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Seeking the Light

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A few days away.  That’s the ticket!  (As Father Tim of Jan Karon’s books on the life in Mitford would say)

To help me gain perspective on things…. again. 

Being tired all the time doesn’t mean I have an excuse to avoid the Light.   As a matter of fact, the tiredness and exhaustion has caused me to seek Him all the more.  Are you that way too?

This is from a passage I read today, “Very early in the morning, while it was still dark, Jesus got up, left the house and went off to a solitary place, where he prayed.” (Mark 1:35 NIV)

“Very early”….while it was still dark…He sought the Light.  He was the Light, but yet, He needed to be strengthened.  He was God in the flesh, and because of that very flesh nature,  He got weary…just like you and me.  That is hard for me to fathom.  But He did.  He went through the day to day—experiencing hunger, thirst, exhaustion, friendship, love for His followers, sadness, even anger.  But without sin.  Until the cross.

There He took on my sin.  And your sin.

The Light of the world took on the dark ugly sin of the world, and while the enemy thought he had conquered my Lord, and even surmised that He had shut Him into the very darkness,  he, [the enemy] knew so well, the Light became even brighter on His resurrection morning!

He arose!  He is the Light of the world—having come so that we too could have LIGHT and life everlasting!

When your day seems dark—as they so often do—in these economic times, seek the Light.   He is the Light.

When it seems that all your world is being stripped away piece by piece, seek the Light.   He is your provider.

When it seems there is no answer for the questions that are plaguing your heart, seek the Light.  He is the Answer!

There is no darkness too dark that His Light and love cannot penetrate!

Trusting Him,


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