Daily Archives: January 31, 2008

Thursday’s Compassion

Today is Thursday….thankfully. I have been so ready for this week to close…if we want to be real honest here…I am ready to have some time off. Off from work. Off from problems. Off away with my Lord. Time with my Father. I feel the urgency. The need.
As Wanda and I have been in the Beth Moore Bible Study, “Stepping Up”, we are studying the Psalms of Ascents. What can I say about this? Wow. That is me—doing the “woe is me” at times in my life. I have been right there with David and Solomon and the other few writers of the 15 Songs. These are found in Psalm 120-134. We start out in distress….but end up in praise to the Father! Take some time and read those. It is ministering to my heart.
Now to be thankful:
I am thankful for my honey. My sweet man. When I told him last night that I had ordered myself a new Bible for Valentines Day “from him” to take the load off him…he replied…”what if I wasn’t going to get you a new Bible?“….I smiled and said…“oh, you were”. I’ve had my eye on one on the Christian Book Distributors (it’s a parallel—4 versions!) and actually wanted it for Christmas…but didn’t voice it “loud enough”. So I decided to help him out.
(Remember he said stay out of Lifeway for a while—he forgot CBD 🙂 )
I am thankful for my family….and that we will have a precious new addition sometime in late September (thank you April and David for adding to our nest of grandchildren). I love being a grandmother more than I ever dreamed possible. I never thought in a kzillion years I’d be one at 46….but honey here I am!
I am thankful for the Lord meeting me every single time I pray. In the morning and at night. He’s there. And everytime we pray in between, He’s there as well. I don’t have to “recharge” my cell phone to talk to Him. It’s a free call.
I am thankful for the hope of heaven. My eternal home. Where I will FINALLY see my Lord —and all my family that has gone on before. AND we—you and me (the precious reader of this—if you know HIM) will be able to sit and talk…and worship the Father of all! And SING! AND REJOICE—and do all the things He has lined up for us to do! (You didn’t think it would be a sit around and be bored life did you?)
I love each of you! Please visit my sweet buddy Iris—she has graciously invited us all to sit a spell and enjoy all the other “thankful hearts” at her house (bloggity speaking of course)