Daily Archives: October 19, 2008

My Beginning

of my one thousand gifts…
I love crispy –thin–oven fried cornbread. My sweet mother-in-law taught me to make this after Jeff and I first married. If you look closely, there is the smallest piece…I had to “test it”.

A great combination with the cornbread is tender collards (we love all greens), along with ham and sweet potatoes with butter…of course! (This is Jeff’s plate by the way—he cleaned it!) Please pardon the fact that I used “paper napkins”….instead of cloth. I reserve my cloth for company. If you had told me you were coming…I would have set your plate and ironed the napkins!

This dear little fellow is a precious gift of life—the first of five grandsons that God has delivered into our hearts and lives. He has been having a few more problems than usual. Many changes. A new school this year. This calls for more prayer. Autism does not like change. Rylan likes things kept the same. Routine should have been his middle name…we learn as we go. He is sweetly snuggled up watching Mickey Mouse. His favorite cartoon.

The colors of the changing seasons…I love the painting technique my Father uses. His color palette is out of this world!

I cannot say when I have enjoyed a Bible Study more. Beth Moore has written many. But for the days that I am traveling through….this one has ministered to me in some areas that I desperately needed. I have glimpsed Jesus as never before. I have felt Him and spent many hours digging in the Truth. Loving every minute of it. Thankful. That’s where I am.

This is 5 of my One Thousand Gifts. I could talk all night.