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A Camping We Will Go!

I did tell you we were having the boys (some of them) this weekend….well, we had this bright idea! Set up the tent in the living room….
Well, sounded good…on the surface….but then there was the size….and the fact that you could watch TV from only one other place in the living room….and then there was the noise…that the zipper made…CONSTANLY….open-closed-open-closed-open-well, my hair is barely hanging on….but they had fun. That’s what counts right? Matters not that I didn’t get any cleaning done…they are only 6, 4 1/2 and 1 1/2 once in their lives!

We made “ninja food”…because, of course Zackary wanted to play Ninja….and trucks…and trains…and Legos….and he was something I never could quite make out…Monja Man—or something…and Rylan was Bondo Boy…whatever that is…does that mean his drives a Bondo car???

What was funny, in listening to them was, Zackary would stand outside the tent and “ring” a pretend doorbell (by the way, the tent was also called a “cave”)—do caves have doorbells? Anyway, Rylan would say “just a minute”…in a cute voice — all the while little Cy was trying his best to “play where he could”…

Zackary was quick to “tell” me if someone was not playing right. He is the little tattletale of the bunch that was here.

All in all…Papa and I are pooped. No, for this bunch I did NOT clean house before they got here. The cleaning is done after they leave.

Stop back by, once my sanity returns…I will post a devotion.



I am amazed! Okay, so Loni, over at “Writing Canvas” had this drawing for a book, I was so interested in….and I went to Barnes and Noble after work to see if they had it….they were out. They’d order me one…but I decided to wait and check out “Life Way Christian Supply” the next day. Well, with things as they are in life….I forgot.

But I recieved this awesome e-mail from Loni tonight…..and ….did I tell you I won?
I can’t wait to begin! (Well, I guess I will have to wait until she sends it!)
Thank you Loni! And, if you are one of my regular readers and know your way around this place a bit….take a look at my side bar…you will notice some new places to go and be refreshed in the Lord!

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