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Are You a Who?

Let’s take a walk…
We won’t go far, but I do my best thinking…walking.

Oswald Chambers wrote, “Faith must be tested, because it can be turned into a personal possession only through conflict.”

I usually scan the page before I dive in. Sort of like testing the waters, looking for the best place to wade out into the cool refreshment for the hot, weary body. On the day of this devotion (August 29th if you are following along), I read the passage of scripture first.

John 11:40 Then Jesus said, “Did I not tell you that if you believed, you would see the glory of God?” (NIV)

If you have the book, “My Utmost for His Highest”, I urge you to go to the day marked, August 29th and read it all. It’s all about faith.

Chambers asked the question, “What is your faith up against right now?”

When I read that I knew immediately what my faith was up against. The Bloggers Retreat.

Do I have the faith? That’s easy. Yes. I have the faith to believe that God laid this right smack-dab on my heart to do for Him this year. He was even more specific. This fall.

What had bothered me, was my lack of faith for the “who” would attend. Last year, for the “Sisters Retreat”, I prayed about the “who” to invite. The Lord told me rather plainly. I had no doubts. But this one, has been different.

After mulling this over for days and weeks on end, causing a great amount of acid reflux. I stopped. I prayed. I did what I was taught. I gave it up to God.

The “who” has already been decided. Those who have the faith to believe God can.

God can— what?


Do you actually believe God can do anything?

Yes. Anything that He so choses to do—He can do.

What about the other stuff?

What other stuff?

The stuff He can’t do.

Is there stuff He can’t do?

The angel, Gabriel said to Mary, in Luke 1:37 “For nothing is impossible with God.” (emphasis mine)

In the almost 48 years I’ve lived, I’ve never been in a place where God could not be. Where God could not do. Or, where God could not go.

He has reached down His mighty hand–extending to me the gift of grace when I was most undeserving.

He has been in the driest desert place with me when I thought I was all alone.

He has gone the distance with me when I thought my feet were traveling solo.

I know–and believe with all my heart that God has a plan for particular women who are ready today, to give it all up for Him and walk on a higher place. They are ready to see things they’ve never seen before and feel the power of God coursing through their veins, that perhaps they’ve only read about before.

I believe there are women out there ready. I believe there are women ready to see the miraculous in the everyday. The journey is not going to be easy. Ease is not promised. As a matter of fact, trouble is what is promised. But friend, take heart! He is your deliverer! Your high tower! Your fortress!

John 16:33
“I have told you these things, so that in me you may have peace. In this world you will have trouble. But take heart! I have overcome the world.” NIV

On our trip to Lake City a few weeks ago, as mother and I were reading to each other, I paused and asked her at what point in her life did she feel that she had finally laid everything aside—and was ready to walk wherever He called? Her reply startled me.

“Sixty. When I turned sixty years old I think. I don’t know exactly why, but I had gotten to a place where I just knew God had more for me and I was ready.”

Mother has been a follower of Christ Jesus longer than I’ve been alive. She has done everything from keeping the books for the church, to playing the piano for the women’s jail ministry, teaching classes, and sewing costumes for church productions. The list goes on and on. BUT she felt that God had more. And He does.

Tears fill my eyes now as I think of the years I have wasted not being willing to lay it all down.

I decided a few weeks ago to get my passport ready. I’ve never had a passport, nor have I ever been on a plane. But now, I believe I am at the “willing place” in my life. I’ve never been here before. Not in this exact spot. Oh, I’ve been “willing”—but there has always been something that I held back. Some part of me I didn’t trust Him enough to let go of.

Today I’m ready. I trust Him—not my circumstances. Not my finances. Not my job. But Him.

News flash! I’m not worried about the “who” any longer. The who has been decided. The “who” are the ready. The “who” are the willing. The “who” has the faith to believe for mighty things of God!

Is the “who” you?

I’m just asking….


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I broke my promise

This morning, I was going to do my devotional very quick and get right on to Saturday’s chores.

But the Word of the LORD came fresh and slamming into my heart as God opened up this verse:

John 11:40 “Said I not unto thee, that, if thou wouldest believe, thou shouldest see the glory of God?” KJV

Oh folks, that ties right into the devotion I wrote this week for the Internet Cafe`.

If you have time, visit there today and read the true story of a precious prodigal son, who is coming home! I may not see it with the natural eye, but I can see it clearly in my spiritual eye!

I broke my promise not to turn on the computer on the weekends just because I BELIEVE with all my heart this message is for someone. Is it for you?

I pray that you find His arm comforting and His shoulder firm as you lean into His love!


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Just so you know…

I haven’t fallen off the face of the earth…and just so you know…I can still type and all that jazz…

Just so you know…I posted over at the “hormone site”.

The weekend was FULL to overflowing with projects and grandchildren. What was your weekend like?
There is a verse that I shared at the “Steppin’ Out Retreat” in Lake City a couple of weekends ago, I want to share it with you now—

“But these things I plan won’t happen right away. Slowly, steadily, surely, the time approaches when the vision will be fulfilled. If it seems slow, do not despair, for these things will surely come to pass. Just be patient! They will not be overdue a single day!” Habakkuk 2:3 (TLB)

Do you have a vision in your heart or mind that you feel burning to be released? I have for years! My desire is to share Jesus—in every way I possibly can. To be used for HIM—until I am used up and spent for His glory!

As I drove home one day two weeks ago, I found myself praying, crying out to Him and really just amazed that He could find a way to use me! (Isn’t that just like us…pray to be used and then be surprised when He calls on us!)

I asked Him quite plainly, “why Lord, couldn’t You have used me when I was cute and skinny?”

His reply startled me into a flood of shameful tears, “because dear girl, you were too full of self”.

No, He didn’t speak audibly, but when He speaks to me—it is a voice in my heart that I recognize—simply because I listen. But that was not always the case.

As a matter of fact, I can’t count the times I ignored the pull, the tug, and the voice of the LORD trying to lead me from disaster. But rather than listen and be saved from a pit of sin, I ignored that loving Hand and walked full on —head on—willingly into the pit of slavery and sin.

Today, the Voice calls. I pick it up as quick as I possibly can. I don’t have to check “caller i.d.” I know His voice. He is reminding me there is still much work to be done on me.

Be certain, He has ways of working —to remove all of you—and replace it with all of Him. It can be painful. The realization part as well as the actual “working it out of us”. It hurts to know we have failed Him. What’s more—to know that it could have been avoided.

My desire is to listen—to hear Him–and to act on what He says. I may not be able to see the outcome—but I must trust. That’s part of what this retreat is all about. Listening—obeying—trusting.

You don’t have to be a blogger to join in the sessions. If you feel the LORD calling you into an area of ministry–this retreat is the place you want to be.

After an e-mail this morning, and a phone call this evening, with two different speakers that will be here to share—the fire is alight afresh in my heart to give you the opportunity to receive from HIM all that He has to give you through this event!

If you have FAITH to believe He’s calling you…put some action into that faith and join us. I promise you —-the anointing will fall—the sessions on faith, freedom and taking the land for HIM will fire you up to do more—be more—say more than you’ve ever experienced before!

Seek Him about coming to the event. But whether or not you join us, seek Him to speak to your heart. You can hear Him if you listen close.

“My sheep hear my voice, and I know them, and they follow me: And I give unto them eternal life; and they shall never perish, neither shall any [man] pluck them out of my hand.” John 10:27-28 KJV


Photo taken back in the cute-skinny days at UAB Hospital, Birmingham, Alabama, where a miracle of life took place before our very eyes.

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What a great joy it was (I know I’ve talked about this already) to meet Barbara of The Ivy Path and Sue Combs of Who I am Instead! Along with Donna Sandhage, the director of the Pregnancy Care Center in Lake City and my dear sister, Lisa Shaw!

And y’all know what? I got to talk about blogging!!! What a treat! AND I talked about YOU! Did your ears burn??

God has given me the sweetest gift in all the world—sisters of like faith—from all over the world! What joy floods my heart at that very notion!

The verse that Iris has chosen today is PERFECT!

“No longer do I call you servants, for the servant does not know what his master is doing; but I have called you friends, for all that I have heard from my Father I have made known to you.” ~ John 15:15 (ESV)

In my Christian walk I have served in many areas for the LORD. But never felt like I was in the right place exactly. Teaching Sunday School to the 3rd and 4th grade girls was fun, but I felt there was something else. Cleaning toilets and cutting grass at the church was a service and although I communed constantly with the LORD while riding the lawn mower for hours cutting the mammoth size church yard, I still felt there was something else.

I talked to the Lord continually about my secret desire. Never, ever telling another soul. But secretly, in my heart I had a vision of it coming to pass one day….some how.

Through the ministry of blogging, it has! I am able to share the gospel of Christ, and write to my hearts content! (I really love writing!)

When my daddy’s mother (Granny) was in the nursing home, I enjoyed reading the Bible to her. I remember going and sitting—talking and sharing with her about God, our faith, His miracles and praying and believing with her for one. She had TREMENDOUS faith in Christ and was a constant prayer warrior for others. She testified of His goodness every chance she got. It didn’t cease when she was confined to the care of others.

In the busyness of life, with growing girls who needed so much attention and with so many heartaches and heartbreaks in our lives, I soon stopped doing anything “extra”. The devil had me convinced that the more I did for God, the more troubles I would have. I bought the lie. Until I woke up and realized that people all around me had problems. Christian and non-Christian. I was still having problems—but only did what I was required to do as far as service.

I had allowed myself to be cast into a pit of self-doubt and distress of life. Fatigue in service. I hurt. My heart and my life was hurting. During this time of our lives, we had undergone many “teenage” trials with our oldest daughter. While I didn’t blame God, I blamed myself and thought that surely I was being punished for all the sin in my past life. I think Jeff pretty much felt the same way. But that was another lie we bought.

In all this time I suffered physically—going through a hysterectomy in 2000, my hormones were way out of wack! I recognized the distance between me and God. And I was miserable. I fell on my face at the altar, joined there by a precious woman named Bobbi Seddon, who, when she saw me start toward the altar, she met me there.

I left my issues with life, my fear and pain right there. I had not sinned as in left the church and committed any of the 10 big ones, but I had wandered from the side of my Savior. The only breath I had felt was the hot breath of the enemy as he had tormented my heart with his foolish lies and deceit.

Finally, I was home. Where I belonged in my Father’s house and arms. As the next few years rocked on, trials and tests came to us in various forms, but my faith in God never waivered. He had seen me through the absolute worst place in my life and I knew He’d see me through to the end.

Y’all. I am thankful. So very thankful. I’m sorry this post was so long…but I had been needing to share this for some time now. Last Saturday gave me the opportunity to share some…and there is more. But I guess that’s for another day!

Go see Iris! For more thankful hearts!


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Encounter with Jesus

Every Tuesday passes pretty much the same. But today, it didn’t just pass. This Tuesday became the day I met Jesus. Really.

I was sitting at my desk…you know the one with the incessant ringing of the phone. And the ordinary happenings were happening all around me. People coming and going, bosses being bossy. Client’s being met and ushered to the inner sanctum where the clock ticker begins.

From my desk I have a view of the front walk and most of the parking lot. I noticed the Pepsi Cola truck pull in as it usually does on Tuesday, driven by a pretty cool dude named Larry.

Larry and I have short conversations where we cram as much “hey, how are you—how’s your family” every visit. I enjoy talking with Larry. I threatened him that if he ever quit driving, we’d start shopping at Sam’s for our cola’s! He’s the best driver we’ve ever had. Polite. Kind. Fast and efficient.

So you can imagine my surprise when in walks this “strange dude”. Complete with his Pepsi logo clothing and pushing the hand trucks with the order I had placed the previous day, he nodded a polite hello. This is not Larry (I said to myself), but not wanting to seem too hormonal and upset by this change of personnel, I exclaimed, “good afternoon!”

“Have you delivered before?” I said this on the off chance that he had delivered on a day that I was out, knowing almost without doubt he had not.

“No I haven’t, where do you want the drinks?”

“Straight into the kitchen please. Put them on the shelf in the closet in the corner. Thanks!” With the kitchen right next to my office (handy, huh), I said loud enough for him to hear me, “where is Larry?” I sure was hoping he wasn’t about to tell me that he had been laid off! I would most certainly call and complain!

He said something I totally did not understand except one word…”mucho”…something something something.

Then he asked me from the closet, “did you understand what I said?”

“Well, only one word”, was my reply. “Mucho”.

I didn’t take a foreign language in school…and there are days, I can barely speak understandable English.

He came out and gave me the English version of what he had said. “Larry is very sick.”

Okay. That I can understand. At least he stayed home.

The Pepsi driver continued to chat about sickness and swine flu and problems in general and I was mostly listening and then he stood right in front of me, where I had full view of his name tag hanging from the lanyard around his neck. “Jesus”.

In Spanish, there’s an accent mark on the “u.” It’s pronounced “heh-SOOS”. But of course, you know me…I read Jesus. Not MY JESUS, but I read Jesus without thinking of the individual. Until his next statement came out.

“What is this world going to?”

Well the REAL JESUS knows what this world is coming to (notice he said “going” and I answered him with that reference). I almost “an end”…it’s coming to an end as we now know it. But I listened closely as he repeated his question. “What’s this world going to?”

I looked at him, with his name tag pronounced, “heh-SOOS” and solemnly stated, “well, some of us are going to heaven, and then some of us are not.” I waited for his response.

“Well, I do believe in heaven, but I believe that we are having to live our hell on earth. I see so many people with so many problems. So hard. Such bad things. I believe that is our hell.”

He had moved over to the door now, ready to make his exit. I was simply shocked into a stupor that here in the Bible Belt of the United States, standing in our office was someone that didn’t believe in a literal hell.

I said with all seriousness, “you are right, many people do endure hard things. We all have tests and trials to endure, but I promise you this is not our hell. There is a literal hell.”

He quickly changed the subject to sports and news as he opened the door to leave. I was still in such a shock that not one single Bible verse came to my mind! Not one! Not even Genesis 1:1 or John 3:16!

For crying out loud! I was so mad! (At myself)

As soon as he closed the door, I was struck with the thought, here was this Jesus (pronounced heh-SOOS) and he apparently knew nothing of the teachings of MY JESUS! My heart broke, my eyes filled. I also thought to myself, maybe as a slight consolation, a scripture didn’t come, because maybe it wasn’t necessary….. for this time.

But you can bet (not that I bet) I will be ready should this particular Pepsi dude walk through our office door again.

By the way, I found SEVERAL references —I’m listing only this one, but I really want some feed back. Share some of your stuff! What would you say to someone who does not believe in hell, but rather believe’s we are “living it” here on earth.

Mark 9:43-44 says, “If your hand causes you to sin, cut it off. It is better for you to enter into life maimed, rather than having two hands, to go to hell, into the fire that shall never be quenched– where ‘Their worm does not die And the fire is not quenched.’ “ NKJV The next few verses have the same reference hell and unquenchable fire.

Folks, I have such a desire in my heart to see changes in ME and those around me. I want more of God! I want to tell more—show more of Christ than ever before! It’s in my heart and it’s got to come out!

Come on. Tell me your thoughts… share some stuff—some WORD!

(Name tag from Denise Oldham)

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And the Winner is…..

This week —so far with the Monday and now Tuesday—has been FULL. Tests, trials and a bit of aggravation. All work related. I remembered this morning that I FORGOT about posting my giveaway—so I could mail the book by Leigh Gray out to some BLESSED winner! So without further ado, on I plugged in my numbers for the giveaway…for the book…and the winner is…

Karen!!!! I promise!!! Wow! One my sweetest little buddies!!! Karen I am delighted to send this treasure to you! You are going to enjoy this book! AND she has already autographed it!!!

So keep your eye peeled….and watch the mail….(I am always surprised what I find in my mail box!)

AND I will be back to post on the “strange occurrence I mentioned today on Facebook….

By the way…do you facebook??


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Lake City, Florida Event

I must say thank you!

Thank you Barbara for having me at your event! Your friendship and encouragement has been just what I needed these past few weeks! Our hearts beat in unison to the call of the LORD!

What a blessed time we had!

Thank you Lisa and Adriana for making the drive up from Orlando to meet me there! What a blessing to have you as sister – and niece!

God is so incredibly good to me!

Sue and Donna—girls, you blessed me in such a mighty way! Sue, I believe you peeked at what the LORD had been saying to my heart! You were a tool to speak peace to me!

Donna–the LORD is using you—and will continue to use you in the Pregnancy Crisis Center!

God be praised for all that you are doing for the Kingdom of God! Your message was on target!

I count it a tremendous privilege to be among such gifted and blessed women of strong faith! God is good!

Barbara, hold on girl, HE has got something in store for you! JUST don’t be afraid to put on those shoes and walk it out in faith! He has planted you there for THIS season of your life—!


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