Thursday’s Compassion

Today is Thursday….thankfully. I have been so ready for this week to close…if we want to be real honest here…I am ready to have some time off. Off from work. Off from problems. Off away with my Lord. Time with my Father. I feel the urgency. The need.
As Wanda and I have been in the Beth Moore Bible Study, “Stepping Up”, we are studying the Psalms of Ascents. What can I say about this? Wow. That is me—doing the “woe is me” at times in my life. I have been right there with David and Solomon and the other few writers of the 15 Songs. These are found in Psalm 120-134. We start out in distress….but end up in praise to the Father! Take some time and read those. It is ministering to my heart.
Now to be thankful:
I am thankful for my honey. My sweet man. When I told him last night that I had ordered myself a new Bible for Valentines Day “from him” to take the load off him…he replied…”what if I wasn’t going to get you a new Bible?“….I smiled and said…“oh, you were”. I’ve had my eye on one on the Christian Book Distributors (it’s a parallel—4 versions!) and actually wanted it for Christmas…but didn’t voice it “loud enough”. So I decided to help him out.
(Remember he said stay out of Lifeway for a while—he forgot CBD 🙂 )
I am thankful for my family….and that we will have a precious new addition sometime in late September (thank you April and David for adding to our nest of grandchildren). I love being a grandmother more than I ever dreamed possible. I never thought in a kzillion years I’d be one at 46….but honey here I am!
I am thankful for the Lord meeting me every single time I pray. In the morning and at night. He’s there. And everytime we pray in between, He’s there as well. I don’t have to “recharge” my cell phone to talk to Him. It’s a free call.
I am thankful for the hope of heaven. My eternal home. Where I will FINALLY see my Lord —and all my family that has gone on before. AND we—you and me (the precious reader of this—if you know HIM) will be able to sit and talk…and worship the Father of all! And SING! AND REJOICE—and do all the things He has lined up for us to do! (You didn’t think it would be a sit around and be bored life did you?)
I love each of you! Please visit my sweet buddy Iris—she has graciously invited us all to sit a spell and enjoy all the other “thankful hearts” at her house (bloggity speaking of course)

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20 responses to “Thursday’s Compassion

  • Tami Boesiger

    Sittin’ around talking is my idea of heaven too. See ya there, babe.

  • Denise

    Such a precious thankful list, blessings to you.

  • twinklemom

    What a beautiful list!! Thank you for sharing that and it was a blessing reading your’s!

  • Susan

    Hi Angie,Congrats on the new addition, I have one coming in September too! Neat…Oh, I can’t wait to do Beth Moore’s new teaching. Sounds great.Your bible sounds awesome, your husband is so THOUGHTFUL! (Ha Ha) I help my husband out too.Blessings…

  • Chris

    Angie,Happy Day for another grandbaby on the way, you young grandma! What a lovely list of blessings. You brightened my morning and encouraged me to focus on the Lord. Thank you 🙂

  • genny

    Thats a great list of TT thanks for sharing this. Take care always. May God bless you and your family.

  • lori

    another grandbaby and a bible….now there’s a list for you!!!thankful hearts do make such a difference in THURSDAY’s don’t they???that little tag below just FITS here, you know;)!raising hands in thanksgiving and faith….with you!!!hugs girlfriend….and you really ARE a young gram….:) HOW FUN!!!!lori

  • Heather@Mommymonk

    Hope you get your much needed rest this weekend!

  • Love Bears All Things

    A beautiful list!I love being a grandmother. My first was born when I was 44. Now I have 7. And they are growing up really fast. Enjoy the babies.I almost cried toward the end. I sometimes think about what heaven will be like. Now my sweet Momma and Daddy are there. Okay, enough.Blessing on your week.Mama Bear

  • ellen b.

    Praying for you right now Angie that God will sustain you through the rest of your week and give you sweet refreshment this weekend. Congratualations on the new life headed your way….

  • Robin

    I always love your lists! And I especially love how you are getting your Valentine’s gift! And I’m going to be a grandma too – in June – and I can’t wait. God has blessed us so much!I hope you get some good time off – and that your time with the Lord is rich and full of blessing.

  • Cheryl

    Its always good to hear about the coming of a new addition to the family. I love your words. Great Thankful Post. Thanks and God Bless!

  • Marsha

    That would be a wonderful study! I’ll have to look into that one. Starting next week, we’ll be picking apart Psalm 103 for a month – M-F, maybe Saturday’s, too. Congratulations, Grandma! I’m so happy for you! I just love my 5 at 55!

  • Nise'

    How wonderful!! A new grandbaby. I am so looking forward to that time as well (kids need to get married first!).


    Beautiful post! Thank you for sharing your heart with us. Have a relaxed, content, God-filled weekend.

  • Lynn

    Hi Angie,What a sweet and heart filled post. I always love to stop in here and be encouraged. Sounds like you need a break. A lot of us out in bloggityland need one.Pray you have plenty of time to cuddle up in the Savior’s arms. Love you, Lynn

  • Beloved MaMa

    Beautiful…you have such a sweet spirit! I love your music too 🙂

  • Tiffany Stuart

    There’s something that feeds the hunger of my soul when I thank God. And then when I read other blogs, I get even more thankful. It’s amazing how Thursdays are now one of my favorite days.That Bible sounds wonderful. I love the way Scripture pops when I read it in an umfamiliar version.I am thankful for you, Angie.Hope you had a wonderful weekend. I’m dead tired, but inspired, after a four day writers conference.What fun. Focusing on God, meeting new friends, and learning more about the craft.I’ll be back!Hugs!

  • eph2810

    LOL – I don’t mind if you would come over to me ‘real’ house either, Angie. I wouldn’t mind already having a little foretaste of heaven 🙂I am always happy too when Thursday rolls around, but now it is Sunday night – my back is hurting and I have to go back to work tomorrow…but I will ask the Lord to give me a cheerful heart when I head out for work 🙂Thank you so much for sharing your grateful heart with us this week.Be blessed today and always.

  • eph2810

    PS: Congrats to becoming a grandma again 🙂 – I hope that all will go well during the pregnancy 🙂Oh – and how sweet of your belove to get you a Bible for Valentines day *grin*

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