Daily Archives: June 7, 2009

If I Can Help ONE…

Y’all are the coolest bunch!

I tell you—I wanted to reach through the computer and hug every last one of you that offered some AWESOME advice!

Did YOU know there is a “saliva” test that can tell you levels of your hormones, adrenal levels, thyroid and cortisol levels and more stuff than I dreamed possible? It is a test that spans a 24 hour period. Supposedly safe…but really. How SAFE can it be when you are to abstain from chocolate, caffeine, broccoli, cabbage, mouthwash, antacids, other various green leafy vegetables, caffeine, chocolate, etc.

Did I mention no caffeine….or chocolate which has caffeine?? And all you have to do is spit in a little vial…at 4 intervals during the day…fasting the morning meal…and no coffee…or chocolate…oh, sorry. I said that already.

I never believed I’d be sharing all this…but if I can help ONE person—the way you have ALL helped me—then I will have done something!

I cleaned house on Saturday….but seemed to have to constantly give myself a “pep-talk” to get through it…actually, Babbie Mason, and several choir C.D.’s seemed to help with momentum!

I helped Jeff on Sunday get some last minute (which lasted all day) things ready for District Council/Camp Meeting which started Sunday night….and let me just say…I am exhausted from this weekend of “work”! But God is good! All the time! Even when I am so exhausted my prayer is done “flat out” on the bed!

Monday rolled in with a ….well, let’s just say it rolled in. The early morning trip to the doctors office to pick-up said “kit” for testing…and then on to the office.

I have decided one thing. I don’t have hot flashes…I have a fever. Sometimes several fevers in one day. Many times during the night. Fevers can cause sweating, flushed face, nausea, exhaustion—and tiredness….see…I have fevers.

Case closed.

I’ll let you know what the doctor orders. 🙂