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Favorite Places

I find myself longing to sit before the LORD. Right at His feet. These past two mornings as I have driven to work, I have wept before Him. Poured out my heart to Him—and He hears my heart. Even more than Jeff.

There are a few favorite “spots” in which I like to be when we talk. My mother’s house in the swing is one. On her porch at the table is another.

In the chair in our bedroom is a favorite meeting place for us. And of course, I always share my heart in my vehicle. I would even say—-the Spirit resides there! (I wonder if my boss felt Him when he borrowed my truck this morning?–oooo I hope so!!!)

Make a point of finding the perfect spot to meet with Him daily. You will be so amazed at what it does for your day! Keep pens, paper and a highlighter handy—He might speak something to your heart.

Do you have a favorite place?


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Okay y’all! The giveaway for the book by Leigh Gray is ending on August 17, 2009 🙂


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I’ve got more to say…but I’m really swamped right now…I will be back 🙂


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