Favorite Places

I find myself longing to sit before the LORD. Right at His feet. These past two mornings as I have driven to work, I have wept before Him. Poured out my heart to Him—and He hears my heart. Even more than Jeff.

There are a few favorite “spots” in which I like to be when we talk. My mother’s house in the swing is one. On her porch at the table is another.

In the chair in our bedroom is a favorite meeting place for us. And of course, I always share my heart in my vehicle. I would even say—-the Spirit resides there! (I wonder if my boss felt Him when he borrowed my truck this morning?–oooo I hope so!!!)

Make a point of finding the perfect spot to meet with Him daily. You will be so amazed at what it does for your day! Keep pens, paper and a highlighter handy—He might speak something to your heart.

Do you have a favorite place?


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15 responses to “Favorite Places

  • ellen b.

    Anywhere in the quiet…free from distractions. Or truth be told the shower is a good place for me to listen :0)

  • Donetta

    in my garden

    angie im having an asthma attack pray witg me
    on a breathing treatment now hurts,,,

  • Karen

    Loved this…

    I have spots all around my house where I have personal times with the Lord…and my car is always a good place…I know there are fewer interuptions…where ever I happen to be at the moment when God speaks to me or I talk to Him is a special place….

  • Lori

    Thank you, I loved this post. I meet Him in my prayer closet (the workshop) and also in my car, He tends to meet me in the bathroom a lot also, Hee hee. Not sure what that means, maybe my mind is freer there to focus on Him?? Lori

  • Paula (SweetPea)

    Love this scripture but you stopped one verse too soon. I was given Lam 3:25 at the beginning of my horrific trial when beloved left. “The Lord is good to those who wait on Him, to the soul who trusts in Him.” That's from memory…check me and see if I got it. I think NASB or maybe NLT (though I don't like NLT).

  • Grandma Elsie

    What a uplifting post for me today..
    I guess I have a lot of different places I like to meet with the Lord. One is in the shower: You know, in the water that washes,,you know what I mean..Washing of the water of the Word.. another is driving in my car, and one I guess I use the most is in my bed. But really anywhere in my house when a thought to pray hits me , I just talk to my heavenly father. Isn't he so good that his door is never shut!!
    Elsie <><

  • christy rose

    On my front porch or in front of my kitchen sink!

  • Linda

    I have several places too, but when I desperately need to draw near to Him I sit in a little corner of my bedroom by my bed (on the floor) right by a window. Somehow I feel His presence surrounding me in that little place.

  • Kathy S.

    AAAhhh, you are speaking my language…I love to lay in bed in the morning and listen…I meet Him daily @ the kitchen table where the sun rises. In the middle of the night when I need to get on my face, I go to the office where no one will be bothered by my light, tears or nose blowing, and in the evening in the corner of my living room…wondrous cherished moments…

  • Denise

    I loved this post. I love my back porch, or my little corner in the livingroom.

  • Melanie

    Oh, I know what you mean, Angie! I have a favorite rocking chair that sits in a quiet corner of my house by a window.. it is just the perfect place to sit and be with the Lord!

    Have a great weekend!

  • Madison

    Nice post. My answer is everywhere. I wish I stopped, but I talk to God on the run – in the car, in meetings, in the parking lot, in bed. God needs to help me to find a special place and a special time.

  • LisaShaw

    I so enjoyed reading this Sis. I have favorite places to meet my LORD. The shower has been a favorite place every day for many years. I prayed my husband to the LORD in that shower long ago…

    My car is also one of my favorites to worship and sing to the LORD. We've covered much ground in my tears and His cares toward me in my cars over the years.

    Love you.

  • Pia

    hi angie. it's been a while. thank you for praying for my mom, for me and for the others who needs prayer. i know God heard us. in His perfect way and time, i believe God will give us deliverance and the miracle we're waiting for. thank you angie. God bless you.

  • Jensmere

    I'm catching up with you, sista… I'm behind in my visits!!! Yow!

    My favorite place to commune with my BEST FRIEND, is where I can see the beauty of His creation. I usually sit out on the sun porch with Bible, journal, and progress journal, also a hihghlighter, ink pen, and white out marker. Yep…I come well equipped!

    When it cools off, I like to sit outside for my quiet time….where I can watch the birds and butterflies and listen to the wind in the trees….it just speaks such peace to my soul!

    Love you, precious one…love the picture and that is one of my 'life verses'….


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