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Not a Spiritual Post

If you have come here today, hoping for something spiritually uplifting…

Then you might want to stop right here and click over on my side bar for a “friend”…they are more spiritual I am sure right now. Sofa from HomePlaceFurniture 307

Today’s talk will be “hormones”.

Yup! You heard right.

So if you are of the “dude” gender, then you might want to go somewhere else. You will NOT find this interesting, UNLESS of course you want to try and understand your wife a bit better or know when to GET OUT of the house.

For the last –oh, I’m not even sure I can remember WHEN it started—but lets just say it’s been MONTHS…when I lay me down to sleep….I’m not guaranteed it will last.

Actually, many times, morning comes in the middle of the night.

Have you ever heard of that? Has it happened to you? Well, all too often it’s been happening to me. I go to sleep for about 2 hours, and then, wide awake.

I toss and turn for the next few hours, and right before it’s time to get up, I fall asleep. Sleeping the last hour before the alarm goes off, I find I am tired, sore (as in run over by a Mack Truck), GROUCHY and teary. ALL at the same time. ALL DAY LONG.

Anybody feeling it? I find myself giving my co-workers morning warning notices like, “I am hormonal today —stay far away.” Or, “if you want it done, you’d best do it yourself”….or, “sob, sob, sob, “no, I’m okay,… honest.”

I have only exaggerated a little bit. I work with a good bunch of people. ALL the girls have issues. We deal with them as they arise. AND they only arise on days that end in “y”. So we’re good. Right?

The LORD blesses me daily (my spiritual input for this post) and I thank HIM continually—and WE DISCUSS my problems (since He’s really the only One WHO can help)….and HE’s working on me…really.

A note to any man who was loony brave enough to stay here and read,

if your wife is experiencing this or any other wierd symptom of “hormonal fluctuations, pray for her. Not only when you are NOT with her, but when you are with her.

The best gift my husband gives me is he prays over me daily. This started a few months ago—and it has helped me so much…I really wonder what I’d be like if he didn’t!

Second, give her a night for relaxing out. LOOK IN HER EYES when you are at a restaurant—listen with your heart —that will help her sleep better 🙂

Third, if she’s not sleeping, let her rest in on Saturday. If you have a house full of kids or just one, give her an extra hour. Then bring her some coffee, and whatever little breakfast she enjoys! THIS will not only help her—it will help YOU in the LONG RUN. Understand my meaning??

Jeff is the BEST pancake chef! He makes awesome pancakes and coffee (he’s mine—don’t even think about it!)

Another sweet gesture, one that Jeff did for me during a very stressful time, he had the bath tub filled with HOT HOT water (just like I enjoy) and bubbles waiting for me when I walked in the door. I had called him (as I normally do) on my way home and he timed it just right. I had a long hot relaxing bath and then I rested so much better.

IF she is a reader—take her to her favorite book store and you sit and drink coffee and eat a cookie with her while she enjoys browsing the bookshelves…if she likes shoes, treat her to a new pair of flip-flops! Surprise her (Jeff surprised me with a trip to the flip-flop store last year!) Find out what size she wears and get some simple sandals—flip-flops are EASY!

This conversation will be continued. AND if you are having similar difficulties…wanna share??MotherSister Retreat 2008 017

I hope you have a blessed weekend…I will try and get some rest…but that is iffy. I really want to hear some honest feed back.

Trusting and believing

(BUT still hormonal)