Daily Archives: March 15, 2009

FReE tO Be ME!

There is a girl in all of us that is afraid of being unaccepted by others…well–maybe not you…but—that’s what I deal with at times.

I talked with an absolutely PRESSSHUUUSS friend at church Sunday night….she didn’t realize that Jeff had the past life issues that he shared in his blog last week. But he did. HE was. He’s not anymore.

As a Christian…we sometimes think that our lives are full of troubles and issues that other Christians haven’t faced…because we see only the outer layer. I have hid my own problems from others and I am afraid that some may think my life is perfect….just because my dear sweet husband can make an incredible CAKE!!!

But it’s not. I deal with stuff. Just like you do. We may not all have the same issues…but we all have issues honey.

Family crisis? Everyone’s had some.

Divorce. Drugs. Prison. Disease. Death.

Rebellion. Financial breakdown. Runaway child.

Lies. Depression.







These are just a few that women of all ages experience. Some of them I have experienced. Some of them you have experienced.

All of them bind.

All of them pinch worse than a new pair of shoes two sizes too small.

The things the devil tries to bind us with leave scars. Some emotional….some physical.

BUT sister…I want to tell you that in the power of Jesus…we can be free! Free from the traps set by satan.

Free from the bondage of sin!

Free from the hinderances of the world!

Free to live—YOU can be FREE to be YOU…I can be free to be ME! IN HIM! That’s what He wants to do—Jesus came to SET US FREE!


That’s what this retreat is all about! Be FREE! In the name of Jesus! To be the YOU He created YOU to be! His child! His daughter! Full of His Holy Spirit! Walking in GRACE! No longer under bondage! BUT FREE!


I must put this little note…the enemy did not want this one published. My computer shut this down 4 times! BUT praise the LORD—it’s going up!