The NEATEST LOOKING Church Bathrooms!

At a wedding, last Saturday, I walked into this women’s restroom at the church…and was completely blown away! Beautiful does not do it justice!!! Girls! Check out the awesome painting! This was painted by one of the staff and a couple of students with Chi Alpha in Tallahassee, Florida!

Of course…the men’s room was not quite as fancy—but it still was very impressive! AND I am just dorky enough to want to take a picture of the bathrooms! Go figure!



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9 thoughts on “The NEATEST LOOKING Church Bathrooms!”

  1. Nothing like a SPARKLING CLEAN BATHROOM!!The question is were you on assignment as part of your duties for “Tub Scrubbers International??”lol!!ONLY you!

  2. Wow! I LOVE pics of pretty bathrooms~~ It’s inspiring and makes me smile. And I love your “dorkiness” because you are uniquely wonderful!

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