Daily Archives: January 22, 2008

Time for Prayer

Last night before I lay my completely (still) exhausted body down, I read several wonderful blog posts. A very urgent need this morning is found over on my sidebar. Living in Grace with Kelli has a special need in her life and body. God can direct this situation in such a manner that He will be glorified and Kelli can be whole.

If you are a regular visitor here, I appreciate your prayers for Wanda. She is home….and miraculously, God is doing wonders daily! Please continue to lift her up in prayer to the Father.

This morning I had a phone call from a young wife and mother who needs the power of God to move in her family. Not only in her home, but in her personal life in Christ. She is struggling but striving. Aren’t we all? I can’t give her name, but we will call her “young mother”. I have another special friend that needs prayer in a broken relationship. So many hurting. So much pain. Only our Father has the answer. Lord, help us to listen.

In several conversations that transpired over the weekend…some in hushed tones, some loudly, I heard some of the same words. It was funny to begin with…then not so much as I realized we do the same thing…. The conversation went something like this:

Zackary to Rylan: “Wylan, can I have deese caars? Say yes Wylan.” “Wylan, tell Nana that you gave me deese caars.” “Wylan can I have dis twuck? Say yes.”

Rylan to Zackary: “Zakry, tan I hab your finch fies? Say yes.”

Back and forth…all weekend long they went. Fortunately, they didn’t try and persuade Cy to give up anything. When I would scold Zackary about trying to get Rylan to give up something that had been given to him as a gift…he would continue, only in quieter tones (hoping I would not hear).

Do we do that? In prayer, do we pray about a specific need and then tell God what He should say or do on our behalf? I think I probably have. As a matter of fact, I do remember a time when, out of frustration in a certain situation, I prayed that God would just “do this or that”…

I’m not the Creator of this vast universe. Nor did I breathe life into anything. I have no business telling God what to do with what He created. I am to obey. Trust. Believe. Have faith that He knows what is best….and what to do.

I know where the boys get this from. This deal of telling the other what to say in response to every question. Us. In teaching them how to talk, we constantly are saying “Say Mama”, or “Say Nana” “Say bye-bye”. When they repeat us, it’s cute. But when we start trying to tell God what to say or do in a situation, it’s not cute.

I am more focused on what comes out of my mouth to my little ones. I need to be a Christlike example. They will mimic us. We need to be careful of the things we do and say. It will show up in them. Whether now or in the years to come….in many cases, they will live the way they have been shown. I want them to see Jesus. In me. All the time.

The Blessing of a Sister

Sisters are special. To have one is a blessing. To have more than one is incredible. Although growing up….you may not think so…you will reach a time in your life that your sister will be your very best friend. Mine are.


Your sister knows your faults….and loves you anyway. I have tons….and they love me anyway!
(Jodi…why don’t I have a picture of you???)

My Earrings are HERE!

My earrings arrived! Thank you Chris!!! I am blessed to have found her! If you (my sweet readers) would like some new treat for yourself….go to my sidebar and find Chris Kerr Jewelry. She creates and sells “one-of-a-kind” treasures!

If you know me, you are thinking….what is wrong with your face??? Well, sinus problems jumped on me in full force last night…along with lack of sleep (have I told you about the night sweats? Have I told you that I don’t sleep….but instead flip from on top of the covers to under the covers—with a ceiling fan on…and the window partially opened and it’s about 40° outside at night)…anyway…for the past SEVERAL nights….this has caused the “lack of rest” look. Or maybe that’s just the way it is at this stage/age…..
ANYWAY….this is about the earrings…not me! Thank you Chris (they match my glasses!) (Which I wear only when I want to see)