Lake City, Florida Event

I must say thank you!

Thank you Barbara for having me at your event! Your friendship and encouragement has been just what I needed these past few weeks! Our hearts beat in unison to the call of the LORD!

What a blessed time we had!

Thank you Lisa and Adriana for making the drive up from Orlando to meet me there! What a blessing to have you as sister – and niece!

God is so incredibly good to me!

Sue and Donna—girls, you blessed me in such a mighty way! Sue, I believe you peeked at what the LORD had been saying to my heart! You were a tool to speak peace to me!

Donna–the LORD is using you—and will continue to use you in the Pregnancy Crisis Center!

God be praised for all that you are doing for the Kingdom of God! Your message was on target!

I count it a tremendous privilege to be among such gifted and blessed women of strong faith! God is good!

Barbara, hold on girl, HE has got something in store for you! JUST don’t be afraid to put on those shoes and walk it out in faith! He has planted you there for THIS season of your life—!


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5 thoughts on “Lake City, Florida Event”

  1. I just love those photos! Now you know I have to have the one of the three of us and you and Adriana and you and Barbara so send them on over via Email Sis. (smile)

    I LOVE YOU!! We did have a great time!

  2. Just now reading this post…you are too kind…you were such a blessing to the conference and continue to be a blessing to me personally. Love the pictures. I can hardly wait for the Bloggers Retreat…I think you have picked up a couple from Lake City that may be coming with me.

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