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What in the world??

In case you think you happened upon a group of girls who have nothing to wear but purple…let me explain….

These are just some of the sisters of faith! Marsha—from Marsha’s Musings graciously took 24 shirts to Africa–(click on the picture to get close ups) and there is one taken in Scotland…we have a couple Sisters of faith ambassadors in California (or more), Wisconsin, Florida, Alabama, Georgia, North Carolina, Tennessee, Texas, Oklahoma, The Bahamas, Arizona, Virginia and Idaho. I may have forgotten a few. Some are pictured…some are not. POINT IS…we are sisters. No matter where we come from—what color we are—what denominational tag we wear…we have the same Father in heaven and the same passion for living our lives out for HIM.

We began this journey of faith long ago—at the teaching from our mother. Many “sisters” may have just joined in the journey. No matter the when or where—we sojourn along. Together. Lifting the heart of one another. As best we can.

Marsha and I enjoyed a VERY LENGTHY lunch in North Carolina a few weeks ago! I can’t tell you when I have enjoyed anything as much as I did that day—and the day before meeting with my sweet buddy from Georgia!

On a beautiful Sunday—during our vacation–the first leg of what was later dubbed as the “Angie Tour” was spent in the company of one terrific friend and her awesome family! We left there wanting to take the whole bunch with us! Lori—you are blessed with such beautiful “people”. We love you all!


To see the pictures—click on the collage 🙂 Saturday was purple day! I wore my purple t-shirt to work! As did another co-worker. I saw many purple shirts this weekend—and smiled. Each one made me think of Wanda! She enjoyed her birthday with Jesus today. I know it was grand!
I pray your Sunday is filled with HIS presence! See you next week!
By the way—Jeff is brushing up on his next blog…but he won’t let me peek at it until it’s time for me to type it!

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