On Prayer and Journaling

Recently, our Bible Study class had a discussion about prayer, prayer times, location, etc.

I have a dear friend I visit daily (comes in my inbox) and she shared a great post on prayer, journaling and scripture reading. Visit Ann. Without the “e”. She is an inspiring and gifted writer and mom.

Two weeks ago, if you searched for me online, I was scarce. I was house sitting/dog sitting for my mother and Grandbuddy as they were involved in a missions work project in Central Florida at a new developing orphanage.

It was nice to have break from the same roads and routine. I was blessed to be able to attend my home church, Carmel Assembly of God, where the Spirit of the LORD reigns–and rains. A powerful, anointed message was preached—as the old sign by the road used to read, “We make no apology for old time religion”. I shout a hearty “Amen!”

The old sign is gone, but the sentiment remains. Strong and firm. Just as He requires us to be.

Strong and firm. In our faith. In His strength. He doesn’t call us to walk this road alone, He’s there.

If you want to hear more….I’m over at the Cafe` on Monday 🙂


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