Wish you were here…

Y’all…this is so cute. My sweet man—sitting at his desk (near the laundry room) and he is learning to comment on blogs! (ain’t that sweet!) Only thing is…I have to get up from my desk…and go in there…every few minutes and tell him who so-and-so is…and help him spell a word every now and then. But I am so proud of my man!

His brother, Hugh from Indianna even learned how to make a COMMENT!!! Go HUGH!! And dear sweet Anita (Hugh’s girl)…the sweetest niece! God has brough about some awesome things in her precious life! Anita—Jeff loved your comment.

I am saving Jeff’s handwritten blog posts—hand written notes mean a lot to me. I know that one day—our girls will love having something their daddy has written.

He made the One who did not know sin to be sin for us, so that we might become the righteousness of God in Him. (2 Corinthians 5:21 Holman CSB)

Picture is our hands in February. Our family all wore purple bracelets in memory of Wanda. I think she would have enjoyed seeing the guys wear purple bracelets for her! I miss you still sweet sister!


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12 responses to “Wish you were here…

  • Sassy Granny ...

    You two may be changing the face of the blogosphere with your tandem posts. I shudder to think of what my own hubby might post (most likely, golf related … or perhaps something totally blarney).What a fun place to visit!Kathleen

  • Donetta

    sweet fun, loving is so wonderful.

  • Denise

    The two of you holding hands, that is so sweet. Wanda would love that purple. Jeff left a sweet comment on my blog, bless his heart.

  • Michele Williams

    I love the purple bracelets! I’m sure the guys didn’t mind wearing them… You are so sweet… love the post… my hubby still has not given into the blog thing… I’m sure one day he will. You go Jeff!! I just realized that you blog matches the church bathroom!

  • Linda

    I think it’s such fun that you and Jeff are sharing all this great bloggy “stuff”. I sometimes print out a particularly meaningful post and let my husband read it. He’s getting to know my blogging friends that way!

  • Technonana

    Awwww, this is just precious!! And Jeff is precious, but of course you know that!!Love,Sharon

  • Julie

    I know…I got a response from Jeff… How cool is that??Next time you all come up here, you’ve got to come for dinner so David and Jeff can meet.I don’t think we’ll be making a beach trip this year, unless someone gives us a FREE stay… We have a wedding to pay for… or rather God has a wedding to pay for….I love that Jeff is writing with you, because David came to me the other day and said that he could see us doing a website together…. he’s thinking about it all. Not sure when or how that’s going to happen, but David likes to write too… so we’ll see.Love ya, girl!

  • LisaShaw

    Your hubby left a comment on my blog. I was shocked and blessed! I enjoy his writings.Your photo is beautiful — simple and profound. Wanda would indeed love it.Love you sweetie.**I have to confess I miss reading the beautiful, moving and heart touching stories of your sister. Not long ago I found your label “Wanda” and re-read one of your posts. It blessed me so. I wish I knew more of your lives together. I think I long for it because I felt like I was reading on my sisters because I never had any.Love you.

  • Kathy S.

    Hi Angie, how sweet! The snow is melting today. Yesterday I couldn’t get the house over 62 degrees. It was -4 when we got up~errr, I am so anxious for spring!! So today it is 37. Holding out for 60’s! It’s been a looooong winter in WI.

  • ktwalden

    You and Jeff are truly blessed to be able to share in this wonderful medium that touches so many lives! I love the simplicity, too, of your picture with the purple bracelets on the joined hands…it speaks tons without saying a word…families are a true treasure!

  • lori

    Ya’ll are JUST as CUTE in person!! 🙂I LOVE that picture…I could “see” a great verse on that one to FRAME!!:)The wedding pics were BEAUTIFUL!!! You COULD have photography in your future!!:)Love you both!!Wanda watches…and smiles!lori

  • Susan

    Ahhh, how sweet!! Thanks for stopping by Angie, it was good hearing from you!Hope you are having a nice weekend♥

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