Yes! Head on over to the Cafe` girls….bring your cup of coffee or tea…I think there’s some fresh pumpkin cookies!!!

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4 responses to “TUESDAY’s FROGS

  • Technonana

    Thanks for the pumpkin cookies!! I had some of the best pumpkin bread ever at St.Simons.. place called Barbara Jean…We will have to try it sometime!!

  • Julie

    lol, I loved the post… I left you a comment over at the Cafe.Hugs,Julie

  • Denise

    Such an awesome devotion.

  • swallowingamoose

    Hi Angie! Consider this your invite!! Hope you'll join in with us!I am looking for as many people as we can find that would like to participate in a bloggy “Giving Thanks on Thanksgiving.” I dreamed this idea up as a way to give thanks to the Lord for His work in each of our lives by sharing our testimonies with the world wide web on Monday, November 24, 2008. That's the Monday before Thanksgiving guys! Many of you may choose to leave that post up for the entire week and I encourage that. My prayer is that this sharing of our testimonies will not only encourage each other and give Glory to our Lord but also to those who happen upon our blogs. Here's how it'll work:Set to post to publish on: Monday, November 24, 2008.In your post title put: “Giving Thanks on Thanksgiving: (Then insert a name for your testimony)” Example: “Giving Thanks on Thanksgiving: Renovations of the Heart”At the end of your post insert the short paragraph (copy and paste if you want) below with a link to the dedicated blog located at: http://www.themouthbehindthemoose.blogspot.com (It reads THE MOUTH BEHIND THE MOOSE). I have set up this special blog just for the event as a way of directing people to where prayerfully 1000's of testimonies can be at their fingertips. Here's the blurb for the end of your post on that day: “Today, many of us bloggers have devoted a special post in which we are “Giving Thanks on Thanksgiving” by sharing our personal testimonies of the Lord's work in our lives and/or that of our families. Our collective prayer is that this sharing of our testimonies will not only encourage each other and give Glory to our Lord, but also to those who happen upon our blogs. To enjoy many more testimonies like the one you've just read please visit the “Giving Thanks on Thanksgiving” blog located HERE. “Lastly, be sure you go to the dedicated site and add your blog to the Mr. Linky list so those visiting the site can find your testimony there. When you add yourself to the link be sure to do it like this so if they want to refer people to your testimony they can find it easier. Example: Heather (Renovations of the Heart) or Susan (Breast Cancer) or John (Loss of Parent)Hope your testimony will be there too!! Tell all your bloggy buddies about it too if you get a chance!Grace & Peace,Heather TwitchellSwallowing A Moose

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