Wanda’s 1st Post!

Yeah! Sister!

Girls~if you have stopped over here to read—to take a breather—find some encouragement…let me direct you to Wanda’s first post! Taa-daa! I feel this is quite appropriate….”God’s Waiting Room” is the title…sounds good Sister! (I actually know it is because I read it first!)

Wanda had a good doctor visit yesterday and we are expecting the LORD to finish His good work!

I will be back later on this weekend for a devotion the Lord is burning in my heart. I love you all!

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On a journey with purpose, with my best friend and love of my life! View all posts by Angie Knight

2 responses to “Wanda’s 1st Post!

  • Susan

    Hi Angie,I tried going to your friends’s post but there was no link?Well I’m here to tell you I’ve tagged you for a fun meme.Hope you can participate!

  • Denise

    Angie,,,,,, thanks for stopping by my Samaritan Women and I am glad you enjoyed the lesson… you come back anytime and I do love your blog.. and I have popped over to see Wanda’s and I will go back tomorrow and read more…….. blessings

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