Your Moments

I can’t seem to get past the thought of “this is your moment”, what are you going to do? I keep reflecting on that morning on the porch, up in the mountains. Though now, there seems to be more to it than I first thought.

No one will ever see exactly what you see from your eyes right now. Oh, it may be close, but not exactly the same. And although we may even stand side by side, we each have a different angle of what is in front of us.

Do you recall ever trying to point out something to someone and moving them into your spot—hoping they can see what you see? But they can’t see all you see—-that’s because it was meant for YOU and no one else.

Can you believe God loves YOU so much that He gave YOU your very own life? He gave you your very own breath!

I can’t help but ask —what are you going to do with it?

You see, as these words are running through your mind—the Holy Spirit is speaking to your heart. Maybe a name of a person came to your mind. Maybe a special need someone may have—a need that maybe you can meet. Just you. A phone call. A card or a simple prayer. We don’t realize what we say or how we say words—the affect it has on others. You may very well be holding the key to someone accepting Christ this day! Have you thought of that?

I was 26 years old when I gave my life to Christ Jesus. I was a drug addict and alcoholic. I had not been to church in many years. No one had witnessed to me. Not one soul told me I was going to hell (although—I was told TO GO there often). Outside of my immediate family, no one told me that God loved me. (But since when do we listen to our family?)

One day, a 15 year old girl, looked me in the eyes and spoke words that changed my life. Forever.

“Jeff, I love you and I care about you.” Wow! With those words, from someone I rarely saw, God used them to begin the crumbling of the wall I had built around my heart. There is a lot to this story—maybe I can share more of it later, but the focus today is just the simple statement she made that changed my life. I don’t know if she had any idea what she had just started in my heart. I don’t know if she witnessed the crack made in the exterior of my wall. But I do believe God used this young girl —she was in her moment of being used by HIM.
You may never know the affect your words has on others. Listen, try this….next time when you are impatiently standing in line at Wal-mart—and you think you are the only one that matters…you may be frustrated for having to wait so long in line. Look at those behind you….those in front of you. Look at the cashier—and ask yourself—“am I in my moment?
Better yet, ask God—“Did You put me in this moment to touch someone’s life? Would You please point them out to me? Would You please direct my steps, my actions? What can I do for You here?
So many people around us are hurting and we just pass them by because we are so busy —thinking only of ourselves—in our moment—we forget that it was God who gave us this moment—and what are we expected to do with it? (I ask myself these same questions.) Sometimes just a smile is all that is required. Sometimes that goes farther than any words can say. Try that. In your next moment.

Father, I thank You for this opportunity to share what You’ve done in my life. I thank You in advance for those who stop by here. Forgive me where I fail You and fall short of what You designed me to do—and what You require of me. Help me Lord to put You first—in all that I do. May the moments You give me—be Your moments. Your plan—for my life. In Jesus name—Amen.

Thank you all for listening in! (Angie warned me that when I write about something…I should expect a test in that very area—but I had to share it—it was what was on my heart—be blessed!)

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16 responses to “Your Moments

  • Denise

    Jeff, thank you for such a powerful post, I appreciate you sharing your heart. The words you wrote are so very true. We must take our eyes off of ourselfs, and put them upon the hurting world. We need to quit being selfish, and be selfless.There are so many opportunities that we miss to minister to others that are truly hurting. Bless you.

  • Sassy Granny ...

    Wonderful! I love the sunrise scene, accompanied by your telling of the sonrise in your heart. The Lord gripped me in similar fashion when, at the ripe old age of 26, I found myself in an alcoholism treatment facility. It was a seque to better days, and a more certain walk with Him. Amazing grace! God’s best,Kathleen

  • ellen b.

    This is a wonderful testimony of how God’s love and grace work in our lives. Thanks so much for sharing and connecting it to what God has prepared for us to do at any given moment in our day. Open my eyes to see You in my everyday life Lord..Blessings :0)

  • Paula (SweetPea)

    This is beautiful and such an encouragement. I couldn’t help but to really think on what you said in the beginning about no one else being able to see life through our eyes no matter how much we try. I can relate to that. I can feel so alone at times. Even the one person who is in the most similar situation as me, still doesn’t know how it feels to be me and how I feel amidst this trial.Then, you so gently reminded us to step out of ourselves to be the life of another. Just like that girl, we never know when we will be the one to prod someone to step into the gift of eternal life. So many times, I’m consumed with my pain. Yet, God shows me how to be love to another. I’m constantly thinking who can I email, to whom can I send a card. Those are only minor and I need and want to do so much more. Thank you for this reminder and conviction to live in my EVERY moment.Sweet blessings,Paula

  • LisaShaw

    You obviously have a powerful testimony Jeff. God bless that 15 yr old for not only being in “her moment” or I’d like to say in her assignment but she also moved upon it. Wow! We at times are in the moment and allow it to slip by.I hope to hear MORE of your story. Thank you for sharing with us this day. It certainly blessed me.

  • Technonana

    Oh Jeff, How Amazing is our Wonderful God!! It is so true that we never know what an impact our words can have, positively and negatively.Praising the Lord that He sent this sweet child to speak the words your heart needed to hear.In Him,Sharon

  • ktwalden

    Wonderful testimony and touching words! I know I have been guilty of letting “moments” slip by when I was too focused on my little world instead of the people around me.Chris Rice sings “The Power of a Moment” and says:<>I get so distracted by my bigger schemes,Show me the importance of the simple things,Like a word, a seed, a thorn, a nail and a cup of cold water.You know the number of my days,So come paint Your pictures on the canvas in my head,And come write Your wisdom on my heart,And teach me the power of a moment.<>Thank you for sharing another great post!

  • Chris

    Wow Jeff. You pack as powerful a message as your sweet wife Angie!Thank you. Your message is true. I’m constantly thinking and rushing…a reminder to stop and focus on what He wants this very second is what I need 24/7.Bless you.

  • Marsha

    Praise God for such a powerful testimony! He has redeemed you from the pit, crowned your head with lovingkindness and compassion, healed you with the balm of His righteousness and given you a new way of life, a new way of seeing things. I praise God for your sensitivity to His call in your life. Carpe Momento!

  • Julie

    Jeff, loved this post… amazing testimony….I wrote something similar on my blog, but different.I wrote about touching each other in face to face encounters…I loved the picture of “our mountains”… just beautiful.I’m glad to see you writing here because David has been talking to me about us writing together. He too loves to write. So we’ll see… maybe one day we will share a blog or website. It is a dream of ours, to minister to couples together…Thanks again for sharing your story!Julie(from Ellijay)

  • Anita M.

    Okay….in this moment, I had to say this. You know how shy I am but yes, I think it belongs here and not in an email. Jeff, I’m not sure if you even remember….but I will ALWAYS remember a very special moment and a simple act that touched the depths of my heart. Tears pour every time I think about it. I had been in the hospital for a week when you came to visit. You had been before but this day, you were the only one there. You simply asked, “Is there anything I can do?” Wanting to do something to help make it better but not sure what would really make a difference. It had been asked by others before and the answer was always, “Not that I know of.” This time, the answer was different. Do you remember? “Can you please wash my hair?” I have often thought about this and it reminds me of Jesus washing the disciples feet. This simple act…you will never know…the depths of it. I love you! Anita

  • elaine @ peace for the journey

    A great word, Jeff! I’m so glad that Angie is allowing you the pen from time to time.Moments…ours to make, ours to keep forever. May I spend them better in the days to come, especially at WalMart.peace~elaine

  • lori

    Jeff! I should have gotten your autograph when I had the chance…you are quite the writer dude!:)That was fabulous…I completely believe that the Holy Spirit moves us and all we have to do is be tuned in to that in our relationship with Christ…WOW…moments, we don’t know how we can change a life with just words…Blessed words friend…that was fabulous!give your typist a hug too!:)lori

  • Anonymous

    You go brotherHugh

  • Jensmere

    Hey Jeff…thanks for sharing your heart and your testimony! Bless you,Susan

  • Guy

    Jeff, I thank God for your heart for Him and your sensitivity to His Holy Spirit. I count myself blessed to be your friend. Keep up the good work. Guy

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