Fabyata what he said.  “I know who Jesus is” was his reply.  Without emotion.

Then I remembered, every single time I had seen him he had been around this church.  How could he not know?  Perhaps he heard?  Perhaps the singing reached his ears… then I realized– I wasn’t sure what kind of songs they sang at the particular church that he was leaning against.  Maybe none.

I felt pretty confident–they didn’t sing Jesus Loves Me…for this religion was more about Mary–than God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Ghost.   My heart broke that I couldn’t communicate with him personally and tell him in “Angie words”…. but perhaps…this was best.

Daniel offered him his food.  It took some doing–this man without a home–and without a cardboard sign–he was no beggar.  He finally and reluctantly took the food offered but would not accept the 5 x 7 picture I offered with extended hand.  He told Daniel something to tell me– “keep it to remember me by”.

As if.  

As if I would ever forget my first encounter–the prayers prayed–or this day.  No, friend.  I would not forget you.  I will talk about this day–and about you –to anyone who will listen.  

And Betty gave me on loan, the painting to share this story when we are invited to go speak as we begin our own missionary journey.  

On our way to church–after meeting Denny and Betty to accept the painting– we thought that the church we were attending that night for their special mission service might like to have it displayed–just to represent a place that several of their men had gone with us…the deacon I called was very glad to display it.  After being seated, the pastor came and asked would I share a bit about the painting…wow.  First opportunity–and I couldn’t possibly share it all.  But I said yes… actually, Jeff said “yes she will” for me.  

As I shared brief points of the story, I saw a woman out of the corner of my eye, wiping her eyes.  After the service I was able to speak with her and her story you now know– it was an every-single-morning prayer she prayed.  In faith.  Believing that one day–God would send someone to him.  And–God did.  Me.

God answered Pearline’s prayer–and He answered mine…and used me.

I didn’t get the “response” I had hoped for–my hope was to lead him in the sinners prayer…but as I left, still feeling the flutter of the butterflies, I confessed my feelings to Fabyata.  Her response to me was, “You did your job.  You did what you were supposed to do”.

She was right.  God has a plan already set in motion.  Perhaps I will still play a part–but if not, I am okay with that.  I know there are others who are now praying for his salvation.  He has been brought to the attention of the artist when she painted him–and The Artist who created him, never lets him out of His sight.

Now, when I see him in my mind–I know what to do.  Pray.  He’s not forgotten–by God, nor us.  He has become known to us as “Angie’s Bolivian Man”.  When Jeff traveled to Bolivia in December of 2013 without me– he spied him on the side of the church one night coming back into the city.  He called me–with excitement said, “I just saw your Bolivian Man”.  My heart leapt –praying, hoping for the day I actually experienced in 2014.

From 2011 to 2015–God has been stirring our hearts for Bolivia, and not just because of this man.  But because of the millions who don’t know.  Not just Bolivia–but to the uttermost –furtherest place where people dwell.  They are lost….they need to know.

Pray.  Beyond yourself.

(The original painting is not pictured here–but is available to travel for weekend services)

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Holding Emmanuel

Sounds more like a Christmas post…and maybe it will be- but it’s been on my mind.  The feeling from holding him.Emmanuel.  One of the guys from our ministry team is making Christmas ornaments to sell as a way to raise funds for upcoming projects and when I saw the ornaments, one ornament, emblazoned with His name, reminded me of the baby in Bolivia.  And the Baby in Bethlehem……

Click the link to read the rest.  Here’s where we are these days… “

Be sure you sign up on our new website.  We will use it for ministry, missions, and blog purposes. 🙂
The ministry site is:

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Go For Launch

We have been so blessed.  I cannot come near knowing how to describe what I feel inside.

For the last few years–and still now, I have felt God nudging me along with “more” in store…”More” in my mind…like you walk into an ice cream shop–and you smell the freshly made waffle cones, but as you look down the long line of glass topped freezers, you know there is MORE in store –you haven’t yet tasted what your nose is telling you is there…but you know there’s MORE.

That’s what I’m feeling.

We have launched our ministry websiteFocus Foward Ministries, Inc.  We are so grateful for all the prayers–all the hearts that have joined–and for every donation (tax deductible) that will come in to help us buildreachteach/discipleminister–all for His glory and kingdom.  I know there’s more.  I believe for things I am yet to see come to pass.

There are children without homes or parents and they need a safe place to grow up.  There are babies that need to be held and loved.  There are sick who need tending–and water that needs pouring.

Our personal web address has changed for ministry purposes– and I hope you have signed up “over there” for email updates.  I cannot express the blessing YOU (dear reader)  have been in my journey of faith– you have prayed–lifted us up to our Father–and encouraged us.  thank you.

What lies ahead is exciting–but it will also STRETCH us all.  Yes, even you.

I read this morning in 1 Peter 1:8-9 HSCB:

“You love Him though you have not seen Him.  And though not seeing Him now, you believe in Him and rejoice with inexpressible and glorious joy, because you are receiving the goal of your faith, the salvation of your souls.”

What a powerful word to my heart this morning–YES, we’ve not seen Him in flesh–but through the power of the Holy Spirit, we have seen the activity of Jesus Christ–and the actions in others as they carry the Gospel to other nations, as they give everything in themselves to obey the call that God has burned in their soul.  We hope we can also be that example of faithful obedience.  That call is a burning–a feeling of more than indigestion–it’s a continual gripping of heart and soul.  For Jeff and myself, only satisfied when we are on that foreign soil.

Tears fall as I type this, because I know–the TRUTH in Christ and there are millions who don’t.  AND millions who’ve not had a chance.  And it’s our responsibility and duty as believers to insure that they get that chance….by whatever means we can.

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