Retreat Speaker! Connie Haile~

A few weeks ago, I was BLESSED beyond words to hear Connie share her testimony and speak such an awesome Word of Truth to the women at Grace Assembly of God Church! Connie is a dear precious friend, and you will be so blessed to have the opportunity to hear her. Please forgive the “shaky” camera! That was my fault :). You can hear a snippet of her message—she has so much to tell us at the retreat!

Connie is an inspiration to anyone who meets her! The challenges we each face must be met head on with the Word of God! There is no other way! I’ve tried other ways…they don’t work! Avoiding them won’t make them disappear. Stopping up our ears and heart will not make them go away. Challenges are faced and conquered when we meet with the Father and hand them over to HIM! He will give us the strength to go through them, or sister, He will deliver you out of them! Either way, you win —through the power of Jesus Christ!

Connie will be with us in October for the 2009 Bloggers Retreat!

July 1, 2009 at midnight ends the early bird registration. Get over to the retreat and sign up. You can pay with “paypal” using your credit card—or send us a check. But get signed up! Hurry!

Yes, I know it is in October! Yes, I realize it is only July right now….but do you realize it seemed like almost yesterday that we celebrated New Years Day??

See how fast the time is going!




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6 responses to “Retreat Speaker! Connie Haile~

  • Denise

    What a blessing she will be to those that hear her……. We all need to share the Jesus in us….. I need to hear from the Jesus in others… It builds our faith… I do not know if you know this but I used to speak at different churches. Mostly A/G's I taught for years….. but with the responsibilities I have now I do not see any return for a while.. I so miss that…… Please pray for me, I am very down today..

    Love ya

  • Karen

    “He will give us the strength to go through them, or sister, He will deliver you out of them.”

    Amen for victory!!

  • Paula (SweetPea)

    Great clip, Angie. You are blessed to be so close to hear her. She is annointed and so is her testimony. I love her humor about being on that pill to make her happy all day long.

    I've yet to find that pill.

    Love ya,

  • LisaShaw

    Thanks for sharing with us Sis. See you SOON!

    Love you!

  • eph2810

    I still wish I could join you ladies, but not it is not financially in the cards for me this year…Maybe the next retreat can be in Arizona 🙂 …

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