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TechnoNana and Me!

This has been the neatest surprise! TechnoNana had a reason for a visit to our fair city~and I was able to benefit from it!

I was so pleased to meet her and her dear husband—and we shared some food and conversation of getting to know sweet folks, that really felt like we had known them a loooooong time!

AND yes! Sharon—-when ya’ll come back for your family reunion—you better call us! YOU are both welcome to stay with us! What a treat!

This was so much fun! Girls, if you can get together with another bloggin’ buddy—I say do it!

I have already met Lisa Whittle of Behind those Eyes (don’t be jealous, but she autographed my copy of her book! That’s a side benefit from the She Speaks Conference!!), Kathy of Blessed Builder, Joanne of Blessed, Robin of Robinznest, Lynn of Spiritually Unequal Marriage, and now, Sharon of TechoNana!

One of these days I will get to meet YOU! I can hardly wait!!

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Welcome Fall!

I felt a coolness in the air for the past few mornings…just enough for me to start pulling out the “Fall”.

In preparation for some family gathering, a dear sweet-sister friend created “just for me”, some incredible “fluff” for my home. From window treatments to bed skirts! AND chair coverings so that I can switch my color theme at my choosing! Vivienne can make ANYTHING! (You can see her and her site by clicking her name!)

I will tell you, this dear sister-friend has prayed with me, cried with me and we have shared many life joys and sorrows of cups of coffee and tea! I feel most at home at her house! She has opened her home to me— and I came in and took over her kitchen. Who but a near and dear friend will give you free reign in her kitchen!!

Creating for her and Will (her dearly devoted husband), meals from start to finish is something I love doing and CAN DO! (My talent is not in the same department as Vivienne’s) If you want to feel “loved” and appreciated…cook for Vivienne and Will. I love doing that for them—they make me feel like it is the “best meal” they’ve ever eaten! Sweeter friends cannot be found!

So I am taking you on a tour of our home…a quick one…well—after I posted this, I realized you didn’t get a shot of the bathroom. Ahhh….shucks….and Lori, I cleaned the tub and everything! Oh well. Maybe for Christmas tour you can see the tub!!!

I love you Vivienne. I love you Will. Thank you for sharing your wife with me…and your home….and thanks to their friend Roger for helping them with everything from driving to shopping 🙂

More on my visit this afternoon with my fellow bloggin’ buddy “TechnoNana”! We shared some food and sweet conversation this afternoon at Ruby Tuesdays! I LOVED meeting her! I will post a picture next!!!