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Sisters of Faith Presents…


Some mighty incredible sistas!! All together in one place!

Girls, this promises to be the most incredible time you could ever imagine! 

Already Marsha, of Marsha’s Musings is settin’ on go to give away a “free” registration to this event!

A note to our regular readers (if we have any)–We want you to do several things:  .

*Pray for us.  All of the speakers, the workers, the bloggers who want to come, the worship leader, the prayer team, the cooks, and the transportation for all! 
*Pray for the anointing in the worship services—for lives to be touched, women blessed, and ministered to!
*Pray for the LORD to provide a way for you to come!

We will be learning LOTS and having fun while doing so! These ladies are full of fun and information on how you can get started blogging and turn that blog into ministry for Jesus Christ!
There will also be personal testimonies shared—did I already mention you will be BLESSED? YOU will!  You will hear from all the sweet faces pictured!
To get a sneak peek at the workshops, head over to “Free To Be Me Bloggers Retreat” and click your heart away in the sidebar!

Be sure and visit Lisa Shaw (you’ll find her over in the sidebar), she is doing a special VLOG for the retreat (I think that’s what it’s called) and you can see it tomorrow!
Our keynote speaker is Mary Snyder — you will LOVE her—she will have you laughing and, yes maybe even crying— she will bless you with her wit and wisdom from life’s experiences and the Word!
We cannot wait until October—there is much going on in our little corner of the world! We hope to see you here!

BE SURE you stay tuned to the Free To Be Me Bloggers Retreat site…there will be updated information continually—you can register there and see who else is coming!

So—what are you waiting for?

Keeping the Faith~
Angie and Aimee!

SheSpeaks Conference 036

Friday-I’m at the Cafe`

I completely forgot to tell you ahead of time where I’d be today!

Several years ago, a little girl friend of our oldest daughter was driving home from work…with her mind in the clouds, or rather, on something else….

Come on over with your cup in hand and read the REST of the story…”Follow Me”…


Hello World –Here She Comes!

Recently Updated3

If I tried to count my blessings…I would lose count.  So would this little girl.

A new graduate of kindergarten, with her brown eyes twinkling, her life ready to be lived and  enjoyed, she is glowing.

From the prayers that went up to have her, to the prayers that go up continually—she is blessed.  Chosen by the Father above for our family—she is loved!

A short while back, the LORD blessed this little miracle child with a miracle of her very own. A mommy.  Not to replace the precious mommy who joined the LORD in heaven, but one sent by the Master Himself to come along and complete the work already in progress!

Stacy joined our family this year with great excitement and much anticipation of being a mommy and wife to a special pair in our family.  Mark and Victoria.  Under the loving and nurturing hand and heart of Stacy, Victoria is blossoming into a beautiful young lady!  She smiled so much the day she graduated from kindergarten, I know her little face must have hurt when she went to sleep!  Much excitement!  Great fun!

God is good.  Have you noticed lately how good?

Praise Him for all blessings in your life!

Congratulations Miss Victoria! We love you dearly sweet girl!

Basking in His Light

Sofa from HomePlaceFurniture 257
The porch swing at my mother’s is a favorite place of reflecting.  Yo-Yo, the spoiled cat,  likes to attend his daily regimen of grooming while bathed in the light filtering  through the screen.
There has been many pouring of heart and soul on this porch for more years than I can count.  I have been prayed over and read to, prayed for in the quiet dawn, and as the hush of dusk fell on the grounds.
I have felt the power behind the prayers prayed from this porch.  God heard.  AND He answered.  Today, I need to sit on that porch of prayer and peace.  Today, I need to feel the strength that comes from the prayer—the power and anointing is ours when He reaches down, through and into our lives and meets the need. 
The need?  I can’t put a name to it.  Have you ever been in that place?  Where the prayers you pray seem to stop at the ceiling?  The urgent need of your life remains nameless to you, all the while He knows the need of your heart.  I’ve been there more than once.  I sit in that place today.  Even though I can’t get to that porch today, I can get to the cross.  Unload and unwind.  Allow the fingers of the Holy Spirit to kneed away the frustrations of life and apply the balm that soothes and strengthens.
Strength is gathered.  Soldier boots are pulled on and laces tightened.  With the renewed strength for the journey, we carry on in a run now—headed for the finish line.  Doing all we can for the cause of Jesus Christ!
You save the humble,
       but your eyes are on the haughty to bring them low.

29 You are my lamp, O LORD;
       the LORD turns my darkness into light.

30 With your help I can advance against a troop;
       with my God I can scale a wall.  2 Samuel 22:28-30 NIV

Keep praying and believing sisters!
Love, Angie

Coming This June…to a computer near you!

Let me share with you some awesome stuff!  The new online conference hosted by “A Woman Inspired” is coming up June 8th – 11th!

Y’all—this is affordable.  We are talking the price of just a few happy meals!  Get those kids some fries and listen in –as an awesome group of women share ministry experiences, life, love and passion for Jesus Christ!

God will show up! I experienced the absolute BEST work week I’ve ever had the week of the previous conference!  I had my little “ear buds” popped in my ears, and I typed my heart out at work, while being blessed by some awesome women motivated for Jesus!

 Leigh Gray is back…and she will thrill you with her heart to serve! 

Also joining this time is Mary Snyder! She is also our keynote speaker for the Bloggers Retreat in October! WOW!  There are several women speaking from their hearts and you will love each and every one!

I truly hope to “see” you there! (There is a really cool chat room where we IM back and forth!)

Blessings on ya!


Yard Sale Ideas!

ON SATURDAYSummerDriggs_AngelMother_Folder3
Aimee and I had a yard sale!  It was great fun—hot—tiring—but fun. We were able to clean out some clutter, make a few dollars for a retreat project and share some sweet treats along the way!

Aimee made white chocolate macadamia nut cookies…and I made some red velvet cake balls.  Yeah, I know.  I’ve made them before—but these are so good!

We had them bagged up in cute bags, had some water and soft drinks on ice, and when the “shoppers” felt that they didn’t need any “stuff”, they bought sweet treats!
Another idea, if you are a blogger, or have a ministry you are focusing on, as in raising money for, have some cards made up (you can do that on the computer!) and pass them out.  It is a great way to witness and who knows, someone’s life may be touched, just from a silly old yard sale!
BEST IDEA, make SURE you have some comfy fold up chairs for your tired rear-ends to rest in the shade! Bring an umbrella (large one) if you have no trees nearby to park thyself!
Wear a handy-dandy money changing apron.  Aimee bought me one last year at a craft show and it is made from old jeans and some cute lavender fabric for pockets.  If all else fails, go to your local (homegrown) hardware store and ask for a nail apron! They have ROOMY pockets and long ties! (You will look oh so cute!)
LARGE pockets are necessary to hold all that money you will make—a calculator, some gum, pen for marking prices you forgot, extra price stickers (we bought colored dot stickers) and germ-x wipes. Yes.

Well, that’s all the time we have today! I’ve shared some yard-sale secrets—oh, one more thing, Smile! Big!  Share the love of the Lord!  You never know what condition they left their house or heart in—it will bless them, and you!

Love y’all!
Angie and Aimee

Are You Feeling Surrounded?

One of the attorney’s I work for is a weekend diver. Nothing thrills him more than a clear day and some deep water.

Well, I take that back…one of Jeff’s cakes does cause him to stumble a bit…but I am talking about a really good day. The kind of day you anticipate the night before.

I remember when my baby sister, Aimee and I went to North Carolina for the She Speaks Conference last summer. We both had trouble sleeping the night before.

Mine was due to the fact I was busy crossing the “t’s” and dotting the “i’s” on the material we were to have ready….Aimee was busy “thinking”…packing, and most likely cooking for the family she was leaving at home. She left them with “reheating” instructions and a solemn promise of her soon return.

The trip was filled with excitement and incredulity. We were first AMAZED that we made it through Atlanta unscathed. Or, to be more specific…that we didn’t scathe anyone else. Secondly, it was incredible to find ourselves in the same room with the “best” Writers, Speakers and Women’s Leaders in the world! Well, maybe not the world—but at least in the Southeastern United States. How’s that?

However, upon coming back home, life invaded our dream world. Our world of where we could buy that little house or bookstore and turn it into an inviting Tea Room, filled with books, soft music, Jeff’s cakes, cookies and the best hot coffee or cup of tea, and always a friend or a soon to be friend browsing the shelves in search of the next best read.

Yes, life resumed. Actually, I think it picked up pace. As in every one’s life…there are days when we feel surrounded.

Just when you think you are swimming serenely alone, you find yourself suddenly surrounded by a cloud of Baitfish. Just as this picture of the Sea Turtle, he was minding his own business and became enveloped by the Baitfish. The Baitfish are EXACTLY what the name implies. Bait. For bigger fish.

Finding himself encompassed by Baitfish will cause the heart to quicken it’s beating, the diver explained. The “cloud of Baitfish” is so thick, you lose your vision. You lose sight of where you are. It becomes a vertiginous dive. Dizziness overtakes you and you don’t know which end is up.

You know that you must get out of the overwhelming cloud—somehow—because you know what could be coming. A hungry fish. Very hungry. Hungry enough to possibly chomp on a hand—arm—foot—even part of your face.

Isn’t that what sometimes happens in our lives? We are surrounded with feelings of doubt, insecurity, and many times the overwhelming desire to “give-up”—a feeling of hopelessness.

In talking with a young mother months ago, the feeling of a life filled with emotional vertigo was overtaking her. I could clearly see what she needed to do. I could give her immediate instructions which way to paddle her swiftly sinking boat. But she was so surrounded by the Baitfish in her life she couldn’t see or hear me. It wasn’t until the predator fish was about to overtake her did she comprehend the whereabouts of her help.

I lift my eyes to the hills–where does my help come from?
My help comes from the LORD,
the Maker of heaven and earth.
He will not let your foot slip–
he who watches over you will not slumber;
indeed, he who watches over Israel
will neither slumber nor sleep.
Psalm 121:1-4
There are many days when it seems life is running faster than I am. I have to press on—and press in to have my time with the Father–to keep the “things” of this world from crowding out that precious time. My time with Him—keeps everything in proper balance—the baitfish will not loom as a dark cloud when He’s the CENTER of my attention.
What about you?
What are you distracted by this week?
© The Knightly News 2009
Credit for the photo—Diver/Attorney—Thanks R. E. C.! Credit for any big words I use–Attorney/English Professor—Thanks D.J.

Weekend Reflections

The Lord is always good.
He is always loving and kind,
and His faithfulness
goes on and on
to each succeeding generation.
Psalm 100:5 TLB


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Wordfilled Wednesday

Join up with Amy over at 160 Acre Woods for more awesome notes of encouragement today!


Open Wide!


Little lives, new to this world. Instinctively they know how to receive nourishment. Open wide their mouths.

The mouths open wide at the first sound of the approaching mother. The one who feeds. Only it’s not their mother who comes in to inspect the nest. Rather, an interested party. Just checking the progress of the eggs. Wanting a picture of the speckled blue before they each crack open with life.

The lid is closed back, no disturbances made–for the inspector is a mother as well. The mouths remain open for a bit I imagine, each with a hunger they can’t quite explain. An automatic reflex if you will. The feathers will arrive shortly. Very possibly in a matter of days. They will take on the look of their mother. Feathered in soft down, but soon the more sturdy feather covering of the little blue jay.

Open wide your hearts! To the new believer in Christ–there is a hunger to learn. To know Him. To capture the very breath of Christ Jesus in their own lungs and breath it in! To the newly born child of God there is an urgency to capture all that can be retained for future use. The knowledge of Him is akin to that hungry babe as he searches out for his first meal from his own mother.

Blessed are those who hunger and thirst for righteousness, for they will be filled. Matthew 5:6 NIV

He fills the hungry…the open heart He will fill.

A question asked in the book, “Spiritual Direction” by Henri Nouwen is “How is your prayer life? How are you making space in your life for God to speak?”

Have you ever stopped to think He needs “space”? I assure you, He does. Give it freely–liberally. Don’t make Him have to draw your attention to your need of Him in your life…go to Him today!

Take Him your hungry heart and life. He will feed you!


Photo credit: Lisa R. McGriff (her backyard blue jay house)