Daily Archives: June 15, 2009

Bloggers Retreat Commercial!

Excuse our corny-country commercial…but the point is “get yourself ready” for the Bloggers Retreat 2009!

Girls, I know by now you may have had to run to the potty —or you may have had an accident. Trust me. Aimee is the funniest sister and friend to be around—I am so blessed!

We are going to have a blast of a good time! I need y’all to pray though. ~~~ If Aimee tries to take that big suitcase full of shoes to the retreat…she will be late for EVERY SINGLE class! (She has a difficult time making up her mind!)

If you are having trouble deciding on whether or not to pinch the pennies to come—grab some girfriends, make it a road trip!

Aimee and I forked over 5 times the amount (remember I sold furniture to go) to attend the She Speaks last year! I LOVED the She Speaks! I promise you will have a good time here! Worshiping, learning, fellowshipping, singing, eating, praying, praising, and on and on! You’ll make some new friends—and get to visit in REAL LIFE with your blogging sistas!!

We look forward to seeing you in October! Register now for the early bird special!!! It ends July 1!!! ($25 off !!!)