Coming Soon….a BOOK REVIEW!

I am beginning a new “stretch”. Do you stretch regularly? What about when you walk? I have learned that when I don’t take the time to stretch, I can’t walk with the speed to keep up with Max! (And I get some really bummer leg cramps!)

A new stretch for me is book reviews. I love to read—and I love to share about all the books I read! What could be better?

So stay tuned—we’ll talk about the new book by Sheila Walsh

“let go”Live free of the burdens all women know.”

“In Let Go, the bestselling author and speaker walks readers through the journey to freedom in Christ. Along the way, she tackles some of the toughest struggles that weigh women down, answering them with overwhelming truth, promise, and hope.” (Quote from the book)

(I have peeked…YOU are gonna LOVE this one!)

I can hardly wait to share it…


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