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Thursday’s Compassion

Today is Thursday….thankfully. I have been so ready for this week to close…if we want to be real honest here…I am ready to have some time off. Off from work. Off from problems. Off away with my Lord. Time with my Father. I feel the urgency. The need.
As Wanda and I have been in the Beth Moore Bible Study, “Stepping Up”, we are studying the Psalms of Ascents. What can I say about this? Wow. That is me—doing the “woe is me” at times in my life. I have been right there with David and Solomon and the other few writers of the 15 Songs. These are found in Psalm 120-134. We start out in distress….but end up in praise to the Father! Take some time and read those. It is ministering to my heart.
Now to be thankful:
I am thankful for my honey. My sweet man. When I told him last night that I had ordered myself a new Bible for Valentines Day “from him” to take the load off him…he replied…”what if I wasn’t going to get you a new Bible?“….I smiled and said…“oh, you were”. I’ve had my eye on one on the Christian Book Distributors (it’s a parallel—4 versions!) and actually wanted it for Christmas…but didn’t voice it “loud enough”. So I decided to help him out.
(Remember he said stay out of Lifeway for a while—he forgot CBD 🙂 )
I am thankful for my family….and that we will have a precious new addition sometime in late September (thank you April and David for adding to our nest of grandchildren). I love being a grandmother more than I ever dreamed possible. I never thought in a kzillion years I’d be one at 46….but honey here I am!
I am thankful for the Lord meeting me every single time I pray. In the morning and at night. He’s there. And everytime we pray in between, He’s there as well. I don’t have to “recharge” my cell phone to talk to Him. It’s a free call.
I am thankful for the hope of heaven. My eternal home. Where I will FINALLY see my Lord —and all my family that has gone on before. AND we—you and me (the precious reader of this—if you know HIM) will be able to sit and talk…and worship the Father of all! And SING! AND REJOICE—and do all the things He has lined up for us to do! (You didn’t think it would be a sit around and be bored life did you?)
I love each of you! Please visit my sweet buddy Iris—she has graciously invited us all to sit a spell and enjoy all the other “thankful hearts” at her house (bloggity speaking of course)

Bloggers Conference!—no, I mean

A Speaking, Writing and Leadership Conference! (With special sessions for Bloggers!) Lysa TerKeurst from Proverbs 31 Ministries has asked Shannon, Melanie and Boo Mama to lead a couple of sessions on blogging at this summer’s She Speaks conference in Concord, North Carolina. The conference is scheduled for June 20-22, 2008 ! Lysa is also giving someone the opportunity to earn a scholarship to attend the conference if you (like me) are just always in the “low funds” area of life. (I know these are low funds days when my sweet man instructs me to “stay away” from LifeWay Christian Supply. He knows I have a tendency to “find” books I just “NEED”.) Lysa is having a scholarship contest right now so get over there.

I am pumped about this…REALLY wanting to go—-and part of the rules for entering is to tell a little about the conference (a) and to share why I would LOVE to win! EASY PEAZY! So here goes (a):

I can’t speak. I am not a speaker. NOT A SPEAKER. But I can write. Or at least I attempt at such. When asked to speak….I get scared. Break out in a rash on my neck. I get twitches in my eye. I get a “set” stomach (opposite of upset)—eewwww—maybe I shouldn’t have shared that.

But recently in prayer when it was God’s turn to hold the “talking stick”….I was silent and He said, “you can do all things through My strength.” I believed Him. I told Him I did not want to ever be like Moses and come up with excuses—knowing full well that a God who could burn a bush and not burn a bush at the same time…could absolutely give me the words and wisdom I needed for the hour at hand. So I need NEED to win (my extra funds are delegated for tires). I WANT to WIN. If that is what He wants. I do not pray for anything out of His divine plan for my puzzle pieced life. I simply [do my best] to wait on Him to fit the puzzle together. I try not to hand Him pieces that surely don’t fit [yet].

Besides learning to “speak”,—I can learn to write more effectively! AND learn how to submit some of these rambling thoughts to a publisher who can turn it into something beneficial for others! I can get some needed “bloggin’ help as well!

So….girlfriend….if you would like to participate in this awesome contest…head over to Lysa’s! If you aren’t participating…but want to pray….PRAY FOR ME! Not to win. But, to be in His will….wherever it takes me. (Or, if you have an extra $500 laying around catching dust…it can be tax-deductible donation—if you send me! That’s what I read here.)

I so love all my readers and fellow bloggers. I would love to meet you all! If I have the opportunity to attend (by a miracle–and I do believe), then we can actually sit down for that long hoped for cup of coffee!


This awesome picture was created by a special friend ~ her words…”our prayers need to be constant like the tides”. Thank you Lori for the picture….for the thoughts …. for the prayers.

We have noticed something new Rylan is doing. Tracing. Everything. From letters on pages to the carvings in my dining room chairs to the lines on Pa-pa’s face. He is tracing the imprint—-the impression made by something else that has forever changed the image. That is what prayer does. It changes things. It changes hearts, touches lives. Prayer moves the heart of God into action. Not that His heart is ever inactive. It’s not. His heart is always moving, feeling, loving, in action. But when He sees His children on their knees on behalf of another, all of heaven is moved. It is a selfless act of humbling ourselves down to go before the Father for “someone” else.

Sometimes we don’t want to “bother” someone else with our needs. We feel they have enough of their own. But the Lord instructs us in His Word “Pray one for another” James 5:16 “Confess your faults one to another, and pray one for another, that ye may be healed. The effectual fervent prayer of a righteous man availeth much”.

I began to call on friends and extended family for prayer when Wanda became so sick in December. Pride kept me from calling on them sooner. But when the Doctors report came back with such negativity….I felt like pride was no longer an issue. It no longer mattered what I may look like.

No sooner had Wanda gotten home from the hospital when the enemy struck in other areas of our lives. Through other circumstances and family members lives. I ask myself, what is up? What is going on? Haven’t we had enough trouble?

The best answer to that was found today on Vicki’s site “Windows to my Soul“….you MUST go read her words to this quote from the book by T. Austin Sparks “Stripping Down to Christ Alone” (1930)
We shall soon find a tremendous pressing down of the powers of darkness upon this earth, using the world-powers to such a degree and in such ways as to eclipse anything which has hitherto been. This is in full accord with the Word of God. There will be one, and only one, hope for God’s people: their knowledge of Him in Christ….

Vicki, I so agree with your thoughts “Friends, we need grace to stand in these difficult times, but this grace is not something God dispenses apart from Himself. The Lord Jesus Christ IS grace – and we experience Him all the more as we continually let Him renew us inwardly in His Word daily”.

My heart aches with the needs of my friends and family. My heart aches for those I have never met, but feel such a bond like I cannot believe could exist. My answer? Prayer. In the times of trials in my life…I can only tell you relief and answers came only after my face was to the floor on behalf of the one in crisis. Only then did I have peace in my heart—-once I had completely surrendered to the Father. On the altar. On the days when my heart and mind was so muddled I couldn’t make a complete sentence —- or so I thought—God could take all of that with my tears and answer a prayer. He could give peace to the muddle-minded-me.

I have put out a unusual request to some of my friends and family that I knew had a need in their life—or if I felt the Lord direct me, for their handprint. In a conversation with my sister Aimee last week we have been talking a lot about the urgent need for prayer for some family situations. I BELIEVE God can do miracles. I sat beside one such miracle Sunday. Her name was Wanda. Yes, my sister Wanda sat beside me —- sisters—–without her oxygen. (Go back and read my post on Sisters of Faith where the doctors said she would always need it!) Can I get a GLORY HALLELUJAH! Some of you don’t know what we faced with her. But that’s okay. You don’t have to know the whole story….just know that God has brought my sweet sister from the door of death back into life. God is not finished with her! The doctors just “thought” she was done. NOT.

We have some more situations in our family that are urgent. We have some situations in our district and churches that are critical. God is on His throne–He knows and sees exactly what is going on….even in the heart. He has not been on a snow-skiing vacation or a cruise! He’s right there—here—where you need Him. Where I need Him. I know there are some needs in our circle of bloggers. God is ready. Able. We are praying. We are believing.

What Aimee and I are doing with our family is tracing (or having them do it if they don’t live near enough to visit) their hand print. Simple, old fashioned, much like your mom may have done to entertain you while you were in church. On white copy paper with a pencil. Or it can be scanned and e-mailed in. We are writing their name, and for our benefit the “specific need” and date. We are keeping these in a book that I’m calling “my prayer book”. No it’s not magical. No, it doesn’t mean anything weird. But I can’t go to them to pray with them, so this will be my point of contact and my reminder of them. I have asked some friends for their hand prints as well, so that I can have a point of contact to pray. This idea came when Aimee remembered that when Emilie Barnes was sick with cancer, she traced off her hand and put it on her website for her readers to copy and pray. I believe in the power of prayer. Not in the power of paper hands. But the power of the Blood of the Lord that was shed for you and me….for by His stripes we are healed. 1 Peter 2:24 “Who his own self bare our sins in his own body on the tree, that we, being dead to sins, should live unto righteousness: by whose stripes ye were healed”.

I have said a lot tonight. Much more could be said. But the point is to pray. Pray like we’ve never prayed before. Don’t stop. The enemy sure isn’t going to stop. Trials will continue, but we have a blessed hope. Connie from “Little Red Hearts” reminded me “But behold….we know how the story ends.”

No matter the conflict arising in our families…prayer can change things. She also reminded me of the verse “Wherever two or more are gathered in My name there I will be” (Matthew 18:20) So, sisters, gather in the hands of your family members—near and far—and pray.


I don’t normally do this….but since I refrained all year last year from participating, I decided this year I would do this ONE and ONLY meme. For Susan at Forever His—because she is so sweet to me and always encourages me. So blame her if you came here looking for something else today and was disappointed with me.

I didn’t realize that meme’s had rules…but they do.

The rules for this meme are:

(1) Link to the person that tagged you. (check)

(2) Post the rules on your blog. (check)

(3) Share six non-important things/habits/quirks about yourself. (check)

(4) Tag six random people at the end of your post by linking to their blogs. (check) (yes I realize I went over….but it’s Saturday…and it’s raining….and I have been wanting to have a cup of coffee with each of these girls!

(5) Let each random person know they have been tagged by leaving a comment on their website. (check)

Okay….my six non-important things/habit/quirks….hmmmm let me see…there are so many non-importants here….and I am very quirky….got lot’s of habits too….which to list….

1) I hate touching elevator buttons and buggies at stores—and so I keep anit-bactierial “wet ones” in my truck and in my purse. Okay, so I drive an SUV, but I call it a truck. I am a truck kind of girl.

2) I have a big box of pictures/scrapbook stuff under the bed in the boys room that I promise my self I will do….and still haven’t. I have completed one (1) scrapbook. It was for the first grandson. I have 3 more to do. It’s just something I save until I have nothing else to do. There is ALWAYS something else to do.

3) I don’t like clutter, but I love stuff. (That really doesn’t make sense.) I love books. I have shelves and shelves in my miniscule library stuffed with books. (My honey told me just this morning that my recent purchases from “Lifeway Christian Supply” really could have waited. He’s right. I just didn’t think so at the time.)

4) I live in the panhandle of Florida. But ALWAYS wanted to spend a winter season where it snowed. ALOT. But my idea of the perfect winter is, plenty of food stocked….firewood for the fireplace that is gigantic (my idea remember?) lots of books and Bibles stacked up on shelves, all my favorite CD’s to listen to and some really good “old” movies, lots of hot chocolate, coffee, sweets when necessary, cozy quilts to cuddle by the gigantic fireplace, a few outdoor activties to feel the brisk cold and to remind me that I am alive—all tucked in a big cabin on a lake in the mountains….–plus—a Barnes and Noble, TJ Maxx, Bed Bath & Beyond, Target, Publix and Lowes’ nestled at the bottom of the mountain for the days when I have cabin fever. Not that I would know what cabin fever felt like…but at least it’d be there if I had symptoms.

5) I sing loud when I’m alone. I used to sing in our home church choir. Things are not the same in these passing years I have no desire nor inclination to sing in front of anyone. I sing to the Lord alone, LOUD, in my truck on the way to work. Many times I sing when Jeff’s with me. Not quite as loud. Not sure if he would appreciate it as much as Jesus does.

6) I have a bit of temper at times. Shocked you didn’t I? Well, we’ve all got something. Sometimes I speak before I think. I try hard not to. But sometimes it just comes flyin’ out. Sometimes it’s a blisterin’ (as my mother used to refer to a spanking—“Angie, I am going to blister you rear end!”) She did. I always apologize when I feel the Lord speak to me. Once—I tell you the truth…I blistered an ex-boyfriend of Tiffany’s. He was an ex and wouldn’t accept it. She was of driving age and had our car…and came flying in the drive way…with him right behind her….She ran in the house —covered in fear—well you know what this hundred and ahem pound mama did….you got that right. If I would have had a shot gun…his britches would be full of lead—-lucky for him I didn’t. Lucky for me too. I was full of mama-rage. Mama-rage and protecting her children is a dangerous thing. Anyway, I did the next best thing. I tore him up verbally. The apology came a few years later when the Lord crossed our paths in an odd situation. I knew it was God. The minute I saw him the Lord spoke clear to my heart….

“Apologize Angie”.

“Do You really think it’s necessary Lord? He may not even remember.”

“But you do. Now, apologize.”

“Yes Lord.” And I did. I truly was sorry.

So there you have it! 6 weird things about me. Not important things. See, the sin has been covered by the blood of the Lamb! And the mountain winter… could happen….if I had a kzillion dollars….and could stand being away from my grandchildren that long….which I couldn’t…so I take that back….it probably won’t happen.

Now for my six victims! Yes—-girls….go back and look at Susan’s…she added cute pictures…I didn’t have time to. Hers was really neat.

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Sorry for going overboard….but I couldn’t help myself!

Wanda’s 1st Post!

Yeah! Sister!

Girls~if you have stopped over here to read—to take a breather—find some encouragement…let me direct you to Wanda’s first post! Taa-daa! I feel this is quite appropriate….”God’s Waiting Room” is the title…sounds good Sister! (I actually know it is because I read it first!)

Wanda had a good doctor visit yesterday and we are expecting the LORD to finish His good work!

I will be back later on this weekend for a devotion the Lord is burning in my heart. I love you all!

It’s Blooming!- by Aimee Douglas

Look ya’ll, it’s blooming!
Right in the dead of winter. It’s a type “Wandering Jew”.
I didn’t even know it could bloom- first time ever! It’s a beaut!

When I saw it this morning I felt like I heard a little whisper in my ear. “See even in the hard places I can bring forth a blossom!”

The wilderness and the solitary place shall be glad for them; and the desert shall rejoice, and blossom…Isaiah 35:1

Thank you Lord for reminding me today of your love through a simple houseplant I’ve been caring for. (Sometimes it gets water, sometimes it doesn’t- it’s a wonder it survived, poor thing- maybe I need to call it “Wonder It Survives.” (There’s a Blog for you Angie!!)

The Lord is so good! In the same chapter of Isaiah, it reads: Strengthen ye the weak hands, and confirm the feeble knees. Say to them that are of a fearful heart, Be strong, fear not behold, your God will come with vengeance, even God with a recompense; he will come and save you……verse 6 says ….for in the wilderness shall waters break out, and streams in the desert.

Ooooh I’m getting excited! – when I need water the Lord is there with water!

Some time ago I found a little saying by Barbara Johnson that said, “Every flower that ever bloomed had to go through a whole lot of dirt to get there.” Sistas, we are coming up out of the dirt. I have to tell you the rest of this chapter in Isaiah just gets better. Listen to this: verse 9 says: No lion shall be there, nor any ravenous beast shall go up thereon, it shall not be found there; but the redeemed shall walk there: verse 10 says: And the ransomed of the Lord shall return, and come to Zion with songs and everlasting joy upon their heads; they shall obtain joy and gladness, and sorrow and sighing shall flee away.

We can shout now! That’s good! I’ve been in some dirt lately, but I’m coming up walking and singing!!! (By faith now sisters)

If you hadn’t read Wanda’s blog yet scroll on down it will touch you very deeply. It’s about waiting on the Lord, and sometimes we’re in the dirt waiting… Wanda can tell you what to do through the message from her heart. Thanks Wanda, I truly needed that!

Ya’ll come back now, ya here ( they say that on the Beverly Hillbillies, Wanda, just had to say it again – I like saying it okay?) I’m working on a novel -blog (so my husband calls it) coming up about “Misunderstood Women.” C U soon!

Below is another houseplant blooming, I call it “Mixed up Cactus” it’s really a Christmas Cactus, but the crazy thing didn’t start blooming till January and I already took all my Christmas stuff down- oh well, it’s pretty! Anyway, I needed the blooms more now, I guess. Thank you again, Lord!

Keeping the Faith,

The Sisters Aimee

God’s Waiting Room

Isaiah 40:31 But they that wait upon the LORD shall renew their strength; they shall mount up with wings as eagles; they shall run, and not be weary; and they shall walk, and not faint.

Have you ever had to wait on something? Waiting is sometimes the hardest thing to do. In this life of instant everything….perhaps we forgotten how to “wait”.

These are some thoughts that have been on my mind in this most recent episode of heart problems. I have had health issues all of my life—so you would think I would be used to the onslaught of enemy attack by now. Or at the very least, I would know what and when to expect it. But yet again….I am caught off guard. In my weakened physical condition…the enemy attacks the spiritual “me”. Isn’t that where we are all most vunerable?

I have spent my fair share of time in waiting rooms. Waiting is tiring. Watching others come and go…while I am still waiting. When we are in God’s waiting room it is for a reason. He may be trying to speak to us. Are we listening? Or, have we forgotten how to listen? In this noisy world we live, do we find ourselves just listening to the roar of the world, instead of keeping our ear tuned for the calming voice of the Lord?

Do you hear….from the depths of your heart….”be still and know that I am God”…. It’s time to stop and listen. Sometimes difficulties may enter our lives to “slow us down”. I have discovered that many times we “cover up” the voice of the Lord with busyness. We stay so busy we have no time to spend in prayer or the Word. Are we afraid of what He might say….or are we afraid of what He might ask us to do? I have found myself feeling this. In discussing this with my sisters, we all seem to feel this way. Afraid of what He might require us to do. We need to remember—He won’t ask us to do anything that He won’t guide, direct and qualify us to do.

When we finally stop and listen, however the “listening” came about, it is worth the wait. We realize with clarity that the enemy was trying to “steal” something from us all along. He kept our focus and attention on other things….demanding things. But we must stop—-and listen.

Since I have been home from the hospital, I have found myself being attacked during the night—by the enemy of my soul. When I am plagued with thoughts of fear and the uncertainties of life, I try and pull as many scriptures in as I can recall, almost as if I am pulling up a comforting quilt to warm my body and soul. A couple of my “strength verses” are, “By His stripes we are healed”; and “Greater is He that is in me, than He that is in the world”. I have to remind myself over and over of the promises of the Father in order to get even a minute of peace. Sleep does not come easy these days. I cling to the promises of the Lord. I am listening to His voice—I want to be obedient to His calling.

Jehovah-Shammah ~ the Lord is there;
Jehovah-Rophe ~ the Lord who heals; and
Jehovah-Shalom ~ the Lord is peace.
Thank you for praying for me. Keep it up. The Lord is not finished yet!

Keeping the Faith,

The Sisters (Thoughts from Wanda’s noteboook–typed by Angie)