And the Winner is…..

This week —so far with the Monday and now Tuesday—has been FULL. Tests, trials and a bit of aggravation. All work related. I remembered this morning that I FORGOT about posting my giveaway—so I could mail the book by Leigh Gray out to some BLESSED winner! So without further ado, on I plugged in my numbers for the giveaway…for the book…and the winner is…

Karen!!!! I promise!!! Wow! One my sweetest little buddies!!! Karen I am delighted to send this treasure to you! You are going to enjoy this book! AND she has already autographed it!!!

So keep your eye peeled….and watch the mail….(I am always surprised what I find in my mail box!)

AND I will be back to post on the “strange occurrence I mentioned today on Facebook….

By the way…do you facebook??


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