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Go to Sisters of Faith!

Elisa Morgan has written the most thought provoking—soul searching book!

She Did What She Could!

Awesome read! Go see!


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The Written Blog

There are so few pages left in the book, compared to what is behind. Almost every page has marks from my yellow highlighter-and pencil scratched words. From my purple pencil.

The thing is, I don’t think I’ve ever come this close to completing a years worth of devotions. I’d start so many years off with good intentions…and then, some where along the way, I’d become distracted by life, or find yet another devotional that piqued my interest spiritually and on that train I would hop.

This year has been yearly devotionaldifferent. When I was looking back at the past blog posts, I realized I had not been writing devotionals for my readers as I had in months past. Where have I been? In my book.

I have spent mornings “writing out” prayers and devotionals on the lined pages of my Oswald Chambers devotional, “My Utmost for His Highest”. I’ve turned on my computer less and less and dug into the book more. The Lord has shown me things in my life almost every day. Because I ask. And I’ve been looking at things in a different light. Because I asked.

I suppose you would think after what we’ve been through as a family, all I might see would be shadows, and I’ll admit quite readily, there are those days. But there are more days when I catch myself looking toward the Light.

When the year is done, and the curtain falls into place to close out this season, the book will go on the shelf in our office.the devotional The lessons learned by heart from the Holy Spirit will remain in my heart. The highlighted words and penciled words will stand as a testimony of what spoke loudest to me. Names are written in the margin at the bottom and sides of who I’ve prayed for. You might be pleased to know, your name is there.

There is a book however, that you need to make certain your name is listed. The Lamb’s Book of Life. (Rev. 21:27)

Believing in God’s only Son is the Way. He is the Way, the Truth and the LIFE. (John 14:6) Without Him, there is no life. Oh, you may be living, but you don’t have Life. I cannot imagine breathing without Christ by my side. Without the knowledge that He will never leave me nor forsake me! (Hebrews 13:5)

In a capsule, I’ve not left blog land, nor have I stopped writing devotions. They are scratched out in pencil. My purple pencil. In my devotional book. They will make their way to the screen, as I prayerfully ask the LORD to show me “what’s next” on His agenda, I hope you will be along for the ride!

I’ve seen some mighty awesome things and I really want to share them with you! What is He showing you?

Are you looking for Him? Are you listening?

I have learned that when I THINK I’ve got the answer….He shows UP and shows me I’m wrong…

There’s my answer….and then there’s the RIGHT answer. His.

God Will Make A Way

This video is for you. I don’t know your name—but I know I was looking for another one…and this one came up with every search of the “other one”. I take that as a sign…

Whatever you are seeking Him for today, don’t stop seeking just because you don’t see the answer today. It may be tomorrow. Or next week. Or even next month or next year.

We prayed for 7 years for a miracle of a prodigal daughter….God is faithful. Listen to the words. This is for you. You know who you are. I love you dearly.

Just when you least expect the answer….it will be there.


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Blog Book Tour with Elisa Morgan!

She Did What She Could

Five words of Jesus that will change your life by Elisa Morgan (Tyndale House Publishers)
Most of us care. We really do. We care about poverty and injustice, about orphans and the sick. And yet, weighed down by the everyday load of bringing home a paycheck, putting food on the table, and taking care of our family demands, we question our ability to make a difference.

Bombarded by one celebrity help-the-world-athon after another, we shrug our shoulders in futility and do absolutely nothing.

Enter SDWSC. Based on the woman who anointed Jesus’ feet with expensive perfume in Mark 14, SDWSC provides overwhelmed, yet service-seeking, significance-starved readers a realistic response to the seemingly unmeetable needs around us.

Five letters. ~Unthinkable power.

What if we did just that?

What if?
S•D•W•S•C Five letters that have the power to change your life, free your spirit, and transform your world!

What is the premise behind your new book, She Did What She Could?

Most of us care deeply about the needs around us – poverty, injustice, everyday concerns of those in our families and in our offices and in our neighborhoods. But faced with the challenges of getting food on the table and children to and from activities and keeping up with our jobs etc, we feel more than a little overwhelmed. Who has the time or the energy to start another nonprofit or to participate in yet another celebrity-help-the-world-athon? We conclude we have to do something BIG to make a difference. Not true. We don’t have to do something BIG to make a difference. In a Bible story where Mary of Bethany anoints Jesus with a beautiful gift of perfume before his death, Jesus applauds her action saying, “She did what she could.” We can make a difference every day by simply doing what we could in the given moment before us.

When did the idea for this book/movement come to you?

I’d been reading what I call the “Girl Stories” in the gospels – stories where a woman is the main character. I was stopped in my tracks by Mary’s acting out her love for Jesus and by his pairing her action with the gospel. Mary lived loved. She acted out her faith by doing something with who she was and what she had in a moment that mattered. At the same time I was reading that story, I was suddenly overwhelmed by issues in our world like the HIV-AIDS pandemic and poverty and needs everywhere I turned. I began to think about the power of one of us acting and then another and another. I began to prayerfully wonder – what if I did what I could – just like Mary did? And then each of us did what we could? The whole world could be changed!

What percentage of church members are active in ministry?

It’s reported that 20% of the people do 80% of the work.

What reasons do you think members have for not serving?

Lots of folks don’t participate due to the busyness of life and the perception that unless we do something BIG it won’t make a difference. We feel guilty that we can’t do MORE. We feel inadequate because we aren’t more godly – or because of something hidden in our past. We feel incompetent because we aren’t trained. We’re tired and overwhelmed. And then there’s the fact that lots of us aren’t even “members” of a church. We’re not sure what to do with church – even though we love Jesus. We have a million struggles that keep us from “doing”. SDWSC gives a bite-size offering to everyone to participate in living out our faith and making a difference.

Do you feel that many church members are intimidated by those who are very involved at church?

You bet. If you’re not in the “in crowd” or gifted with public gifs like teaching or are marginalized in some way, it’s WAY intimidating to step up and say, ”Hey, I’d like to help.” SDWSC welcomes ALL to join in and act. It refreshes those who are weary in well-doing as well.

In the book, you point out that this message of everyone doing what they can is Biblical. What story are you referring to specifically?

The story is told in Mark 14 but is also told in Matthew and John as well. Just before Jesus’ death on the cross for the sins of all humankind, Mary of Bethany took a jar of nard, a very expensive perfume, and poured it on Jesus – as a symbol of anointing his body before his death. In a moment when the gesture would mean the most to him. You get the impression that Mary hadn’t really planned out this action. It seems more spontaneous. And while the nard was expensive, that wasn’t the main point. Mary acted out of her understanding that Jesus really was the Christ and he really loved her. She wanted to give back. She took what she had – nard – and acted with it in a moment that mattered to Jesus and to the world. She did what she could.

You’ve shared your message with the MOPS organization. What has the response been so far to the SDWSC (She Did What She Could) movement?

Moms are passionate about being the best moms they can be. They’re also passionate to make a difference in their world. They know that they may not be able to do something GIANT in the day to day of raising children. SDWSC gives them a methodology for acting in a way that matters in their daily lives. With a neighbor or a coworker. With a child. To care for the earth. To reach out to someone who has less and needs more. Moms have pasted the SDWSC flare on their Facebook pages and are telling the SDWSC stories, encouraging others to do what they can as well.

How do you hope churches and ministries will use your message to mobilize their members?

Those who’ve never served can be invited to join in with the practical – doable – message of SDWSC. And those who are weary in well-doing can be encouraged that Jesus doesn’t ask us to do EVERYTHING or ALL we could but rather WHAT we could do.

How do you hope readers can change their lives with your message?

She did what she could (SDWSC) is a mantra that rules my days as opportunities come before me. I run each through the grid of SDWSC. Is it something that I can uniquely handle? Is it a moment that matters NOW? Will I make a difference if I do WHAT I could – not ALL or EVERYTHING I could? I hope and pray that readers will do the same. She did what she could. When I do what I could and you do what you could and we do what we could – we can change the world. We can be the body of Christ in action, on the earth, demonstrating individually and together what it means to live loved.

About the Author

Elisa Morgan is a nationally recognized speaker and the author of more than fifteen books, including the best–selling What Every Mom Needs and Mom’s Devotional Bible.
Elisa has served as CEO of MOPS International since 1989. She is also the publisher of MomSense and FullFill magazines and is a frequent contributor to Christianity Today. Elisa is married to Evan (vice president of strategic development for RBC Ministries, known internationally for Our Daily Bread, and founder of They have two grown children and one grandchild and live in Centennial, Colorado.


I encourage you, get the book! I was overwhelmed with what I read in the area of life application. So many ideas on ways to put this into our lives as a habit—not just a practice.

GET the BOOK! You will be so blessed!

Sharing Blessings!

News Flash!

Lisa Shaw, my newest sibling (I adopted her this year), has so graciously offered a couple of giveaways! Go to her blog and get the details!

God is going to pour out an abundant portion of HIS Spirit upon all the hearts that gather at this retreat! How do I know? His Word plainly tells us! (Matthew 18:18-19)

The Lord, I believe, is right now speaking to hearts and lives about this retreat. You may want to come but see no possible way. Keep praying. I believe that God can change the mind of man, change the circumstances of our finances, and make a way where there seems to be no way! Even if the land you are living in now seems a complete wilderness–HE CAN PROVIDE! Isaiah 43:19

When I went to the She Speaks conference last year, I wanted to go desperately! I began to pray and seek God on the “how”. He laid the plan clear in my heart and mind! I had some “extra furniture” that was rarely used—and I REALLY didn’t need—BUT it was really nice stuff! When the suggestion came to my heart–I wish I could say I leaped on it! Instead, I mulled it over. I prayed and asked the LORD if that was HIS will and HIS way for my registration—then supply the buyer. Within a week it was sold. I was on my way! I will never regret that decision to follow HIM. That conference experience changed so much about how I saw things! If it is possible, I believe I fell deeper in love with Jesus and all the daughters of the KING!

I want to give that back to others. With all my heart I want to see lives focused more intently on HIM and what YOUR purpose is for HIS Kingdom! He has a plan, a vision that He desires to see you fulfill! He has already made you able. Though, you might not see it clearly yet, He will reveal it to you in due time.

Pack your bag. Grab your pillow, sheets, blanket and towel. Join us for a life changing, heart refueling, time of anointed worship, prayer, praise, teaching and fellowshipping! If you have a need, bring it with you! God will meet you here!

Don’t forget-a giveaway is underway at Lisa’s place!


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Monday’s Laced With Grace

A Hug in a Rainbow

A few weeks ago I was driving home, and my mind was on the many things I needed to get done before I could leave for His speaking engagement. I said it that way on purpose. It is not mine. I am not a speaker, but a writer. There are days though, when I wonder if I’m even that…..
Click on the button for the “rest of the story”.

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HE has Made Me Glad!

A couple of years ago, I first heard this song while I was driving.

It was rainy. Inside my heart, coming from my eyes, and in the outside world.

This song bathed my heart of pain with the healing of God’s promises.
I found it today over at Kim at Seasons of My Heart. It brought back sweet memories of His presence…which can be found WHEREVER and WHENEVER we take the time to seek HIM. Fully.

I hope you enjoy it!


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