Bloggers Conference!—no, I mean

A Speaking, Writing and Leadership Conference! (With special sessions for Bloggers!) Lysa TerKeurst from Proverbs 31 Ministries has asked Shannon, Melanie and Boo Mama to lead a couple of sessions on blogging at this summer’s She Speaks conference in Concord, North Carolina. The conference is scheduled for June 20-22, 2008 ! Lysa is also giving someone the opportunity to earn a scholarship to attend the conference if you (like me) are just always in the “low funds” area of life. (I know these are low funds days when my sweet man instructs me to “stay away” from LifeWay Christian Supply. He knows I have a tendency to “find” books I just “NEED”.) Lysa is having a scholarship contest right now so get over there.

I am pumped about this…REALLY wanting to go—-and part of the rules for entering is to tell a little about the conference (a) and to share why I would LOVE to win! EASY PEAZY! So here goes (a):

I can’t speak. I am not a speaker. NOT A SPEAKER. But I can write. Or at least I attempt at such. When asked to speak….I get scared. Break out in a rash on my neck. I get twitches in my eye. I get a “set” stomach (opposite of upset)—eewwww—maybe I shouldn’t have shared that.

But recently in prayer when it was God’s turn to hold the “talking stick”….I was silent and He said, “you can do all things through My strength.” I believed Him. I told Him I did not want to ever be like Moses and come up with excuses—knowing full well that a God who could burn a bush and not burn a bush at the same time…could absolutely give me the words and wisdom I needed for the hour at hand. So I need NEED to win (my extra funds are delegated for tires). I WANT to WIN. If that is what He wants. I do not pray for anything out of His divine plan for my puzzle pieced life. I simply [do my best] to wait on Him to fit the puzzle together. I try not to hand Him pieces that surely don’t fit [yet].

Besides learning to “speak”,—I can learn to write more effectively! AND learn how to submit some of these rambling thoughts to a publisher who can turn it into something beneficial for others! I can get some needed “bloggin’ help as well!

So….girlfriend….if you would like to participate in this awesome contest…head over to Lysa’s! If you aren’t participating…but want to pray….PRAY FOR ME! Not to win. But, to be in His will….wherever it takes me. (Or, if you have an extra $500 laying around catching dust…it can be tax-deductible donation—if you send me! That’s what I read here.)

I so love all my readers and fellow bloggers. I would love to meet you all! If I have the opportunity to attend (by a miracle–and I do believe), then we can actually sit down for that long hoped for cup of coffee!

6 thoughts on “Bloggers Conference!—no, I mean”

  1. I’ve been wanting to do this conference for the past 3 years! My hubby told me if I could pinch pennies out of my budget, he’d work on matching my funds. I’ll try to win, though.Hopefully we’ll get to meet up over there and enjoy some wonderful teaching.

  2. Angie,I hope you win, however your blogging is already awesome. You really bless my heart. You are so full of personality in your writings, and I know without a doubt God has a plan for your life because you are “a mighty woman of God.” Love and prayers!

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