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Two Years ago—

This weekend my blog celebrated it’s 2nd birthday! On March 7, 2007 I had written a post “Pray One For Another“. (The link is provided by clicking on the title.)

“Through the “trials and tribulations” of life….sometimes we need someone to “stand in the gap” for us—you know, go to the Lord in prayer for us….not because we don’t know how…but maybe our minds and hearts are so battle worn and weary that we just can’t. This was today. I felt the creeping of the enemy begin yesterday. He came up so silently that I almost didn’t hear him….I said almost. Even though I heard him, I was almost paralyzed as to what to do….again, I said almost. My heart knew to grab the sword (the Word)….” (from the original post 2007)

My sister, Wanda called me at the very moment that my heart was in shambles. A mess. I was at the front desk at our office—hoping and praying that no one would call…and especially, that no one would come in! My eyes expressed the feelings in my heart. A daughter was having problems. Seemed a continual occurrence. Broke our hearts each and every time. But this time, when the phone rang, it was with a message.

“Angie? Are you busy?” Wanda’s voice came through with that morning sound of not quite strong yet…but getting there.

“Getting that way. What are you doing?” I was a bit worried that someone would come up front and hear me on a personal call. We have “rules” you know. Even though they all have personal calls…since I am the most visible —sitting up front—I am not supposed to have personal calls.

“Well, I had you on my heart and wanted to call”…she trailed off as my voice broke into the phone,

“Thank you—I need you to pray. I am having a hard time this morning. I just wish this stuff would end! I am so tired of dealing with this same mess! I have prayed and prayed…and my heart is breaking!” I really couldn’t tell Wanda how mad I was at the instigator of this mess! I couldn’t let her know the angry thoughts I’d had! Imagine that! Her big sister—angry enough to do bodily harm! Oh, sister, I was past that! I mean, mess with me. All you want to. But DON’T MESS WITH MY YOUNGIN’S! OR MY MAN! Of course, this was just thought. Never spoken.

“Well, I will be praying for you!” Wanda’s voice carried with it a promise I knew she’d keep. Right when she hung up the phone, I knew she’d be at her table praying, or the couch. She’d be on the line with the Throne Room!

“Thank you…I love you. I will call you at lunch.”

“Okay, bye.”

“Bye-bye.” As I hung up the phone, sitting at my desk I put my face in my hands. I cried. No one was near—my heart was hurting and I needed God. On the scene. I needed the physical.

In less than 3 minutes she called back. I answered with the perfunctory, “good morning, Johnston-Hinesley.” Although, trying to sound up-beat—cheerful—it was a hard trek.


“Yes, is something wrong?” Her voice was questioning. I wondered if there was something wrong. Although we did manage to talk several times a day—rarely was it back to back.

“No, but if you’ve got just a minute, I want to pray for you.”

I hesitated briefly. Although it seemed like longer in my mind, because of it’s busyness—it was only a matter of about 3 seconds—max. I was thinking of the people. The ones I worked for that would NOT understand. And the clients. We didn’t have anyone in the reception area at the moment, but that was always subject to change.

“Okay, yes, please do.” And she began. With a strength in her voice that surprised me, seeming to be almost with a fresh breath—this amazing sister–with very little lung capacity–almost exploded on the phone line with a prayer that was key to the rest of my day.
Not only did she cover the things that were going on in my heart–without even knowing any single detail of my present worry—she covered my desperate need for the physical God. To envelope me in His arms. With the words of her prayer coming on the phone line, I felt the power of the Holy Spirit as He was sent with the authority of God Himself to care for the needs in my life!

As she concluded the prayer, I mopping my eyes on the opposite end of the phone —I was thanking her and thanking God for the incredible blessing of a sister that listened when God spoke. She shared with me the prompting that had come almost immediately. Wanda was reminded of a testimony given on the previous Sunday by a dear sister in the Lord—that had obeyed God—and the results of that obedience. So—through Brenda G. obeying—and then sharing that obedience—Wanda obeyed. And by Wanda’s obedience—I was wrapped in peace. In the middle of a mind battle with satan.

With just another brief moment she shared with me the devotional words she had read that day. “…Though the road to the palace takes a detour through a prison it eventually ends up at the throne.” Max Lucado.

Just what I needed….although I don’t like to think of my life as a prison, that’s what the enemy of our lives tries to do through his attacks….imprison us with fear, doubt, pain, anger, temptation, etc. I am so incredibly thankful that she allowed the Lord to use her that morning! It made all the difference in my day.

Is there someone that YOU need to touch today? In prayer? In deed? A card is an awesome service of love—a phone call — a great way to touch a heart. Whatever you are called to do—do it in service to God. As He leads you….follow Him in service of loving those in your lives.

Note for tomorrow! I believe Jeff’s next post will be up on Tuesday! He is sharing part of his awesome testimony of how he found Christ! Girls, bring the men back to read this! Sit and share this together with a cup of coffee—cake…sweet tea or something yummy! YOU may be surprised! Note to Joanne—-tell Paul—we are real people….really! Living just like y’all!—well—with less kids and we have grandkids…but still…you know.